Bartending/Mixers/Tonic water

Book Citation: The following text on drinks and bartending contains information based on The Official Harvard Student Agencies Bartending Course, Third Edition, ISBN 0-312-25286-2

Tonic water is a carbonated mixer containing quinine. It is carbonated water flavored like a bitter lemon or lime, with a little sugar.

Tonic Water containing quinine. Note that quinine is fluorescent.

Tonic water generally is marked on a soda gun with a 'Q'; and in bottles by a yellow label. This is different from plain soda water, which is under 'S', or in a bottle with a blue label.

An interesting trait of tonic water is that quinine is fluorescent. By using a black light, you can make the liquid glow; your bar setup may be interestingly enhanced by stocking extra tonic water in clear bottles at strategic locations, and using a blacklight to produce the interesting glow. A clear-top bar with fluorescent tube blacklights run under it would also make certain drinks glow.