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Aspergian Pride's Cure for Ignorance CampaignEdit

No reasonable person in today's society would suggest that racial minorities ought to be cured of their skin color or their hair texture. And yet, when the genetic traits of a minority group include a neurological configuration that differs from the majority population to any noticeable extent, society's tolerance for diversity goes out the window. The Internet and the mass media are filled with profoundly negative and inaccurate stereotypes about the Aspergian population.

The Cure for Ignorance Campaign seeks to ensure that other people will respect and value our diversity by refuting the stereotypes and developing a cure for the majority's ignorance through advocating acceptance and understanding, To join the Cure for Ignorance Campaign. all you have to do is create your own website or add an extra page to your interesting one, advocating social acceptance of Neurodiversity, explain why you support the Neurodiversity Movement and Aspergian Civil Rights, and include a brief description of the Cure for Ignorance Campaign, a link to the Cure for Ignorance page, and copy Aspergian Pride's list of links in its entirety (which can be accessed in html format through a link at the bottom of the Cure for Ignorance page). Then, send Aspergian Pride a link to your site, and your site will be added to the links list. The inclusion of any particular site on the list does not imply an endorsement of Aspergian Pride by that site.) These links may be freely copied for the purpose of raising public awareness of the autistic civil rights movement.


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  • Aspergian Pride – presents realistic descriptions of our accomplishments and of our positive experiences as Aspergians. In addition, Aspergian Pride maintains an extensive directory of pride, advocacy, and resource links. The referenced sites have no affiliation with Aspergian Pride; although some sites have indicated that they support the “Cure for Ignorance Campaign.”