Bartending/Organizations/International Bartenders Association

The International Bartenders Association (IBA) was founded on February 24, 1951 in the Grand Hotel saloon in Torquay, England. The IBA was established "to represent the best bartenders in the world" through an international non-profit society.

Certification edit

In 2006, the IBA launched a 40-hour Certificate in Bartending course. This certification is recognized by industry and some governments.

Official cocktails edit

The International Bartenders Association has designated the following as "Official cocktails" of the IBA:

The Unforgettables

Contemporary Classics

New Era Drinks

Winning cocktails edit

The International Bartenders Association holds annual competitions for member bartenders.

As of 2011, the World Cocktail Championship consists of 6 competitions: Before Dinner Cocktail Competition, After Dinner Cocktail Competition, Sparkling Cocktail Competition, Fancy Drink Cocktail Competition, and the Longdrink Competition. The champion of each individual competition competes in a Super Final, together with the flairtending cocktail. The ultimate winning drink is named "World Cocktail of the Year".