Automobile Repair/Nissan/Maxima (4th Generation)/Replacing the engine thermal transmitter

The Thermal Transmitter is a small thermometer, that reads the coolant temperature and transmits that information to the dash board. This should not be confused with the coolant temperature sensor, that sends the coolant temperature to the ECU (cars computer). The Thermal Transmitter should only be replaced if your dash board is showing bad temperature readings.

Tools/Parts neededEdit

  • A medium size adjustable wrench
  • A Phillips-head screw driver
  • A new thermal transmitter


  • If you have a stock intake, remove air box by losing the Phillips-head hose clamp.
  • Then remove the intake duck, by removing the two Phillips-heads attached to the front of the car and pull it out.
  • Now look just to the right of the engine, at the hose that comes out of the engine, it connected to a sort pipe. There are two wires going into it, the one closes to you is the thermal transmitter and the one just behind it is the Coolant Temperature sensor.
  • Remove the cable from the thermal transmitter, it just pulls off.
  • Now use your medium size adjustable wrench, to remove the thermal transmitter (don't worry no antifreeze will not come out).
  • Install the new one with you adjustable wrench and reattach the wire.
  • Now reinstall the intake duck and the air box making sure the Phillips-heads are tight.