Automobile Repair/Honda/Odyssey/2002/Repair/Replace Front Rotors

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  • One indicator for repair or replacement of the rotors on this vehicle may be wobble or vibration that is felt in the steering wheel or the vehicle when the brakes are being used. A warpage in the rotors will cause the vibration.

Method 1 - Using Jack Stands

  1. Place the vehicle on a level surface and engage the parking brake.
  2. Loosen the lug nuts on the front wheels.
  3. Place a floor jack with a piece of wood under the seam (below the running boards). The seam on this vehicle is shrouded with the plastic running board cover. However, by using a block of wood, the vehicle can be lifted without any damage to the plastic.
  4. Lift one wheel of the vehicle until it is off the ground. Place a jack stand at the reinforced jack stand point adjacent to this wheel. Repeat for all wheels.
  5. I choose to jack stand all 4 wheels since the front wheels will need to be removed for this repair and I didn't want any risk of the vehicle rolling.
  6. Place extra jack stands under the control arms just in case, but not let them bear any significant weight.
  7. Remove front wheels.
  8. Using 19 mm socket, remove the bolts that secure the front caliper.
  9. Slid the front caliper off the rotor and suspend it, providing strain relief to the brake hose. This can be done by wiring it to the mcpherson strut.
  10. The rotors on this vehicle are secured with #3 philips machine screws and they can be tight ones to remove.
  11. Remove rotors. It may be necessary to employ a dead blow or rubber mallet to disengage the rotors.
  12. Have a reputable shop machine the rotors to remove any warp. If the warp cannot be removed while still maintaining the minimum rotor thickness, the rotors will need to be replaced.
  13. Reinstall the rotors.
  14. Install the caliper and torque (spec?) the caliper bolts.
  15. Install the wheels.
  16. Remove the front jack stands and drop the front wheel with a floor jack until it bears enough weigh to allow the lug nuts to be tightened.
  17. Tighten lug nuts.
  18. Repeat on the other front wheel.
  19. remove jack stands from rear of vehicle.