Automobile Repair

If you're trying to repair your auto, then it's very likely that something is wrong! The first step is diagnosing the problem. Once you figure out what's wrong, the next step is to remedy the problem. This may or may not involve replacing a part. The final step is putting everything back together.

Routine Maintenance TasksEdit

Understanding Modern CarsEdit

  • Serious auto repair: you can do it, but it takes knowledge.
  • What you can expect to learn and fix
  • The engine system
  • The ignition system
  • The starting system
  • The electrical system
  • The cooling system
  • The suspension system
  • The emissions system
  • The fuel system
  • The battery and charging systems
  • The brake system
  • The transmission
  • Wheel alignment
  • "Smart" car systems
  • Electrical and Hybrid Cars

Cars By MakeEdit

Repair jobs to do yourselfEdit

There are many jobs which you can do yourself and save money, including:

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