Astro and Safari Maintenance and Repair/Troubleshooting

Body Leaks edit

Rear Door - Hatch Leaking Water every time it rains, or snow melts edit

Sometimes this problem is encountered because water collects at the bottom of the van. You can run silicone under the plastic panel and along the border of the carpet. Make sure you run it edge to edge not leaving any gaps. Some prefer to Drill a whole into the bottom of the van and use the silicone to guide the water through the hole. If you choose this method place a rubber gasket or some other form of sealant in the hole so you do not end up rusting out your floor.

Locks edit

When I press the automatic locks the tab moves slightly but not all the way up. Door Remains locked. edit

The problem is either a weak actuator or interference to the movement, or possibly bad power feed to the actuator. In any case, you will probably have to remove the door panel to find the problem.

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