Automobile Repair/Nissan/Maxima (4th Generation)/Changing your automatic shifter

Tools/Parts neededEdit

  • Flat headed screw driver
  • A small towel
  • A Phillips-head screw driver
  • New automatic shifter
  • Knife
  • Electrical tape


  1. Remove the cover plate that goes around the shifter with the screw driver and using the small towel to prevent damage to the cover.
  2. Use the Phillips head to remove the screw holding the ashtray to the dash and unplug its light.
  3. Remove the four Phillips head screws holding the center console and leaf it up and out. There are two screws on the back sides, you will need to put the seats all the way forward. The other two are in the front were the dashboard meets the center console.
  4. Now remove the four Phillips head screws holding the shifter information panel in place (but don't try to remove it).
  5. Now while the car engine is off and e-brake engaged, put the shifter into Drive. Now remove the two Phillips head screws on the back side of it.
  6. Now look that the base were the shifter goes into the shifter rod, there are two wires there. Cut them wile leaving some slack to twist the new shifter wires.
  7. Pull the shifter out, the button should pop out so be ready to catch it.
  8. Drop the new shifter onto the shifter rod
  9. Now lift the shifter up off of the rod about and inch and push the shifter button with the spring into its hole and put the shifter all the way down the road.
  10. Now put the two screw back in the back of the shifter.