Astro and Safari Maintenance and Repair/Interior

Front Door Panels edit

Removal edit

Tools edit

  • T30 Torx Screwdriver.
  • Flat Head Screwdriver.
  • Phillips Head Screw Driver.
  • Prying Device (Flat head Screw Driver or pry bar).

Description edit

Disable the anti-theft on applicable models then detach the Negative wire from the battery to prevent the Airbag from deploying. Locate the three screws on the door handle. The Handle has round caps that need to be removed. Use the flat head to remove them; then the T30 Torx to remove the handle from the door. The Phillips head screw is located a little forward. You may have to open the door to see it. Remove the small panel behind the door handle. After this is removed; the panel with the door locks and window buttons attached are removable. Detach all the cables behind this unit. From the bottom of the door insert your prying device gently to avoid damaging finish. Feel for the Locking caps at the bottom only middle clips should pop out when bottom is pulled, When near one pry it away from the door. When you release one you should have room to remove the rest of the bottom with your hands. After the panel is detached at the bottom Push the panel upwards then to detach the top ones and the mirror panel will detach (It is held in with a white peg as well if you wish to remove it pull it after the door panel is off). If the panel is still attached after lifting up pull to the outer side of the car. Passenger side pull to right driver pull to left. There is a sideways clip as well as a upwards clip. Sometimes pulling up unlatches both. With the panel now removed you can gather all the white pegs out of the door and place them back inside the panel in the appropriate place so that the panel can go back on.

Installation edit

To install reverse the steps. Be sure the top lip is placed over the window ledge. Clip in all the white pegs (Peak behind Panel).

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