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  • Honda recommends that the transmission fluid be changed at 48000km or 96000 km depending upon service conditions. This change is simply a drain and replace of the nominal 3.3 litres that drains. Honda does not recommend a flush. [2002 Owners Manual]

The drain/refill could be repeated after a short drive if one wished to replenish a greater fraction of the total 7.9 litres of fluid in the transmission, torque converter, and transmission cooler. This might be a good idea, given the reputation of this transmission.

Method 1 - Per manufacturers recommendationEdit

Despite the low profile of this vehicle, since the drain plug is towards the front, it is just possible to do this replacement without jack stands or ramps.

  1. Place the vehicle on a level surface or slightly declined with the front lower than the back. The drain plug is towards the front of the transmission and any incline that raises the front of the vehicle will result in incomplete fluid drainage.
      • Loosen the fill bolt before draining the tranny or you might be forced to fill it through the small tube which is a PITA***
  1. Place a drain pan under the vehicle and remove the transmission plug with a 3/8" ratchet end (square end). The fluid ejects rather quickly toward the drivers side, so be ready.
  2. Clean the debris from the drain plug. Replace the drain plug gasket. Available from Honda. Reinstall the drain plug.
  3. discard of the old fluid, ideally in an old graduated container. Note the amount removed.
  4. Add 3 litres or the amount removed, whichever is the lesser. Honda recommends their own ATF-Z1. I used a small diameter (>8.5mm) plastic kitchen funnel to get the fluid into the dipstick tube. This works fine. Alternatively, there is a 17mm bolt on top of the transmission marked ATF - behind the dipstick towards the firewall - that is the transmission fill port.
  5. With the vehicle on a level surface, check the fluid level with a dipstick. If it's close, but a little low, that's fine
  6. Per honda's recommendation, run the vehicle to operating temperature. Check the fluid level and adjust as required.
  7. Do not overfill