Automobile Repair/Mercedes-Benz/E420/Transmission

Technical SpecificationsEdit

Routine maintenanceEdit

Removal and replacementEdit

1. First disconnect negative terminal of battery. The battery is located underneath the rear seat. To reach the battery you will have to press the tabs on each side of the rear seat upwards. this will release the rear seat and give access to the battery. The terminal requires a 13mm wrench.

location of release tabs
release tab
battery box

2. Drain transmission fluid. There is a 5mm drain plug on the bottom of the transmission. This can be difficult to remove and might strip out. Fluid can also be drained by removing the torx screws that hold the transmission pan to the transmission. Loosen all torx screws and then completely remove the torx screws on one side of the transmission. The pan can then be pried away on one side allowing the transmission fluid to drain.

3. Drain oil from torque converter.

4. disconnect heat shields and 13-pin electric pin connector

5. unbolt starter

6. Remove plate that covers bolts that connect torque converter to driver plate. Unscrew torque converter from driver plate.

7. Unscrew oil cooler lines.

8. Unscrew ground strap.

9. Remove exhaust system.

10. Remove transmission support.

11. Disconnect control cable.

12. Remove shift linkage.

13. Unscrew propeller shaft. (front)

14. Unscrew propeller shaft. (rear) Tie front of propeller shaft out of the way.

15. Unscrew transmission from crankcase.

16. Lower and remove transmission.

17. Reinstall in reverse order.