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Third-party library of Henrik Isaksson.




struct PopupMenu *PM_MakeItem(Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
struct PopupMenu *PM_MakeMenu(Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
ULONG PM_OpenPopupMenu(struct Window *prevwnd, Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
LONG PM_GetItemAttrs(struct PopupMenu *p, Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
LONG PM_SetItemAttrs(struct PopupMenu *p, Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
APTR PM_FilterIMsg(struct Window *w, struct PopupMenu *pm, struct IntuiMessage *im,  Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
struct PM_IDLst *PM_ExLst(ULONG id, ...) __stackparm;
LONG PM_InsertMenuItem(struct PopupMenu *menu, Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;
LONG PM_LayoutMenu(struct Window *window, struct PopupMenu *pm, Tag tag1, ...) __stackparm;

struct PopupMenu *PM_MakeMenuA(struct TagItem *tags)
struct PopupMenu *PM_MakeItemA(struct TagItem *tags)
void PM_FreePopupMenu(struct PopupMenu *p)
ULONG PM_OpenPopupMenuA(struct Window *prevwnd, struct TagItem *tags) (A1,
struct PM_IDLst *PM_MakeIDListA(struct TagItem *tags) 
BOOL PM_ItemChecked(struct PopupMenu *p, ULONG id) 
LONG PM_GetItemAttrsA(struct PopupMenu *p, struct TagItem *tags) 
LONG PM_SetItemAttrsA(struct PopupMenu *p, struct TagItem *tags) 
struct PopupMenu *PM_FindItem(struct PopupMenu *menu, ULONG id) 
void PM_AlterState(struct PopupMenu *pm, struct PM_IDLst *l, UWORD action) 
APTR PM_OBSOLETEFilterIMsgA(struct Window *window, struct PopupMenu *pm, struct IntuiMessage *im, struct TagItem *tags) 
struct PM_IDLst *PM_ExLstA(ULONG *id)
APTR PM_FilterIMsgA(struct Window *w, struct PopupMenu *pm, struct IntuiMessage *im, struct TagItem *tags) LONG PM_InsertMenuItemA(struct PopupMenu *menu, struct TagItem *tags) 
struct PopupMenu *PM_RemoveMenuItem(struct PopupMenu *menu, struct PopupMenu *item) 
BOOL PM_AbortHook(APTR handle) 
STRPTR PM_GetVersion() 
void PM_ReloadPrefs() 
LONG PM_LayoutMenuA(struct Window *window, struct PopupMenu *pm, struct TagItem *tags) (A0,
void PM_FreeIDList(struct PM_IDLst *list)