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Host Adapter USB1 OHCI UHCI USB2 EHCI USB3.0 USB3.1 xHCI USB4 thunderbolt edit

Please let us know any mistakes or any information to be added, use Prefs/Trident to confirm Vendor and Product IDs Please chat at AROS World

USB transfers can be of the type control, isochronous, interrupt, or bulk.

  • Control -
  • Interrupt - Midi 2.0
  • Bulk - Midi 1.0 ( 'send my data when you can' )
  • Isochronous - USBAudio, Webcams, etc (wip)

IsoChronous code is already in place in poseidon.library BUT transfers are not queued to be later rerouted in the host driver code (needs to be written for each host OCHI UCHI EHCI etc). There seems to be 2 types of isoc transfers that can be used by Poseidon. One is just the normal isoc transfer and the other is realtime implementation of isoc transfer. Setting up the isoc transfer pipe might differ on those two and the driver code might be different as well.

For isoc transfer there needs to be a scheduler that makes sure no isoc transfers are dropped (in or out) and that they happen at the right time. It all gets difficult as the device making use of the isoc transfer may be at any point on the device tree. One needs to calculate the USB bandwidth etc. and base the scheduler on that and other factors.

Poseidon controls the driver and device tree and it provides an API to communicate with the USB devices. Poseidon really doesn't care much about what sort of transfer pipe is opened or used, it only provides the means to do so and forwards the iorequests to the correct driver. Poseidon code is the higher level code for USB communication and drivers are of course the lower level one.

Best Hardware - NEC Chipset (OHCI + EHCI), Intel Chipset (UHCI + EHCI),
Next Best Set - General OHCI, SIS (OHCI + EHCI),
Early support - XHCI USB3.0, USB3.1 & gen 2, USB4 Type-A Type-B Type-C
Buggy Chipset - [ Early AMD OHCI], ALi OHCI, VIA UHCI, Nvidia OHCI & EHCI,

OHCI USB 1.1 USB-IF sanctioned standard and hardware physical form removed 2010 replaced with virtual emulation

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
ALi Agere M5273 A1 M5237 Lucent USS-312 Maybe Yes StarTech PCI425USB, CompUSA Iogear GIC220U-b, Nvidia 220 mobo, USBA2041P, ALi SU2A-PS,
AMD 756 Chipset (onboard motherboard) 0x1022 0x740c 0x06 No No no usb devices detected Geode GX1,
CMD DU-A2 Silicon Image 0670 (pci AMD chipset) 0x1095 0x0670 0x06 No No
Silicon Image 0673 (pci AMD chipset) 0x1095 0x0673 0x06 No No
Nvidia Nforce2 USB 0x10de Bios options vary but does with Plop Boot Yes Tested with 20th Aug 2012 improvement
NEC µPD720100AGM 0x1033 0x0035 0x Not tested Not tested untested - Amiga Spider card with possible bottleneck issues at higher speeds
NEC µPD720101AGM 720101GJ 0x1033 0x0035 0x43 Yes Yes Mac mini, Belkin F5U219vea (2+1 ports), Belkin F5U220vea1 (4+1 ports), Adaptec 3100LP, BAFO BF-460, GWC UC-160, IOGear GIC250U, Keyspan U2PCI-5, O'toLink U2-C2B U2-C2A U2-P20N U2-P50, Ratoc PCIU5, USBWholesale UII-PCIP
NEC µPD720102 0x1033 0x00 0x untested untested
Opti 82C861 2-port 0x1045 0xc861 No No no USB devices detected - Belkin F5U005,
SIS 7001 OCHI 0x1039 0x7001 0x0f No Yes 20th Aug 2012 - not booting stalls on GRUB word with Plop Boot

UHCI USB 1.1 Intel standard and since 2009, no hardware support only virtual (P55 chipset)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
Intel 0x8086 0x 0x01 not in bios use AROS floopy dis boot
Intel 82371AB EB MB PIIX4 0x8086 0x7112 0x01 none in bios use other booting options Detects most devices most devices but not RTL8187b WG111v3 blue led not on and does not work
Intel 82801DB/DBL/DBM (onboard i830 mbd) 0x8086 0x24c4 0x01 but not from bios but floppy options RTL8187b WG111v3 blue led on and although device has software failure and recoverable error IT STILL WORKS. Fresh start sometimes needs Network Prefs Saved to work.
VIA MVP4 (onboard mbd) 0x1106 0x30 0x40 No most devices most devices but not wireless options RTL8187b WG111v3 detected but blue led not on and does not work
VIA VT82xx (onboard mbd) 0x1106 0x3038 0x40 No most devices most devices but not wireless usb RTL8187b WG111v3 blue led on but does not work
VIA VT6202 (VIA VT83C572) 0x1106 0x3038 No A-Best USB-200, Cables N Mor USBPCI, CompUSA, D-Link DSB500, Digital/Research DRUSBCARD, Kouwell IOFlex 580, StarMount USB VIA,
VIA VT6112 No
VIA VT6212 (pci card) 0x1106 0x3038 0x61 No 2011 seems to have issues with other identical via based USB controller(s) present
VIA VT6214L No

EHCI USB 2.0 The USB-IF insisted on only one implementation of EHCI but it creates 4 virtual hcd to cover USB1.1 support. The virtual HCD on Intel and VIA EHCI controllers are UHCI. All other vendors use virtual OHCI controllers. Hardware EHCI USB2.0 ended in most chipsets in 2014/5 and is now virtual through most newer USB3.0 chipsets

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
ALi Agere M5273 A1 Lucent USS-344 untested belkin F5U006,
Nvidia Nforce2 USB No Yes
Intel 82801DB/DBM (onboard mbd) 0x8086 0x24cd 0x01 Yes Yes
NEC µPD720100AGM 0x1033 0x00E0 0x untested - Amiga Spider card
NEC 72101 GJ 0x1033 0x00e0 0x04 Yes Yes Belkin F5U219 VEA1 (pci),
SIS ECHI 0x1039 0x7002 0x00 No issues about which port is used if it works at all
VIA VT6202 0x1106 0x3104 No Yes
VIA VT6212 (pci card) 0x1106 0x3104 0x62 No detects

xHCI eXtensible USB 3.0 SuperSpeed SS (Speed 5Gbit/s 3.1 gen 1)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
Fresco Logic FL1000 FL 1000 0x1B73 0x1000 No link power management (LPM, USB 3 power saving) cannot be disabled so random connection issues
Fresco Logic FL1009-200 FL 1009 0x1009 No Orico PFU3-2P
Fresco Logic FL1100-100 FL 1100SX 0x1100 LPM cannot be disabled so issues with disconnecting WD drives etc - CalDigit, ORICO PFU3-2P, FASTA-6GU3 Pro, inatech KTU3FR-2P 2 port USB 3.0, and Inateck KT4004 (KTU3FR-4PA rev B2) for storage and hubs, etc
Fresco Logic FL1400 FL 1400 0x1400 No
Fresco Logic 0x No
NEC Renesas xHCI µPD720200 uPD720200a chip 0x1d6b 0x0194 no USB3 but seems to works like USB2 recognized but not supported for USB3 but works like USB2 - ORICO PRU3-4P 4 Port USB, early Dell Wyse zx0 thin client,
NEC Renesas xHCI µPD720201 uPD720201 chip 0x114 0x0115 recognized but not supported
NEC Renesas xHCI µPD720202 uPD720202 chip 0x1912 0x0015 recognized but not supported
TI tusb7340 TUSB732 0x8241 recognized but not supported Koutech IO-PEU436 but only one with open docs
Intel xHCI recognized but not supported - integrated since Ivybridge
Marvell N/A
Via Labs VL800 VIA VL811 0x3432 0x3438 0x3515 and 0x9201 2.0 backwards support Anker 68UPPCIE-2S20PU 2 port, Plugable 4-Port, GA-z77x-ud5h rev. 1.1 mobo,
Via Labs VL811+
Via Labs VL812

USB 3.1 (power up to 100W and data 10Gbit/s USB 3.2 gen 2 - USB-A Full size plug - USB-B micro USB size - USB-C reversible)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
Asmedia ASM1142 0x1B21 N/A Connector: USB Type C and USB Type A x 1 - Ugreen USB C PCI Card 2 Port USB 3.1 Type C
Marvell N/A
Intel N/A
N/A Startech - PEXUSB312C - 2-port Usb 3.1 10Gbit/s

USB 3.2 (power up to 100W and data 20Gbit/s gen 2x2 - USB-A Full size plug - USB-B micro USB size - USB-C reversible)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
Marvell N/A
Intel N/A

USB 4 (40Gbps thunderbolt, pcie 3.0 tunnelling, )

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Boot from USB Detect USB device USB device works Opinion
Marvell N/A
AMD Ryzen7 6800U N/A
Intel Goshen Ridge JHL8440 Controller N/A

hid.class (Human Interface Device) edit

Keyboard edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Apple Pro Keyboard 0x05ac 0x0205 0x0122 works (its two hub ports) but mouse scroll wheel issues
Apple Pro Keyboard 0x05AC 0x020B works (its two ports also)
Aigo K68 60% red switches, A68 A87 wireless 2G untested
AmigaOne Keyboard works
Corsair K65 Mech MX no numeric keypad untested
Corsair CH-9000045 K70 Blue MX untested
Corsair K90 untested
Corsair K95 untested
Corsair K untested
Cherry G80 G80-3000L[x]C[yy]-[z] untested
Cooler Master CM Storm Quickfire Rapid untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Dell SK-8135 Dell USB Keyboard for Internet and Multimedia rev H for Dimension 4500, Dimension 8250, OptiPlex GX260n, OptiPlex GX60n, Precision 350 (R42232) 0x413C 0x2010 0200 usb1.1 keyboard hub 0x413C 0x1003 works as well - multimedia keys not mapped
Ducky Channel Zero DK2108 Mech Mechanical Cherry MX Red untested
Ducky Shine 3 Brown or Blue (DK9087) MX keys untested
Das Keyboard Model S Ultimate untested
Filco Ninja Majestouch-2 untested
Focus FK-760 Wireless Keyboard & Trackball works but quality build issues raised
Hengchangtong HCT Limeme gk103s Entry Keyboard 0xC0F4 0x0009 0100 half Keyboard left side only
Jomaa YiChip Wireless 50% key with touchpad 0x3151 0x3000 dongle detected, keys and pad not working - 2 AAA NM
MOSART 2.4G Wireless 60% Keyboard Trackball 0x062a 0x4105 dongle recognised HID, keys worked, roller worked, scroll wheel works and shoulders works but buttons around left, top and right hand side (RHS) do not work and plastic and 2 AA MN1500
Mucai SiGma Micro MKA610 0x1c4f 0x0084 unknown red keys - rgb backlighting -
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Guangzhou Zhentian Electronics Ltd Perixx Periboard 505 Plus with Trackball okay keyboard - poor trackball
Guangzhou Zhentian Electronics Co., Ltd Perixx Periboard 706 Plus with Trackball Wireless generally okay with good sized keys but piano black surround fingerprint magnet, occasional brief trackball freezes after no use, takes some time to get used to the trackball size
Perixx Periboard-716 Wireless (Chicony) 04f2:1013 okay dome keyboard and trackpad
Perixx Periboard- okay keyboard
Perixx Periboard- okay keyboard
Lenovo SK-8825 41A5327 SIL12-W07 works manufactured for
Logitech K320 Wireless Keyboard The Logitech USB Unifying, Bolt, Lightspeed, or Nano receiver pairing
Logitech K340 Wireless Keyboard The Logitech Unifying Receiver pairing
Logitech K400 okay keyboard
Logitech Wireless Touch Keyboard k400 0x046D 0xC52B 1201 All (including multimedia) keys work. Some keys requires remapping with Trident. Touchpad works and acts as normal mouse. Presents itself in Trident as USB Receiver from Logitech with 3 HID bindings
Logitech K400 Plus K400+ okay keyboard
Logitech K600 okay keyboard
Logitech TK820 okay keyboard
Logitech TK830 okay keyboard
Logitech okay keyboard
Lite-On USB NetVista Full Width Keyboard 0x04b3 0x3025 works
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Microsoft Comfortable Curve 2000 recognized but not supported
Microsoft Natural Ergonomic Keyboard 4000 recognized but not supported
Microsoft Wireless Media Desktop 1000 (1356) 0x045e 0x00f9 working but not mouse part
Qpad MK-50 untested
Qpad MK-80 untested
Qpad MK-90 untested
Razer Chroma 0x1532 0203 untested
Razer Lycosa untested
Razer Blackwidow 2013 untested
Razr Blackwidow Ultimate untested
Razer Cynosa Lite V2 1532 0x023f untested
Razer DeathStalker untested
Razer HuntsMan untested
Razer Ornata untested
Razer Orbweaver Chroma Keypad 0x1532 0207 untested
Razer Tartarus Keypad untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
SINO WEALTH Gaming KB SkyLion K68 0x258a 0x003a blue stalks with rgb lighting
SteelSeries untested
TeckNet x300 2.4G Keyboard Mouse MosART 0x062A 0x4101 0312 1 AAA for each and works well - mouse slightly better built than keyboard rubberised membrane
TeckNet X331 HDE 2.4G Keyboard wireless RCMCU 0x0C45 0x7000 0001 wireless can be glitchy but few extra keys are mapped
TeckNet X500 2.4G Keyboard Mouse MOSArt 0x062A 0x2901 0112 works well especially large touchpad - usual rubber domed membraned keyboard mechanism
Unicomp Model M USB 104 key untested IBM's and later Lexmark buckling spring switches
Xenta White Wireless HK6718B+HM3302--> works with Raspberry Pi untested on AROS native
Yunzii untested
Cherry MX Blue have tactile feedback with a click (noisy); good for typing. 
Cherry MX Brown are in between Blue and Red in style and tactile; 
Cherry MX Clear switches have soft tactile feedback (with no click). 
Cherry MX Black are linear switches (no feedback); good for gaming. 
Cherry MX Red are linear (less noise no click) but more squishy; 

Gateron Yellows KS-3, KS-3x47 or better Pros have a milky top and black bottom and linear 

Mouse edit

if the USB mouse is non-functional put a USB pendrive in before or add the following to user-startup in s drawer/folder/directory

sys:prefs/trident NOGUI > NIL:
Brand Description Model Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
3Dconnexion 3D Mouse SpaceNavigator untested
3Dconnexion 3D Mouse SpacePilot Pro untested
3Dconnexion Mouse SpaceExplorer untested
3Dconnexion Wireless Mouse SpaceMouse untested
3D Optical Wired 0000:3825 untested
Belkin Combo mouse 0x05FE 0x0011 Low 0100 works
Cytec Wired Mouse Gaming R.A.T 5 untested
Dell Mouse MO56UC 0x413C 0x3200 works
equatech / clone logitech wireless mouse 49779 / M185 3151:2020 later 3151:3020 detected and works
Hama RF Optical Mouse AM-6000 untested
LogiCAD 3D 3D Mouse Magellan untested
Logitech Cordless Desktop Navigator The Logitech Unifying Receiver pairing
Logitech Inc. First/Pilot Wheel Mouse N48/M-BB48 M-BE58 untested
Logitech Wireless mouse M305 works
Logitech Wireless RF Mouse MK710 The Logitech Unifying Receiver pairing
Logitech Wireless Mouse MX Master Anywhere 2S untested micro USB charge port on front
Logitech Wireless M220 silent 0x 0x
0x 0x
Brand Description Model Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion-->
Maxxter Wireless 248a:8566 untested
Maxxter Wireless 248a:8518 untested
OrzerHome Maxxter Wireless 248a:8514 untested 1 aa with no on/off switch
Microsoft Wheel Mouse optical untested
Microsoft Sidewinder Mouse untested
Microsoft IntelliMouse Explorer USB optical untested
Microsoft Wireless Optical Mouse 2000 0x045E 0x00F9 not working see keyboard Media Desktop 2000 above
Microsoft 1461 1447 usb dongle matched to one mouse only no others
Razer USB optical Orochi untested
Razer USB optical Mamba untested
Razer USB optical Naga untested 17 buttons
Razer USB Optical Naga Hex V2 untested MOBA Gaming Mouse, Professional Grade 16,000 DPI Sensor - RGB lighting
Razer USB optical DeathAdder untested
Razer USB optical Viper untested
Razer USB optical untested
Trust Slimline Lasermouse untested
SteelSeries Tobii EyeX EyeMobile PCEye Eye Tracking Control untested gaze interaction track technology for augment augmentative and alternative communication (AAC).
The Eye Tribe Tracker Eye untested
USB Optical Mouse MV3000 0x192f 0x0916 works

Trackball edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
3Dconnexion SpaceBall 5000 untested Labtec designed and rolled into new company 3dconnexion 2001 by owners Logitech
ACCO Kensington Orbit optical F1233A untested
Kensington Turbo Mouse 64210 untested
Clearly Superior Technologies. Model:CST 1000-RC untested
Logitech Trackman Marble Mouse Wired USB untested
Logitech Cordless Trackman Wheel untested
Logitech Optical Trackman T-RB22 - Cordless untested
Logitech M570 wireless untested
Microsoft Trackball Mouse Optical 1.0 USB untested
Microsoft X05-87473 Trackball USB Optical untested

Gamepad edit

Controllers have mostly decided that the left analog joystick is keyboard equivalent of WASD and right joystick is your mouse. You also have 2 bumpers above the triggers. Shoot could be right trigger (so it doesn't involve taking your thumb off the right joystick). Face buttons for reloading or jump or other non-critical functions. Crank up the sensitivity and practice.

Testing can be done with the TRIDENT Prefs, html5, html5, or Tester

Dinput Poseidon Default Plugin - Playstation(TM) style edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Betop Betong Bat D2E BTP-BD2E XD4D2E
Gravis Eliminator Gamepad Pro USB 047d 4005 N/A 2002 2d only
Hama Black Force USB Gamepad 2003 psx clone look
Jess Tech Game Elements Philips GGE909 PC Recoil Pad
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Logitech Wingman Precision USB G-UC3B 0x046d 2002 no 3D but good for 2D retro games like Turrican II
Logitech Wingman Action Pad G-UB3A 0x046d untested 2002 1 blue lucid translucent - thin analog stick N64 type -
Logitech Wingman RumblePad UB05B 0x046d 0xc20a 1.12 untesed 2000 twin blue analogue sticks N64 type - poor 2d controls with single molded blue piece - vibration feedback - single shoulder buttons with throttle control below right one
Logitech Wingman Cordless RumblePad G-RA4A 0x046d 0xc211 1.12 untested 2001 twin blue analogue sticks N64 type - poor 2d controls with single molded black piece - vibration feedback - dual shoulder buttons L1 L2 R1 R2 with blue throttle control below right one - 4 aa mn1500 batteries; life not great - C-UD10A usb dongle - overall big and bulky
Logitech Precision Wired G-UG15 0x046d 0x 0x N/A 2002 psx styling blue outer shell - no 3D analog and no shoulder buttons - no rumble
Logitech Cordless Precision G-X2E14A 0x046d 0x 0x N/A 2002 ps2 styling blue outer shell - no 3D analog and no shoulder buttons - no rumble
Logitech G-X5C11A Cordless Precision Wireless Controllers 0x046d 0x 0x N/A 2002 psx styling black outer shell - no 3D analog and no shoulder buttons - no rumble
Logitech Dual Action
  • G-UD8 has no mode (2D only?) button and no rumble
  • G-UF13A later
0x046d 0xc2 Yes 2003 New body shape psx style - dual analog 3D sticks - 4 small travel shoulder triggers no 5,6,7,8
Logitech RumblePad 2 G-UF13 0x046d 0xc218 1.00 2006 light blue top/black base - twin analogues 3D along with dual short travel shoulder buttons - rumble present -
[Logitech RumblePad 2 Cordless]
  • G-RC?? OLD version that take FOUR batteries and RED Logitech logo
  • G-RC14 uses TWO batteries has an ORANGE logo - dongle C-UE10
0x046d 0xc219 0x0200 mostly 2008 may have to remove 1 battery - G-RC?? 5 + 7 buttons - G-RC14 use buttons 6 + 8 to reset sticks - replace battery and push large button on receiver -
Logitech F310 Wired Dual Action G-U0001 0x046d 0xc21 0x D mode switch 2010 dual analog 3D with pc-xbox/psx switch on back (only D works) - both rear shoulder RT LT buttons have excess travel - no rumble vibration -
Logitech F510 Wired G-UG0002 0x046d 0xc21 0x 2010 dual analog with dual xbox pc/psx X/D switched compatibility modes -
Logitech F710 Wireless / Cordless RumblePad 2 G-R0001 0x046d 0xc219 3.05 When switch on top set to D and nano receiver for each controller to pair - 2 aa mn1500 batteries required - rumble support sometimes - rear back shoulder buttons excessive travel needed
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Megaworld 'TIME' USB pad 0x0735 0x9902 Low 0100 2000 Poor quality
Microsoft Sidewinder Gamepad X04 Freestyle N/A untested 1998 might need USB adapter
Microsoft Sidewinder X05 63895 92626 Flight stick Yes
Saitek PS1000 Cyborg V.1, PS2700 2000 no rumble function
Saitek P2600 P3600, 2000 no rumble function
Saitek P2900 wireless untested but runs on 1 AA battery
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Sony Batoh PS3 mini USB Wired hookup SIXAXIS
  • PCB Ribbon Notes
  • Protos ALPS MSU Rev3 M3 and the later CBEH-1019
  • ? SA1Q135A for sixaxis
  • PP4
  • V2
  • V25
  • VX SA1Q146A first dualshock 3 model
  • VX35 SA1Q159A
  • VX3 SA1Q160A
  • VX? SA1Q188A
  • VX4 SA1Q189A shipped with a CECH-2504 datecode 0C
  • VX5 SA1Q194A changed design ALPS, PS button changes
  • VX6 SA1Q195A red case,
  • VX7 SA1Q222A superslims 2 ribbons
  • VX8 SA1Q224A superslims 2 ribbons
0x054c 0x0268 1.00 Sometimes detected but no support - no sixaxis features detected - mini usb lead will have varying results -
Sony PS4
  • JDM JDS 001 010 011
  • JDM 030 040 055
Sony PS5 Dual Sense
Speed Link Strike 2 FX
Thrustmaster Firestorm Dual Power 2 Yes
Trust Predator GM-1500 GM-1520
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Haute42 M series Aluminum Metal Joystick Hitbox Controller Arcade Fighting Stick
Haute42 T series
Haute42 G series Gamefinger G12 G13 G16 plastic -
Haute42 S series thinner and lighter than G series
Mad Catz sf2 fightstick
Mayflash Datel Paewang Arcade Pro Stick
Mayflash F300 Fighting Stick
Mayflash F500 Fighting Stick
Pico Flatbox GP2040-CE Hot Swappable Mini Hitbox Keyboard default it is configured for PS4 but before plugging usbc cable in, X for Dinput, B Xinput, RT HID - plastic build case - Rev4 based on RP2040 chip and firmware is based on GP2040-CE (Community Edition) -
Shenzhen Onebitdo Tech 8bitdo Fighting stick
Venom 8 button

Xinput Xbox Style Plugin edit

2018 extension added originally called AROSx

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
8bitdo Ultimate C Wired 82CB (Shenzhen ONEBITDO TECH - GWOWO) 0x2dc8 0x3106 4 t6 torx screws
Betop Beitong Spartan BTP-2270U no hall effect
Betop Betong Asura 2 no hall effect - noble linear trigger potentiometer and alps shoulder LB/RB micro switch
Flydigi Direwolf 2
Flydigi Vader Pro 3
GuliKit KingKong 2 NS08 Electromagnetic Stick hall effect - hall linear triggers - Mechanical face buttons - wired and wireless - Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
GuliKit KingKong 2 PRO NS09 hall efect - wired and wireless - Mechanical face buttons - Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
GuliKit KingKong MAX 3 KK3 hall effect - wired and wireless - Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
Hori EX2 Turbo UHX3-45
Xbox 360 Wired Controller 0x045e 0x028e 0x needs specific driver and has poor 2D control pad
Microsoft (R) Xbox 360 (TM) Wireless Receiver for Windows(R) Model 1086 and Controller 0x045e 0x0719, 0x or 0x0291 0x0100 separate standalone usb dongle detected and shows as 8 vendor interfaces but no class associated and so not working - may need new class from code from xpad or xboxdrv to work the controllor
Xbox 360 Kinect Video


Speedlink XEOX Pro Analog Wireless enclosed lithium battery? - xbox layout - switchable on back of controller to directinput (dinput) or xinput - USB dongle switchable to pc and ps3
Steel Series Stratus Duo XL usb adapter needed
InputLabs Alpakka Open Source and build yourself DIY it with 3d printer, pcb and components - pi pico needed - 2 gyros for better accuracy -
Inputlabs kapybara DIY one handed version wip

#include <exec/types.h>


#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_DPAD_UP          0x0001
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_DPAD_DOWN        0x0002
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_DPAD_LEFT        0x0004
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_DPAD_RIGHT       0x0008
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_START            0x0010
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_BACK             0x0020
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_LEFT_THUMB       0x0040
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_RIGHT_THUMB      0x0080
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_A                0x1000
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_B                0x2000
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_X                0x4000
#define AROSX_GAMEPAD_Y                0x8000

    ULONG   Timestamp;
    UWORD   Buttons;
    UBYTE   LeftTrigger;
    UBYTE   RightTrigger;
    WORD    ThumbLX;
    WORD    ThumbLY;
    WORD    ThumbRX;
    WORD    ThumbRY;

#define AROSX_EHMB_CONNECT    0x00

struct AROSX_EventHook {
    struct Node         eh_Node;
    struct MsgPort     *eh_MsgPort;
    ULONG               eh_MsgMask;

struct AROSX_EventNote {
    struct Message      en_Msg;
    ULONG               en_Event;
    APTR                en_Param1;
    APTR                en_Param2;

#endif /* AROSX_LIBRARY_H */

Joystick edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
CH Products CombatStick 568 untested
Cyborg X untested
Logitech Extreme 3D untested
[Logitech Attack 3 Joystick] 0x0464 0xC214 0205 works
saitek X-52 x52 pro untested
saitek aviator untested
Speedlink Competition Pro USB works but games not working "out of the box"
Trust Predator QZ 501 works
Trust Predator TH 400 works
Trust Predator GM-2500 works
Trust XK 100 untested

Gaming Racing Steering Wheels edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Fanatec CSL Elite PS4 and Xbox - belt driven wheel - 30cm wheel swapping
Fanatec Club Sport top belt $600 £500 system
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Genius TRIO RACER F1 Racing Wheel Cheap and cheerful but not great - may need calibrating
Hama PC Racing Wheel Thunder V18 Average
Hori Racing Wheel 3 with pedals PS3 PC
Logic3 PXU450 TopDrive GT450 Steering Wheel for PS3, PS4, XBox One and PC
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Logitech MOMO Very good
Logitech Driving Force GT
Logitech Drive Force Pro DFP wheel 900 degree - weighs in at 15 lbs
Logitech Formula Force EX 200 degrees turn for the EX model is arcade-like driving - adds PS3 compatibility via the PSx/2 adaptor - weighs in at 9 lbs
Logitech G25 - needs external psu -
Logitech G27 PC/PS3 comes with gear shifter - needs external psu -
Logitech G29 PC PS3/PS4 may need additional shifter - gear 900deg wheel / rumble - 3 peddle - needs external psu -
Logitech G920 PC XboxOne may need additional shifter - gear 900deg wheel / rumble - 3 peddle - needs external psu -
Logitech G923
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Simagic M10 base direct drive $900 £800
Simplicity Simwheel direct
Simxperience Accuforce V2
SPEEDLINK Drift O.Z. Racing Wheel with Pedals and Gear Stick
SteelSeries Simraceway SRW-S1 Steering Wheel (PC)
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Thrustmaster Ferrari Challenge Wheel 0x044f Poor
Thrustmaster Ferrari FGT Rumble GT Experience 3-in-1 (PC/PS3) 0x044f b658 0102 Wheel and all buttons detected Not great - gear driven 240deg wheel rotation - no psu needed - 2 peddle - flappy gear change - rumble untested - red switch for PC PS3 selection
Thrustmaster F430 0x044f
Thrustmaster T500 RS Wheel 0x044f belt driven wheel/rumble for GT5
Thrustmaster T60 Challenge 0x044f
Thrustmaster T150 Wheel 0x044f gear / belt combo wheel / rumble - 2 peddle
Thrustmaster TMX Pro PC/XboxOne 0x044f direct drive rumble - no manual gear shift included
Thrustmaster T80 0x044f Base level and OK - PS4 - 270deg rumble - 2 peddle
Thrustmaster T300 RS GT PS3 PS4 - belt driven - 900deg rotation and modular 28cm wheel out - 2 peddles but 3 available
Thrustmaster TX Leather 0x044f TX Xbox version - 900deg rotation
Thrustermaster TS PC PC only belt wheel
TS XW Racer PC Xbox1 top belt system
Thrustmaster T-GT PS4 $700 £600 with T-DFB
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Tracer Zonda Racing Steering Wheel PC PS3 Vibration Feedback Pedals Gearbox

Gamepad Joypad Adapters edit

  • Most adapters will work in most OS's without installing a driver. Special functions needing drivers will be noted.
  • Some adapters do not work with some dance pads because of voltage issues. Other adapters map the dancemat arrows as axes and not as buttons, causing problems.
  • If using an adapters should be compatible with original PlayStation PS/Xbox Xbox/GameCube GC /Dreamcast DC/Sega Saturn SS gamepads.
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Maplin Padix Co. Ltd. Rockfire PX-205 PSX/USB Bridge 0x0583 0x2050 Yes but buttons mapped different from others poor Ok with dpads, but very poor support with analogue hack
Boom PS Joy Converter adaptor discontinued (2004/5). Hold Up, Start, and Select for three seconds. Very good stepmania recommendation.
EMS USB2 grey plastic box with 2 PSX ports, one on either side - UP and Select pressed for 3 seconds at the same time or the dance code (start+select+up) Tests/joystick shows the PS port works in digital mode on d-pad Set in PC switch mode. Does not work when using 2 pads at the same time, likely higher power requirements. FPSE emu DualShock untested, Mat and Guitar untested but known lag involved
Joytech ( (EMS USB2 bad clone) Black box twin PSX 0x0b43 0x0003 0x0 buggy hardware but poor on dance ddr mat and guitar hero as the left and right keys do not like being pressed together, Dual shock untested
[ EMS Trio Linker ] 1 PSone connection at bottom 1PSX discontinued 2005
EMS Trio Linker Plus (blue box) 1 PSx at bottom 1PSX discontinued
Gamtec SmartJoy Plus Lik Sang PS->USB converter Red 2005 0x0925 0x0005 Low 0110 Maybe Analogue Hack - hardware buggy not useable Dual shock untested, Mat and Guitar untested. Nothing picked up upon plugging it in. Quite common, these items have grounding issues or feed voltage back into the USB host and freeze the host controller, preventing any plugins or removals being detected.
Gamtec SmartJoy Plus Dual PS->USB converter Red 0x0925 0x00 Low buggy hardware
Lik-Sang Super SmartJoy PSX 1PSX
Soyo Kiki Kiky
eXcel PSX adaptor shaped a little like a stealth bomber with USB pass through
Dragon Plus (Radio Shack) Pantherlord GreenAsia USB to PS2/PS3 converter single black cable 0x0e8f 0x03 1.07
Deal Extreme 2 PSX black cables from 1 USB port untested
HDE 2014 Personal Communication Systems Inc 0x0810 0x0001 0106
Same as single cable above but with black block mid way along cable
TigerGame Ltd Mayflash PC001 Super Joy Box 3
TigerGame Ltd Mayflash PC016 Super Joy Box arrowhead triangle twin PSX] Original was lack with RED Leds. Clones Dilong pu203, Blue HDE Neewer ShineData SD-APS2USB, Red Octane and Black PC Power Box (NS3454) embossed circle on top 0x0810 0x0001 1.06 Tests/joystick shows one PS port does not work with analog control at all but the other port does and maps correctly in digital mode Analogue hack works Still available 2013, poor construction though, falls to pieces easily. Dual Shock untested, Mat and Guitar untested
TigerGame Ltd Mayflash PC038 Super Joy Box Pro triangle twin PSX
TigerGame Limited Mayflash SuperJoy Box 5 PC006 long V-shaped 4 port PS/PS2 Game Controller Adapter
TigerGame Limited Mayflash SuperJoy Box 5 PRO PC039 PS/PS2 Game Controller Adapter
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Merge with USB on Digital Pad Analogue Hack with Analog Stick Opinion
Boom PSX+N64 USB converter (purple or blue see through box) (2003/4) - red led for psx and green led for n64 0x6666 0x0667 0x0 not detected by Tests/joystick Analogue hack Rumble Pak untested
EMS Trio Linker Plus II [1] 1DC 1GC 1PSX but not for ddr mat games
TigerGame Mayflash PC043 clone HuiJia Black twin N64 converter for PC USB 0x0e8f 0x3013 0x0 detected by Tests/joystick though two digital pads have their settings wrong Analogue hack works well with middle handle/grip little joystick Rumble Pack untested
TigerGame Mayflash PC MagicBox SuperBox 3 untested 1SS 1DC 1PSX }
Lik Sang SmartJoy X 0x045e 0x0285
SmartJoy X2 0x045e 0x0289
TigerGame Mayflash PC018 Super Joy Box 9 Xbox (NOT 360) 0x05e3 0x060 shows up as a Genesys Logic Hub does not work. Hub(s) 0x0288 detected but 0x0289 xbox1 joypads are not detected as hid let alone as xpad or linux xboxdrv driver
TigerGame Mayflash PC019 Super Joy Box 10 Xbox Twin ports (NOT 360) 0x05e3 0x060 shows up as a Genesys Logic Hub does not work with the big Fatty Duke or smaller S Akebono controller(s)
TigerGame Ltd Mayflash PC020 Super Joy Box 11 Xbox Quad ports (NOT 360) 0x05e3 0x0604 shows up as a Genesys Logic Hub
TigerGame Ltd Mayflash PC035 3 in 1 Magic Joy box PS GC Xbox
USB to NES SPI like protocol
Buffalo Classic USB Pad SNES like
Mayflash PC044 USB to SNES
Atari RetroLink 9pin to SB
SLS Sega Saturn USB pad
Mayflash PC050 Dual Saturn ports
Guitar Hero for PC/Mac 0x1430 0x474C
Cronus Max
BrookX One
Mayflash Gamecube to USB
Mayflash Magic NS WiiU
Brook Converter WiiU P3 P4
CooV Xbox One Converter

  • Metal dance pads with LEDs - My My Box Blue Shark (Nexen), Cobalt Flux (CF) (Let's Groove), Red Octane Afterburner, TX-2000, Logic3 (Dance Dance Dance), Gamerose (Stay Cool),
  • Hard foam mat - Mayflash FutureMax Deluxe 3 in 1 Ignition, Gamerose (Stay Cool), TrinPad orange,
  • Soft foam mat - Logic3 (PS420N), Positive Gaming Impact, Gamerose Miss Daisys Naki (Stay Cool), Pelican, MadCatz
  • PS1 PS2 PS3 PS4 flex ribbon big source of button/trigger issues with all controllers
  • PS2 Phat KSA1Q40A (Board), SA1Q33A (Membrane) SCHP-10010 H
  • PS2 SA1Q42A SCHP-10010 A
  • PS2 SA1Q43-A SCHP-10010 H

The primary axes are either the Control Pad or the left stick. Buttons come in a rough order: face buttons, then shoulder buttons, then Select and Start, then buttons under sticks, and finally Control Pad directions if not assigned to a hat. But the order and number of buttons within a category are unpredictable, as is which button the user expects to use for each action.

Joypad HATS Button 01 Button 02 Button 03 Button 04 Button 05 Button 06 Button 07 Button 08 Button 09 Button 10 Button 11 Button 12 Button 13 Button 14 Axes 1 Axes 2 Axes 3 Axes 4 Axes 5 Axes 6 Comment
Xbox 360 Wired Controller A (down-green) B (right-red) X (left-blue) Y (up-yellow) LB (white) RB (black) Back Start Guide L3 R3 Left X Left Y LT Right X Right Y RT Poor 2D, Good 3D
Gravis GamePad / Original PlayStation Controller Red (Sqleft) Yellow X (X down) Green O (O right) Blue (Tri up) L1 R1 L2 R2 Select Start Stick X Stick Y
PlayStation 2 Older Adapters Blue X (down) Red O (right) Pink Sq (left) Green Tri (up) L1 R1 L2 R2 Select Start Stick 1 Stick 2
PlayStation 2 Newer Adapters Up Right Down Left L2 R2 L1 R1 Select Start Stick 1 (analogue Hack) Stick 2
Wish Technologies N64 Adaptoid A C Down C Right B C Left C Up L R Start Z Pad Up Pad Down Pad Left Pad Right Stick X Stick Y

Just plug in your digital/analogue joystick or gamepad into USB port. The device will be handled by Poseidon USB stack. Poseidon is the USB stack with Trident adding a GUI (graphical user interface) prefs.

the context sensitive page would come up right on pressing the help key inside the relevant window. The manual is in this archive, just in case it isn't in SYS:Locale/Help

  • How to change joystick mode to analogue?

By default a connected USB joystick emulates Amiga digital joystick. To change this behaviour so that the joystick is presented as analogue you need to use Trident preferences application (System:Prefs/Trident).

Open Trident and go to Devices on the left hand side (mouse click once on it). Select your controller from the list to the right and then click on Settings button below. This will open a new window. On the "General" tab find the "Lowlevel Library Joypad Emulation" section near the bottom. Find ports which are set to "Merge with USB" or "Override with USB" and change them to "Analogue Hack".

Please note that analogue joystick support is an extension of original Amiga functionality, thus an Amiga application must be explicitly written to use it. AROS SDL library uses this functionality, thus all SDL applications that use joystick, can use the analogue joystick feature.

The HID class has several options how to handle the input data:

  • Don't touch: The movement and button data for is not modified by the hid class. This is the default for the ports 0, 2, and 3.
  • Overwrite with USB: This will kill the original data that might had come from the internal ports and overwrites it with the joypad data for this USB interface. Note well: If you have multiple joypads connected, take care which setting you have selected for each port, because only the last interface with this option will actually send the joypad data to the game.
  • Merge with USB: This option merges the input data of the lowlevel.library with the USB stream. This only works, if the connected device on the original Amiga ports is NOT a mouse (because then the streams are incompatible). Merging should be the preferred method, because it leaves the original joysticks working.
  • Disable: Turns off the port for the application.
  • Analogue Hack: Tells Poseidon to force reporting of analogue data at the port. Please note that this only works with programs that understand the analogue data, because it's an extension to the original lowlevel.library standard made by Commodore. If you want to incorporate this feature in your software, just contact me and I will send you the necessary information.
  • Rumble Port: As addition to the analogue data, the HID class supports applications and games that want to utilize a rumble pack or force feedback motors in the gamepads. This field selects to which lowlevel port the hid device responds, when attempting to use the rumble pack. Normally, this corresponds to the port that has been set in the actions for the joypad.

  • How to change joystick port assignment?

The low level library supports up to four ports. Port 0 is usually used by the mouse, port 1 is the standard port for joysticks/joypads. By default a connected USB joystick is present in Port 1. To change its location to Port 0 you need to use Trident preferences.

Open Trident and go to Devices window. Select your controller from the list and then click on Settings button. This will open a new window. On the "General" tab find the "Lowlevel Library Joypad Emulation" section. Port 1 should be set as either "Merge with USB" or "Override with USB". Change this setting to "Don't touch". Change Port 0 setting to "Merge with USB".

Go to "Actions" tab. In the "Reports and collection" select first entry named "Joystick". in the "Usage items" select "X axis". Go to "Performed actions" area. On the left there will be a list of triggers. Each of them should have (port1) in their params. Click on the first trigger and using buttons to the right of the list change port1 into port 0. Repeat this for all triggers and for all items on "Usage items" list.

  • How to make joystick simulate keyboard keys?

With Poseidon it is possible to make the joystick simulate the keyboard pressings. This might enable using joystick for playing games which only have keyboard support. This feature is configured in Trident preferences.

Open Trident and go to Devices window. Select your controller from the list and then click on Settings button. This will open a new window. Go to "Actions" tab. On the right top window select X axis. On the left bottom list select an entry "Digital Joystick, Push left(port 1)". On the panel to the right change "Digital joystick" into "Raw Key". A list of keys will be displayed. Select key you wish to send. Repeat the same procedure for "Digital Joystick, Release left (port 1)" option but this time check "Send key up even instead of key down". Open shell and move your joystick to the left - your selected letter should appear in the shell.

  • Analogue in Trident Prefs
  • Open the Trident USB Prefs -> Devices -> Select your joypad -> Settings button -> Action TAB
  • See some "axis" listed under "Usage items" in the top right of the window. They are your analog stick(s)
  • Check [x] Track Incoming Events which is half way down the window on the left

And you should see some axis activity in "Usage items" when you move the analog stick

  • Actions

HID class item -> Settings -> HID Class Window -> Action Tab -> Action handling area

Reports and collections -> Usage Items -> Performed actions

Qualifier keys are *special*. You don't only need to create the actual keypress but also modify the qualifiers. Go to the keyboard panel and find the windows menu key by enabling key tracking and pressing the windows menu key. Then assign the right amiga key to it.

Go to the actions panel and find the right amiga key (it's called "Keyboard right GUI"). Remember the actions stored there, best write them down in exact order. Then delete them. Find the windows menu item and add the missing qualifier action. Be sure the parameters are exactly the same and the order is right.

Set them to Raw, then assign an up and down button for each character, etc. when you change the settings to RAW so you can assign keyboard strokes. it will always say, KEYDOWN or what ever on the left, it never provides and option for key release.

The problem still remains though that if I try to assign the Directional Pad (Hat) to Arrow Keys, that things will get screwed up and you either can not move with the directional PAD (HAT), or movements are assigned to the Left Analog, and do not work as they should, it's as if the right and down arrow keys are ALWAYS On, regardless of the fact that I did indeed assign a Key release command to each input.

check that by pressing analog directions and see the current values, and the thresholds configured in poseidon to bind them to left/right/up/down.

misconfigured too much stuff in the HID settings, you can always go in poseidon->config list entry and delete the config item related to your device (or the HID class setting itself), back to basics.

  • Rumble in Trident Prefs

Open Trident Prefs and click on the Devices option in the left hand window. Click with the mouse once on your gamepad choice on the right hand side and again on the Settings button below. In the new window, select the General TAB and half way down on the right there is an "Open Now" button in the section "HID output control window". Clicking on that button opens another window (HID Control) with sliders for the two rumble engines inside the controllers and you can test if they work. Sometimes clicking that button does nothing, other times it will open the window and say nothing is detected. The leftmost two sliders do nothing, the third one has a large rumble effect, and the fourth one has a small rumble effect.

Graphic Drawing Tablet edit

There is a standard in HID for tablets possibly mouse type. If the tablet is HID conforming in that sense, it should work. Aiptek does a fairly good job at this. The other competitor, Wacom, didn't pay too much attention to this and simply adapted their legacy serial protocol into HID in a very awkward way. Older Wacom tablets have worked with the special support in the HID class, but not the more recent ones.

to use graphic tablets fully, applications need to be written that make use of the AmigaOS NewTablet events 

  • Entry level - A6 (6x4) work area
  • Medium A5 (6x8) A4 (10x7) size (recommended but only a few ie years 2000 to 2003 models supported)
  • Semi Pro A3 (12x9)
  • Pro Cintiq

  • 2005/6 Some support added for Wacom tablets
  • 2008 Wacom's patent on battery free pens expires

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Micrograf Tabby (late 1980s and early 1990s) Serial RS232 based
podscat pt 3030 graphics tablet Serial RS232 based
Summagraphics Serial RS232 based
Wacom IV compatible (Graphire, ArtPad, A3, A4, A5 and PenPartner CT-0405-P - Wacom intuos GD-0405-R) Waycom Digitiser II UD-0608-R Serial RS232 based
Wacom Artpad II (KT-0405-R) Serial RS232 based
AceCad boards Serial RS232 based
AipTek HyperPen 6000 Serial RS232 based
Calcomp Serial RS232 based
AipTek HyperPen 8000 - Aldi/Medion MD 9310 and Aldi/Tevion LT 9310 Serial RS232 based
Tablet PC penabled Serial RS232 based like x61t X60t NC4200 NC4400
Serial RS232 based
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
  • Wacom PenPartner
  • PenPartner 2
  • PenStation 2
0x056a 0x0000 untested
Wacom Graphire - Wacom Tablet ET-0405-U UV1.1-1 (Slate Blue) ET-0405UL (lime) (orange) (red) (purple) 0x056A 0X0010 0100 late 90s with A6 size - [Wacom Support] of X-axis 00000-10205 Y-AXIS 0000-7421 Tip Pressure 000-511 under Trident prefs. Air pen mouse type movements
  • Grapphire 2 4x5 ET-0405A-U UV2.0-3 (Steel Blue)
  • Graphire 2 5x7 ET-0507A
0x056A 0x0011 and 0x0012 0110 A6 and A5 versions - [Wacom Support] of X-axis 00000-10205 Y-AXIS 0000-7421 Tip Pressure 000-511. Air pen mouse type movements - mouse EC-120-0K tested
Wacom Graphire 3
  • cte-430/w 4x5 pearl sapphire
  • cte 630 6x8
0x056A 0x0013 and 0x0014 0314 A6 and A5 size - [Wacom Support] Xaxis 0-10207 yaxis 0-7423 tip pressure 0-511 and the erase end appears to respond but avoid bluetooth BT versions
Wacom Graphire 4
  • cte-440/B Blue cte 440/s Silver 4x5
  • cte-640 6x8 cte 640 u 0403
0x056A 0x0015 and 0x0016 403 A6 and A5 work area detected [Wacom Support] x-axis 0000-10207 Y axis 0000-7423 Tip Pressure 000-511 and delete rub out end of the pencil seems detected but avoid bluetooth BT versions
  • Wacom Intuos 4x5 GD-0405
  • Intuos 6x8 GD-0608
  • Intuos 9x12 GD-0912
  • Intuos 12x12 GD-1212-U
  • Intuos 12x18 GD-1218
0x0020 0x0021 0x0022 0x0023 0x0024 detected and responses delivered back - x axis up to 30479 and y axis 31679, tip pressure up to 1023 and x and y tilt up to 127 - Wacom intuos GD-0912-A for Apple Macs NOT SUPPORTED
  • Intuos 2 4x5 A6 - XD-0405-U
  • Intuos 2 6x8 A5 - xd 0608u uoc
  • Intuos 2 9x12 XD-0912-U
  • Intuos 2 12x12 XD-1212-U
  • Intuos 2 12x18 XD-1218-U
0x056a 0x0041 0x0042 0x0043 0x0044 0x0045 0126 various sizes and recognised as [Wacom Support] but not working. x-axis 00000-20319 y-axis 00000-16239 tip presure 0000-1023 x-tilt y-tilt 000-127. HID mouse xc-100-03 works but never could use it as a real tablet with pressure with TVPaint 3.6
  • Intuos 3 4x5 (PTZ-430)
  • Intuos 3 4x6 (PTZ-431W )
  • Intuos 3 6x8 (PTZ-630 PTZ630)
  • Intuos 3 6x11 (PTZ-631W A3 wide)
  • Intuos 3 9x12 (A4 PTZ-930 PTZ930)
  • Intuos 3
056a 0x00b0 0x00b1 0x00b2 0x00b3 0x00b4 0x00b5 No Actions in HID setup window definitively locks the Pointer (mouse) reports settings and even after a clear and save, nothing changes, the configuration returns to default values. "[Wacom]" reports don't see any events from the tablet, even with "Pointer" reports cleared and save, so is locked a in "mouse" state - but can send a special command to the tablet in order to put it into a special vendor mode. This mode enables Wacom specificities like pressure, tilt, absolute position, buttons, etc... you should send an HID report feature with ReportID=2 and data=2, the current HID class driver doesn't give a way to change that, even using the "initial startup actions" item in the extra collection. No listed features work
Wacom Volito - Promethean FT-0405-U06 UV1.4-1 0x056A 0x0060 0141 A6 work area with [Wacom Support] of x-axis 0000-5103 Y axis 0000-3711 Tip Pressure 000-511. Air and touch mouse movement - appears to be the budget option with some but limited features
Wacom Volito 2
  • CTF-??? 2x3
  • CTF-420G CTF-420 V2.0-0 4x5
  • Serif Penabled 6742 rebadge of CTF 420/020-B CTF-420/02
0x056A 0x0062 0200 A6 work area with [Wacom Support] of x-axis 0000-5103 Y axis 0000-3711 Tip Pressure 000-511. Air and touch mouse movement - no erase function on the end of the pen - nylon nibs value option
  • Wacom PL-400 LCD
  • PL-500
  • PL-510
  • PL-550
0x0030 0x0031 0x0032 0x0034 untested
  • PL-600
  • PL-600 SX
  • PL-700
  • PL-710
  • PL-800
0x0033 0x0035 0x0036 0x0037 untested
Wacom Cintiq 21 UX and Cintiq Partner DTF-720 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Wacom PenTablet Bamboo (MTE), Bamboo Craft (CTH), Bamboo Fun (CTE), Bamboo Pen (CTL) and Bamboo Pen & Touch (CTH) untested
Wacom Bamboo Fun Medium CTE-650 0x0018 Maybe
Bamboo Fun Small CTE-450 white 0x0017 untested
Wacom Bamboo One CTF-430 V2.0-0 CTF 430/S 0x056A 0x0069 0200 A5 wired air pen and acts like a mouse only
Wacom Intuos 4
  • Small PTK-440 PTK-540
  • Medium - PTK-640 - PTK 540WL Wireless -
untested Intuos4 surface sheet was revised in October 2010 to reduce nib wear
Wacom Intuos 5 Touch
  • Medium - PTH-650 - USB Wired and Wireless Kit
0x0027 untested work, however wireless may glitch or drag
Wacom Intuos Pro Medium - PTH-651 - untested
Bamboo Small Pen Tablet - MTE 450 MTE-450A (MTE-450/k) - 0x056A 0x0065 0116 A6 work area - mouse movement but no pen detection except x-axis 2 to -2 and y-axis 2 to -2 - mini usb lead - 4 blue led lit buttons not detected as well as circular touch button??
Bamboo Pen CTL 460 untested all Bamboo versions were criticized for the drawing surface's roughness (which got smoother over time), which caused the small pressure-sensitive 'nib' to wear down, and become slanted or scratchy in the same way as pencil lead, albeit more slowly
Wacom Bamboo Fun CTH-461/S wired 0x056A 0x00D2 0106 A6 size - Pen tracking not working but finger touch works
Wacom Bamboo Connect Pen Tablet CTL-470 CTL-470K 470-DE untested
CTH 470K untested
Wacom CTH 480/S wireless untested lithium battery for pad -
Wacom Intuos Pen Small CTL-480/S CTL 480 K wired 0x056A 0x030E 0200 A5 detected as Intuos PS but not working although the RHS blue led responds to pen on tablet
CTH 490 PK S Photo - CTH-490CK-S Comic - CTH-490AK-S Art untested lower hovering height pen nibs wear fast and input lag/responsiveness
Intuos Pen & Touch Medium - CTH-680 - USB Wired and Wireless Kit work untested
Wacom Intuos Pro (PTH-660 and PTH-860) untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Waltop Media Tablet 10.6"
   Genius G-Pen M609
   Genius G-Pen M609X
   iVista Media Tablet 10.6
   Aiptek MediaTablet 10000u
172f:0501 untested
Slim Tablet 12.1" 0x172F 0x0034 0x1105 works
Waltop Media Tablet 12 by 9"
   Aiptek HyperPen 12000u T-12000U Tablet Series 
   Nisis T-12000u USB Tablet Series Version 1.05 (aiptek rebadged)
   Trust item #1535
   ADESSO Cyber Tablet 12000 Graphic design tablet
   iVista Media Tablet 12
   PENTAGRAM O'pen Wide P 2003
   Genius G-Pen M712
172f:0500, 0x08ca 0x0010 0105 detected with Nisis/Aiptek functioning as a tablet, untested with others - Puck (mouse) x axis 0000 to 6000 y axis 0000 to 6000 - stylus (pen) x axis 00000 to 12000 y axis 00000 to 12000 tip pressure 0000 to 1023 - 16 function keys - AAA battery needed for pen and another for the mouse
Waltop Media Tablet 14.1" v5.1e
   Genius G-Pen M714X
   Aiptek MediaTablet 14000u WMK-H141 
   Trust item #15358
   Adesso CyberTablet 14000 M14
   iVista Media Tablet 14.1
   PENTAGRAM O'pen Wide P 2004
0X172f 0X0500 0114 detected with Nisis/Aiptek functioning as a tablet - Stylus (Pen) X 16838 Y 16838 Tip Pressure 1023
Waltop PID 0038
   Genius G-Pen F509
   Manhattan 177405
172f:0038 untested
Waltop PID 0052
   Yiynova MSP19
172f:0052 untested
Waltop Q Pad
   Aiptek HyperPen Mini
   NGS Flexi Style
   VisTablet PenPad
   iVistaTablet Q Flex Pad
   Bravod Q-PD65-S
   Trust Flex Design Tablet (#16937)
172f:0037 untested
Waltop Sirius Battery Free Tablet
   VisTablet Muse
   PENTAGRAM Designer P 2700
   Princeton PTB-S1BK
172f:0502 untested
Waltop Slim Tablet 12.1"
   Genius G-Pen F610
   Trust Slimline Widescreen Tablet (#16529)
   VisTablet Original 12"
   Adesso CyberTablet Z12
   Adesso CT-Z12A
   PenPower Tooya Pro
   Aiptek Slim 12.1 Inch
   Aiptek SlimTablet 600u Premium II
   NGS Slim Proguess
   iVistaTablet Slim 12.1
   PENTAGRAM ThinType P 2006
172f:0034 untested
Waltop Slim Tablet 5.8"
   Genius G-Pen F350
   Trust item #16485
   VisTablet Mini
   iVistaTablet Slim 5.8
172f:0032 untested
Waltop Venus S Tablet
   Trust eBrush Widescreen Tablet (#17939)
172f:0503 untested
Aiptek GmBH MediaTablet Ultimate II - 16:10 Professional Graphic Tablet Model 1400U untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Hanvon Beijing HanWang HW Micro Drawing Tablet ET0504U 0x0b57 0x8030 01111 does not work - recognised as an HID mouse - no tablet extensions detected
KYE EasyPen 340, Genius EasyPen 340 0458:5014 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Aiptek Hyper Pen 6000u PC Tablet APT detected but does not work - win98 era cordless 6in by 4.5in -
nisis T-8000U APT-2 Aiptek rebadge 0x08CA 0x0021 A5 detected but no responses
Acecad Flair II GT-504 Init Fkt Fkt 0x5ab450c0

AIPTEK HyperPen 10000 U Aiptek HyperPen 10000U, AIPTEK Slim Tablet U600 Premium II

0x0460 0x0004 untested
Ace Cad Enterprise Co., Ltd Tablet - 5x3.75 drawing area 0x0460 0x0004 untested
Bosto's untested UCLogic Digitizer
Adesso CyberTablet Z7, Adesso CyberTablet 12000, Adesso CT-12000A untested
UC-Logic / Lapazz WP8060, UC-Logic / Lapazz PF1209, UC-Logic / Lapazz Artistic Tablet 5540, Manhattan 8"x6", Manhattan 3"x4", Manhattan untested but suspect not working
DigiPro 5.5×4” Graphics Tablet

Digital Ink Pad (A4 format) DigiPro WP8060, DigiPro WP5540,

Genius G-pen

G-Pen 4500 Genius Wizardpen Genius Mousepen Genius Easypen i405 M610 Genius PenSketch 9x12, Genius MousePen i608, Genius MousePen 8x6, Genius MousePen / WizardPen 5x4,

Genius G-Pen F610

Genius G-Pen M610 Genius G-Pen 340 (UC-LOGIC Tablet WP4030U) Genius G-Pen 450 (UC-LOGIC Tablet WP5540U)


UC-LOGIC iBall Tablet PF8060 iBall Iball Pen Tablet 8060U, Iball Pen Tablet 5540U, Iball Pen Tablet 4030U, Iball Design Tablet PF1209, NGS CADBOY (UC-LOGIC Tablet WP5540U) Pentagram QWare

Trust TB-3100

Trust TB-5300 Trust 15356 Trust TB-6300 Trust 15357 WP8060U Slimline but bulky with metal backing A5 size Trust 16486, Trust 16447, Sketch Design Tablet,

clashes with usb and crashes AROS
UC-Logic Tablet WP1062
   Aiptek HyperPen 10000U
   Monoprice 10X6.25 Inches Graphic Drawing Tablet
   Pickle 10x6.25 Inch Graphic Drawing tabletguess
5543:0064 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
[ VTech KidiPhoto Art Studio] works

Tablet has a squared lines of wires which induce a current into the pen which is then detected by the metal grid in the tablet pad. Tablets report pressure (and tilt on expensive models) and are absolute pointing devices (put the pen at the top left and the mouse pointer will go to the top left of the screen). Graphic drawing area, what keys, report rate, resolution lpi lpmm, accuracy, pressure levels (may come from the app), origin position,

Wacom tablets use electromagnetic resonance technology. Since the tablet provides power to the pen through resonant inductive coupling, no power is required for the pointing device. As a result, no batteries are inside the pen (or the accompanying puck), making them lighter and slimmer.

Under the tablet's surface (or LCD in the case of the Cintiq) is a printed circuit board with a grid of multiple send/receive coils and a magnetic reflector attached behind the grid. In send mode, the tablet generates a close-coupled electromagnetic field (also known as a B-field) at a frequency of 531 kHz. This close-coupled field stimulates oscillation in the pen's coil/capacitor (LC) circuit when brought into range of the B-field. Any excess resonant electromagnetic energy is reflected back to the tablet. In receive mode, the energy of the resonant circuit’s oscillations in the pen is detected by the tablet's grid. This information is analyzed by the computer to determine the pen's position, by interpolation and Fourier analysis of the signal intensity.

In addition, the pen communicates information such as pen tip pressure, side-switch status, tip vs. eraser orientation and ID number (to differentiate between different pens, mice, etc.). For example, applying more or less pressure to the tip of the pen changes the value of the pen's timing circuit capacitor. This signal change can be communicated in an analog or digital method. An analog implementation modulates the phase angle of the resonant frequency, while a digital method is communicated to a modulator that distributes the information digitally. The tablet forwards this and other relevant tool information in packets, up to 200 times per second, to the computer.

If you disable (delete all of them except for one that needs to be set to "no action", so that it will not be regenerated as default) the Extra Startup actions, the tablet should remain in relative mouse mode—you will not get pressure information in that mode though. [2]}}

Handheld Barcode Scanner Readers edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Farsun 9100 barcode scanner 0-12" untested
Motorola Symbol LS2203 CMOS untested
Tysso untested Simple Code 11, Code 39, Code 93, Code 128, Coda Bar, UPC-A, UPC-E, EAN-8, EAN-13, MSI/Plessey, Telepen, Interleaved 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Matrix 2 of 5
Unitech MS320 untested
Wasp WCS3905 CCD 1" untested Code 93, Matrix 2 of 5, Industrial 2 of 5, Code 39, UCC/EAN-128, ISBN, Code 32, EAN/JAN-8 , EAN/JAN-13 , UPC-A, UPC-E, Codabar, Code 128, Code 11, Interleaved 2 of 5, MSI-Plessey, China Post, IATA 2 of 5, ISSN, UK-Plessey
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Datalogic Touch 90 untested
Intermec untested
Honeywell Metrologic MK9540-32A38 untested
Motorola LS2208 Laser untested
Wasp WWS800 Laser 1D untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Datalogic GD4130-BK-C066 untested
Honeywell 1202G-1USB-5 untested
Motorola / Symbol DS6707-DC20007ZZR untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
DataMan 8000 2D untested
Honeywell Voyager 9520/40 untested
Metrologic MS1690 USB 2D Barcode Scanner untested QR Code GS1 Databar PDF417
Syscan GM800 untested

Types of Barcode

UPC-A       Grocery most common 
Code 128    
EAN-13      Library Books ISBN & ISSN, 
Code 39     
Codabar     blood bank,

2D barcodes such as 
Data Matrix 
QR Code     old Nokia handsets, 

TouchScreens edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
eGalax Touch 4a 0eef 0001 0001 works

GPS tracking, running, cycling, biking, walking, hiking, ORIENTEERING, boaters and mapping edit

Support for OpenStreetMap but not for Ordnance Survey, Map Pilot or National Geographic's Topo maps data gdb,

Data output supported nmea 0183 V1.5 APA, V1.5 XTE and V2.1 GSA formats, gpx, kml/kmz, tracks from tcx files, geo: URIs, NMEA0183(which is RS232, voltages range from -15 volts to 15 volts, 4800 baud), or need NMEA sentences connected to your computer

other method that some units support is a special serial cable that actually emits raw RS232 NMEA. These usually take 10->30 volts input, can run the unit, and have full voltage I/O for RS232 (not like spanner mode, which effectively turns the unit into a USB->Serial adapter inside the case).

Equivalent apps - merkator, mapsource,

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Garmin gpsmap 180 GPS/chart plotter untested
1992 GARMIN GPS 55 AVD Portable System untested
Garmin GPS V untested - waas pinpoint within 3 metres - nmea - 4AA battery
Garmin GPS 12 12XL untested
Garmin Legend C untested
Garmin eMap possibly through usbmodem rs232 connection nmea 0183 protocol
Garmin eTrex untested rs232 these older units supported it and would provide the stream in either the standard NMEA 0183 format or a proprietary Garmin format.
Garmin GPS 75 AVD untested
Magellan GPS Map 7000 model 45006 (1994) untested
Magellan GPS Tracker untested
Magellan Pioneer Satellite Navigator untested
Magellan GPS 300 315 320 Mentor Receiver (2003) untested
Not for dedicated sat nav units like the Nuvi, TomTom, etc untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
NaviLock NL-402U untested u-blox 5 SuperSense® chipset with receivers for GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou and QZSS
GM1-86UB untested - U-BLOX UB-6010 GGA,GSA,GSV, RMC and support VTG, GLL, TXT ublox binary and NMEA Command Dynamic Condition
NAVILOCK GPS NL-602U USB works via usbmodem.device - ublox ag 6 chipset - 50 channel
TOPGNSS ton Receiver & Antenna GM702 u-blox 7 UBLOX7020 chip design bloc u-blox
VK-162 G-MOUSE u blox 7 0x1546 0x01a7 0100 UBX G70xx with RMC VTG GSV TXT GLL GGA GSA
VK-172 u-blox 7 G7020-KT gps gnss white pen stick receiver - over 1 inch long 0x1546 0x01a7 0100 detected as cdc controlled plug in device - 18x18x2mm patch antenna but can be slow to update - nmea 0183 and ublox binary protocol
GlobalSat BU-353 WaterProof USB GPS Receiver untested SiRF Star III
Haicom HI-206 USB GPS receiver with RS-232 interfaces, RJ11 and PS/II connector EB usb-serial prolific pl2303 detected but GSP3F SiRF Star IV technology not detected or bound
BT760Y, untested Skytraq Venus 5 GPS chipset
GM-65 USB GPS Receiver untested Skytraq Venus 6 GPS chipset - 65 channel
untested Skytraq Venus 7 GPS chipset
GM-65 USB GPS Receiver untested Skytraq Venus 8 GPS chipset - 167 channels
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Garmin Colorado 300 untested USB
Garmin Geko 101 201 untested limited waas enabled only - waypoints - aaa battery
Garmin Edge 200 bike mount untested
Garmin ForeRunner 10 15 watch untested
Garmin Montana 600 untested
Garmin Dakota 10 20 untested
Garmin Map76s untested
Garmin Oregon 450T untested USB nmea 0183
Garmin eTrex 10 untested - no nmea0183 sentences data stream output - configuration an option to set it to "Garmin" mode, or "Mass Storage" mode. Since the mass storage mode seems to be required for waypoint/track/etc data exchange, the 'Garmin' mode would be for this data stream. Yet putting it in that mode doesnt seem to produce anything.
Garmin Oregon 650T untested
Garmin GPSMAP 64S untested
GPSMap 78S or GPSMap 76CSX which has a NMEA port for talking to Nav equipment untested
Garmin eTrex Vista Cx GPS Receiver untested - 2AA battery
Garmin GPSmap 276c untested
Magellan 2000 XL untested
Magellan untested
Magellan 3000 untested
Magellan Triton 300 untested SiRFstarIII™, Antenna Type Multidirectional Patch with WAAS, EGNOS, MSAS support
Magellan Triton 400 untested

massstorage.class (MSC/UMS - most cameras and mp3 players) edit

USB Card Readers edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Installing Booting Opinion
A-Tec Model CR-362 untested
Belkin 15 in 1 Card Reader works
Conrad CP440 60 in 1 works on a1k forum
Genesys Gtech Logic 19 in 1 0x05E3 0x0710 High 0200 works
Hama 19 in 1 Card Reader works
Hama 35 in 1 Card Reader works
Integral Single Slot SD untested
Kingston USB 3.0 untested
Lexar microsd adapter untested but wider than Sandisk version - could block other slot if below
Pretec CardDriver no driver
Sandisk MicroMate works
Sandisk MobileMate SD untested
Sandisk MobileMate Micro untested has satisfying 'click' when microsd inserted
Sandisk MobileMate Duo MicroSD untested no 'click' insertion uses pressure so future wear and tear issues
Serena metal cased microsd only Maybe hit or miss on quality
Serena "Sandisk MobileMate" look-alike Maybe hit or miss on quality
SilverCrest 16in1 works
Transcend untested
Transcend P5 8 in 1 TSRDP5K untested
Transcend P8 15 in 1 TSRDP8K untested
Zyxel integralmemory 8 in 1 0x0aec 0x3260 not detected

USB Hard Drives edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Datel MaxDrive untested
Inateck 2.5 Inch USB 3.0 Hard Drive Disk Enclosure/ Case (FE2001) untested Full USB 3.0 port but plastic teeth keeping drive in place can snap
Inateck case (FE2002) untested full USB 3.0 port - updated design
Inateck case (FE3001) untested wider USB 3.0 port and no on/off switch Jmicron JMS578 chipset
Iomega Desktop Hard Drive 500GB, 3,5“, USB2.0 untested
Samsung untested
Samsung untested
Samsung T3 SSD untested USB 3.1 Gen 1 space grey / black metal/ plastic
Samsung T5 SSD untested USB 3.1 Gen 2 256GB 512GB alluring blue 1Tb 2Tb black unibody metal
Samsung untested
Seagate untested
Seagate untested
Toshiba Canvio 1TB partition fat32 or sfs to 100GB max - ntfs partitions not detected out of the box - select usb drive in trident prefs and press disable to shutdown
Verbatim 160GB Smartdisk works
Western Digital USB untested
WD Essential untested
WD Passport untested

USB DVD CD ROM Drives edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion


  • RTL9210B
  • JMS583 rev1 with firmware A2 or A3
  • RTL9210A
  • JMS583 firmware 2.0.9
  • Asmedia ASM2362
  • RTL9201A

The reference Hardware ID for the JMS583 chipset from JMicron is: VID_152D&PID_0583&REV_0209 where "VID_152D" identifies a JMicron product; "PID_0583" is the generation chipset; "REV_0209" is the firmware version installed.

In the same way, the reference Hardware ID for the RTL9210 from Realtek is: VID_0BDA&PID_9210&REV_3100 "VID_0BDA" is for a Realtek product, "PID_9210" is referred to the chipset and "REV_3100" to the firmware.

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
ASM1153E / ASM1153 with firmware 140509_A1_82_40 or 141126_A1_EE_82. Both supports UASP and TRIM on USB 3.1 Gen.1 adapter 0x174c 0x55aa works with sabrent ec-uasp
ASM235CM Ugreen aluminum bridging the USB3.2 Gen2x1 to Serial ATA host interface 0x174c untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
TI 9261 untested
ASM225 0x174c untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
JMicron JMS578 issues USB 3.1 Gen.1 adapter 152d 0578 untested
JMicron JMS576 issues USB 3 to usb-c adapter 152d 0576 orico
JMS562 JMicron Technology Corp 152d 0562 untested
JMS561U 0x152d 0x1561 works with sabrent ec-uasp
VL716Q4 Orico black meshed aluminum usb c untested
Asmedia ASM1053E 0x1B21 0x55aa untested
ASmedia ASM1051E 0x174c 0x55aa untested
Asmedia ASM1053 0x174C 0x1536 untested
Asmedia ASM104x 0x1B21 0x1042 untested
Unknown Chinese version 0x0bc2 0x2312 sometimes works
JMicron N5321 gr 0x152d 0xa583 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Initio Corp INIC-1618L mini slimline sata 6 + 7 pins to usb2 adapter 0x13FD 0x0840 0114 sometimes works mini sata to usb2 detects 201x laptop DVD as MassStorage(CD/DVD) but may need powered USB hub
Unknown mini sata to usb3 adaptor 0x01F75 0x0621 0036 sometimes works mini sata to usb3 detects 201x notebook DVD drive as MassStorage(SCSI) but 5V 1.5Amp needs powered hub to burn

External Floppy edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Amiga Floppy Project no driver
Catweasel Mk4 0xE159 0x0001 0x00 Yes
HxC Floppy Emulator no driver
KyroFlux no driver
Samsung SFD-321U/EP USB Floppy no driver
SuperCard Pro untested
Greaseweazle STM hardware, Greaseweasel support, software, buy,
FL-2501 USB Portable Diskette Drive 2009 usb - Drawbridge software ribbon cable compat with p/n 19308801-19 and s/n U356244 - model ASM P/N 27l4226 and FRU P/N 05k9283 -
Dell Floppy Drive Module USB External 3.5" - Teac FD-05PUB 1.44mb 2004 usb 1.1
USB FLOPPY DISK DRIVE (USB External Floppy Disk) untested

ptp.class (PTP and MTP - other cameras and mp3 players) edit

Cameras edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Canon SX100 SX110 SX200 SX210 untested
Canon 100D 10D 1D untested 18MP down to 10MP
Canon EOS 400D (XTi) digital SLR untested
Canon PowerShot A430 A560 untested
Canon PowerShot S90 S95 untested 720p video - 10Mpixel
Canon Powershot SD960 IS Digtal ELPH untested Still Image: Exif 2.2 (JPEG), Movie: MOV (Image: H.264; Audio: Linear PCM) Lithium-ion Battery Pack NB-4L
Canon PowerShot N untested 12.1 MP CMOS, DIGIC 5 Wifi Lithium Battery Pack NB-9L
Canon ELPH 300 HS (IXUS 220 HS) 230 100 untested blogging camera 2012
Canon Powershot S100 S110 S120 G7 X G7X-II untested 1080p video 12.1MP and above versions -
Canon 450D aka Rebel Xsi untested
Canon EOS 550D 600D aka Rebel T2i T3i DSLR untested 1080 18MP Lithium LP-E8
Canon EOS 650D 700D aka Rebel T4i T5i T6i SLR untested 1080p 18Mpixels Lithium LP-E8 articulating flip out twistable screen
Canon Powershot G7x G5X untested - G7X flip up and G5X flip out - same batteries - no external microphone input -
Canon EOS M3 M5 untested flip out - same batteries -
Canon EOS 60D 70D 80D untested
Canon 6D 7D 8D untested
Canon 5D Mark II III IV DSLR untested
Canon untested
Canon untested
Canon untested
Fuji FinePix A850 untested
FujiFilm Finepix F100fd untested
Fuji FinePix F810 untested
Fuji xf1 untested pocketable exr cmos 12mp
Fuji xt1 x-t1 x10 x-t10 untested 1080p
Fujifilm x100 x100s x100t untested
Fuji xPro1 xPro2 untested
Fuji xt2 / x-t2 x-t20 untested 4K video
Fuji untested
Fuji untested
Fuji untested
GoPro HERO 3 HERO4 HERO 5 untested
Nikon D40/D40x, D100, D70, D80, D90, D300, D700, D2Xs/D2Hs, D3 D4 untested Compact flash storage - non interchangeable lenses up to 12.3MP sensor
Nikon L26 L27 L28 L29 L31 Coolpix compact cameras untested 720p video - 2 AA - pocket sized
Nikon L810 L820 L830 untested 720p video
Nikon D5000 untested 720p video unlike D3000
Nikon D6000 untested
Nikon D D3100 D3200 untested 1080p video 14.2 to 24MPixel
Nikon D7000 D7100 D7200 untested 1080p video
Nikon D800 D810 D600 D610 untested 1080p video sd card storage
Nikon D5200 D5300 D5500 D5600 untested 2013 24.1MP 1080p
Nikon D7300 untested 4K UHD video
Nikon D900 D850 D820 untested 4k 46MP
Nikon untested
Nikon untested
Olympus C-370 untested - camera worked fine before
Olympus Camedia C-725 Ultrazoom untested
Olympus untested
Olympus untested
Pentax K10D untested
Pentax K20D untested
Pentax K30 K-5 II untested
Pentax K-3 untested
Pentax K untested
Panasonic Lumix LZ10 LZ20 DMC-LZ30 untested 720p video
Panasonic TZ1 TZ5 TZ9 untested
Panasonic Lumix GH1 GH2 like the DMC-GH2HEB-K - GH3 DMC-GH3HEB-K untested Four Thirds (GH2) MFT Micro Four Thirds (GH3) limited to 29mins recording
Panasonic AF series AF100 AF101 AF102 untested
Panasonic Lumix DMC-G2 DMC-G3 G5 untested
Panasonic TZ60 untested
Panasonic DMC LX7 10 LX15 untested
Panasonic GF7 GX8 untested
Panasonic G80 G85 untested micro 4/3
Panasonic GH4 untested micro 4/3 - shooting in MOV or MP4 formats recording limited to sd card size but split files because the FAT32 file system only supports files up 4GB in size, which amounts to around 5 minutes of 4K (100mbps) footage - GH4 appears to create 4GB files as a rule, regardless of whether the memory card’s file system supports larger files or not -
Panasonic GH5 gx80 gx85 untested Effective: 20.3 Megapixel 5184 x 3888 - 2 sd card slots compatible with high-speed, high capacity UHS-II - sd card v rating like the v90 should record at 60MB/s to be compatible with the GH5 in the All-I format - possible file corruption with .mdt files - new firmware 2.0 update, the Panasonic GH5 becomes the first 5K -
Panasonic FZ2000 FZ2500 untested
Panasonic untested
Panasonic untested
Samsung ES Series Es9 ES70 Es71 (2012) untested 480p video
Samsung untested
Samsung WB100 WB1100 WB150 WB2200 untested 16MP
Samsung NX11 untested
Samsung NX200, NX20, NX1000 and NX210 untested 20.3Mp APS-C sized CMOS image sensor
Samsung untested
Samsung untested
Sanyo Xacti CG65 untested
Sanyo untested
Sanyo untested
Sony Cyber-shot DSC camera models W110 W220 H300 H400 untested
Sony A71 A71S a71r untested
Sony A77 A99 untested
Sony Cybershot HX20V HX30V HX50V HX60V untested 2011 18 to 20.2MP 1080p - steady shot unit / optical block can cause buzzing noise and/or jumping image in lcd / viewfinder - dots are dirt and this voids the warranty -
Sony rx100 mk III untested - often after boot-up, the motor starts running for no reason for first versions' -
Sony WX100 WX150 wx220 untested
Sony α5000 a5000 untested
Sony Sony α99 II Sony α58 Sony Sony α68 α77 II untested
Sony NEX-3N Sony NEX-5N Sony NEX-6 Sony NEX-7 untested
Sony A7S a7r ii untested mirror less - more compact
Sony α6500 a6500 untested
Sony rx100 mk IV V untested
Sony RX0 RX zero untested
Sony A7S a7 riii r3 untested mirror less - more compact
Lens Mounts

Canon EF EF-S
Nikon F 
Olympus OM 
Pentax DA, FA, F, A, M, and K series
Fujifilm X mount 

Full Frame 
43 Four Thirds 
M43 MFT Micro four thirds 

printer.class - PostScript 3 and internal ghostscript drivers edit

As the only printer driver that AROS supports natively is Postscript, our focus is on applications that generally output postscript formatted data for printing purposes and since the general Joe Public finds postscript capable printer very expensive, postscript interpreters (eg ghostscript) have been developed aas a cheaper option which sit in between postscript data streams and non postscript (HP PCL?) printers.

Set up Printer Prefs for Postscript and set the print to file option.

Ghostscript has internal printer drivers

gs -h

and with something like

gs -sDEVICE=stcolor -r300 -sOutputFile=RAM:tempfile gs813:examples/
copytopar ram:tempfile

It checks if in RAM: exists a outputfile (Cinnamon can export to PS postscript) then it sends this via copytopar to the printer. There was only support for parport (parallel) but Terminillis added support for USB and ethernet. A big issue with using ghostscript for drivers is that data has to originate as postscript (.PS) file.

gs -dSAFER -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -sDEVICE=ljet4 -sOutputFile=RAM:tempfile RAM:file.pdf

the ljet4 output device generates PCL

also the pxlmono driver, which generates more generic PXL (PCL 6)

gs -q -sstdout=%stderr -sDEVICE=pswrite -sOutputFile=- -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -dPARANOIDSAFER > test.pdf
gs -q -sstdout=%stderr -sDEVICE=pxlmono -sOutputFile=- -dBATCH -dNOPAUSE -dPARANOIDSAFER test.pdf > test.pxl

Printers supported by ghostscript...Explanation here or here and here

bit            cljet5          ljet4d          pjxl300         pxlcolor
bitcmyk        cljet5c         ljetplus        pkm             pxlmono
bitrgb         deskjet         nullpage        pkmraw          stp
bj10e          djet500         pbm             pksm            tiff12nc
bj200          epswrite        pbmraw          pksmraw         tiff24nc
bjc600         faxg3           pcx16           png16           tiffcrle
bjc800         faxg32d         pcx24b          png16m          tiffg3
bmp16          faxg4           pcx256          png256          tiffg32d
bmp16m         ijs             pcxcmyk         pnggray         tiffg4
bmp256         jpeg            pcxgray         pngmono         tifflzw
bmp32b         jpeggray        pcxmono         pnm             tiffpack
bmpgray        laserjet        pdfwrite        pnmraw          uniprint
bmpmono        lj5gray         pgm             ppm             x11
bmpsep1        lj5mono         pgmraw          ppmraw          x11alpha
bmpsep8        ljet2p          pgnm            psgray          x11cmyk
cdeskjet       ljet3           pgnmraw         psmono          x11gray2
cdj550         ljet3d          pj              psrgb           x11gray4
cdjcolor       ljet4           pjxl            pswrite         x11mono

Internal Ghostscript support edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Postscript Support GutenPrint Support Hardware Issues Running Costs Opinion
Canon BJ10e untested with Ghostscript drivers
Canon BJ200 untested with Ghostscript drivers
Epson Stylus Color 600 parport inkjet works - internal ghostscript support
HP Deskjet 500 Parallel Port untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Postscript Support GutenPrint Support Hardware Issues Running Costs Opinion
HP1220C/PS USB Inkjet works - PS3 emulation only
HP 1700PS USB Inkjet works - PS3 emulation only
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Postscript Support GutenPrint Support Hardware Issues Running Costs Opinion
LJ-III untested HP PostScript Cartridge Plus (C2089A) a.. Press <ON LINE> (and take machine off line)

b.. Press <Plus & Minus>, and while holding, press <ALT> and <RESET> together and watch the LCD and let go when the desired mode is displayed.

HP Laserjet 4 4M 4MP (1992) untested PS2 emulation HP 4 with optional ps cartridge - HP 4M and 4M+ built in
HP Laserjet 4L Parport PCL5 HP 4L only - no postscript
HP Laserjet 5M (1995) PS2 emulation untested you can try the ljet4 for the various lj5 drivers which produce various flavours of PCL. The 4, 4+ and 5 only really had one issue that plagued them, and it's hardly an issue at all. You would get accordian jams at the exit. A lot of people worked through this by pulling the sheet out before it got caught. Easily fixed by opening back door and scrubbing grime off of rubber rollers.
HP Laserjet 5L Parport (1997) (C3906A bk) N/A PCL5 support only.
HP Laserjet 5P 6P (1995) (C3906A bk) untested HP 5p, 6p - Less tiny, slightly less slow. They are pretty bullet proof for low volume best to get postscript module though
HP Laserjet 2100 2100N 2100TN (1999) untested PS2 emulation
HP Laserjet 4000 Series Parport (1998) PS3 emulation only (4200 and 4600 have issues)
HP Laserjet 4050 Parport (1999) PS3 emulation only works
HP Laserjet 5000 Parallel Port PS3 emulation only
HP LaserJet 6M, 1200, 1300, 2100, 2200, P2050 (and P2055) P3005, M3025, M3027, 3050, 3300, 4000, 4050, 4100, 4200, 4300, M4345, P3005, P3015, P4010, P4410, M5025, M5035, 5100, 5200, 8000, 8100, or 9000 series PS3 emulation optional only Template:Untested
HP Color LaserJet 2550, 3700, 4650, 8500 and 8550 untested
Lexmark Optra C, T, and W series untested
Xerox Phaser 850, 860 untested

USB Monochrome edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Postscript Support GutenPrint Support Hardware Issues Running Costs Opinion
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Postscript Support GutenPrint Support Hardware Issues Running Costs Opinion
Brother HL-1270N BRScript untested
Brother HL-3070CW Printer USB BR-Script3 (PS3) untested
Brother HL5240 HL5240L BRScript (PostScript Level 2) untested
Brother HL-7050N BR3 untested
Brother MFC-7860DW Monochrome B/W BW BR-Script BRScript (PostScript Level 3) untested
Brother HL4570CDWT untested
Epson EPL-6200 Laser Printer USB cheap to buy but untested - running cost unknown
Kyocera FS-1370DN untested
HP LaserJet CP1515n USB cheap to buy but untested - running cost unknown
Lexmark Optra E312 built in? untested

USB Color edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Postscript Support GutenPrint Support Hardware Issues Running Costs Opinion
Brother hl-3075cw BR-Script 3 untested
Brother MFC-9120CN BRS3 untested
HP Color LaserJet 2500L (2003) USB slow printing
HP Color LaserJet 2550L 2550Ln (2004) USB slow printing
HP Color LaserJet CP1218, 2605, 3700, 4500, 4600, or 4650 series slow printing
Konica Minolta Magicolour 4650EN untested
Kyocera FS-1010 FS-1010N untested
Kyocera FS-C5200DN untested
Kyocera Mita FS-1030D untested
Kyocera FS-C5150DN untested
Lexmark C540n untested
Lexmark C780n works PS3 emulation only
OKI C3600 Color Laser untested
Samsung CLP-315 untested untested
Xerox 618x Color Laser untested

See here for compatibility with TP7 (TurboPrint 7) Last update 2004. Not tested under emulation. Janus-UAE, Emumiga,

OS3.x support via NetPrinter and OS4 drivers and experiences.


untested with USB->Centronics - The printer.class is rather 'clever'. It remembers to which unit the printers were connected (until you reboot). So if you first plug in Printer1, it gets unit 0, and Printer2 gets unit 1. If you now remove both printers and replug Printer2, it still will get unit 1 and not 0. This is used not to confuse the programs using the different units (moreover, if some program uses the usbparallel.device unit of an USB printer, and the printer is unplugged, the device unit cannot be freed immediately as the application still keeps it open). Sticking to the same units is generally a good idea I think (and therefore this mechanism is also used with all other classes creating exec.devices).

You may not send a short packet (packet less than maxpktsize == 64) nor zero byte packets until the very last byte of your printout. Otherwise the printer will silently ignore the data you sent. Some printer drivers print very short sequences that never fill the endpoint buffer, so printer ignore them. Bufferize all printer driver writes in the ieee1284.device and send them by epsize packets. So my hppsc2210 works fine with a classic HP560C driver, on a classic A2000 subwayized :)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Beige cream D shape centronics end (Prolific chipset?) untested
Belkin F5U002v1 centronics end (chipset?) untested
Belkin F5U002VEA v2 centronics end (Prolific PL2305L chipset) untested
DYNAMODE USB-C-PP-1284 USB to 36pin (Prolific 2305 chipset) 0x067b 0x2305 0x02 untested but similar to BAFO below
IOGear GUC1284B untested
My-Link (raised ellipse on centronics plastic end) (unknown chipset) untested but more expensive
NEWLink (Prolific chipset?) untested
Targus PA096E centronics end (chipset?) untested
TRENDnet ware TU-P1284 untested
True PnP (Prolific chipset 2305) cheap 36pin Centronics (series of ridges along both short sides) 0x067b 0x2305 2.00 untested on BAFO BF-1284 but reports of poor quality and lack of support on other OSs
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Transparent See Through Blue untested but possible poor quality build
Dynamode USB-PARALLEL 25pin female (prolific) 0x067b 0x2305 0x02 untested
FDL USB to 25pin untested
PlusKom USB to 25pin female connector for printer (IEEE 1284) untested
QinHeng Electronics (CH340S chipset) 0x1a86 0x7584 untested curvy sides - flat top
StarTech untested
Syba SD-USB-DB25 untested

rawwrap.class - some old flatbed scanners supported edit

Betascan Bugtracker and Search for Betascan [3]

Epson2 with Betascan

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Expression 1600 1640XL 1680 10000XL 0x04b8 0x0107 untested
Prefection 1200U, 1200 Photo, 0x04b8 0x0104 recognised but untested
Perfection 1240U 0x04b8 0x010b untested In Trident, click on "Classes", then on "rawwrap.class", then on "Configure". There, under "Global", activate the Option "Bind to Vendor/Unknown Interfaces". Now go to the second tab "Default Interface" and select/enter these values:

Default usbraw.device Unit: 0 Exclusive access: Yes Out NAK Timeout: 20000ms In NAK Timeout: 20000ms In Buffer Mode: No buffering Buffer Size: 36 KB Short Reads Terminate: Yes Now click on "Use as Default" and select "Devices" on the left. There, click on your scanner and click on "Class Scan". Now close Trident by clicking on "Save".

Perfection 1640SU Photo 0x04b8 0x010a 0x0104 works, even the transparency unit
Perfection 1650 Photo, 1660 Photo, 3200 Photo 0x04b8 0x011c recognised but untested
Perfection 2400 Photo, 2450 Photo 0x04b8 0x011b untested
Perfection 4870 Photo, 4990 Photo, 0x04b8 0x0128 untested
Perfection V700 V750 Photo 0x04b8 0x012c untested
Stylus CX2800 2900 3200 3500 3600 3650 3700 3800 3900

Stylus CX4100 4200 3500 4600 4700 4800 4900 500 5100 5200 5300 5400 5900

0x04b8 0x0802 untested
Stylus Office BX300F USB 0x04b8 0x0848 works with good scan quality

gt68xx - SCANdal with Betascan

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Artec Ultima 2000 0x05d8 0x4002 untested - (ePlus2k.usb / Gt680xfw.usb)
Genius Colorpage Vivid3x 4x 1200x 0x0458 0x2011 to 0x201f untested - (ccd548.fw)
BearPaw 2448 CS TA Plus 0x055f 0x021a untested
Mustek BearPaw 1200 CS 0x055f 0x021e untested - (A1fw.usb)
Mustek ScanExpress 1200 UB plus (plus only!!) 0x05d8 0x4002 untested - (sbfw.usb)
Mustek ScanExpress 1248 UB 0x055f 0x021f untested - (SBSfw.usb)
Packard Bell Diamond 1200 Plus 0x055f 0x021c or 0x021b 0x0 works - firmware required but slow usb 1.1 speed with ok quality output (scanner fault not scandal)
Mustek BearPaw 2400CS TA (Goodmans GSC 12/24) 0x055f 0x0218 untested (Transparency adapter untested)
BearPaw 2400 CS TA Plus 0x055f 0x0219 untested (Transparency adapter)
Packard Bell Diamond 2400 Plus (BearPaw 2400 CU Plus) 0x055f 0x021d 1.00 works - firmware required but slow usb 1.1 speed with ok quality output (scanner fault not scandal)
Plustek OpticPro 1248U 0x07B3 0x0400/0x0401 untested - (ccd548.fw)
Plustek OpticSlim 2400 0x07b3 0x0422 untested - (cis3R5B1.fw)
Visioneer OneTouch 7300 0x04a7 0x0444 untested - (Cis3r5b1.fw)
Lexmark All-in-One X70 X73 untested

Lexmark - needs testing

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Lexmark X1110 untested
Lexmark X1140 untested
Lexmark X1150 untested
Lexmark X1170 untested
Lexmark X1180 untested
Lexmark X1185 0x043d 0x007c untested
Lexmark X12xx untested in USB1.1, not fully tested in USB2.0
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Dell A920 untested

HP - no driver

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
HP ScanJet 4100C 0x03f0 0x0101 no driver
HP ScanJet 5200C 0x03f0 0x0401 no driver
HP ScanJet 62X0C 0x03f0 0x0201 no driver
HP ScanJet 63X0C 0x03f0 0x0601 no driver
HP 0x03f0 0x0102, 0x0105, 0x0205, 0x0305, 0x0405 no driver
HP 0x03f0 0x0705, 0x0805, 0x0901, 0x0a01 no driver
HP 0x03f0 0x1205, 0x1305, 0x2005, 0x2205 no driver

Plustek LM983x - no driver

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Plustek OticPro U12 UT12 UT16 U24 UT24 0x07B3 0x0010 to 0x0017 no driver
KYE/Genius Colorpage HR6-V2 HR6A HR7 HR7LE HR6X 0x0458 0x2008 to 0x2016 no driver
Hewlett-Packard ScanJet 2100C and 2200C 0x03F0 0x0505 and 0x0605 no driver
Mustek BearPaw 1200 and 2400 0x0400 0x1000 and 0x1001 no driver
UMAX 3400/3450 and 5400 0x1606 0x0050, 0x0060 and 0x0160 no driver
Epson Perfection 1250 and 1260 0x04B8 0x010f and 0x011d no driver
CANON CanoScan N650/656U N1220U D660U N670/676U N1240U LIDE20 LIDE25 LIDE30 0x04A9 0x2206 to 0x2220 no driver

SnapScan - no driver

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Acer Benq 310U, 320U, 340U 0x4a5 0x0 no driver
Acer Benq 620U, 620UT, 640U, 640UT 0x4a5 0x20 no driver
Acer Benq 1240 3300 4300 0x4a5 0x020 no driver
Agfa SnapScan e10 e20 e25 e26 e40 e42 e50 e52 0x06bd 0x20 no driver
Epson Perfection 660 0x04b8 0x0114 no driver
Epson Perfection 1270 1670 0x04b8 0x0 no driver
Epson Perfection 2480 2580 0x04b8 0x0 no driver
Epson Perfection 3490 3590 0x04b8 0x0 no driver
Mitsubishi 0x0 0x0 no driver

hub.class (self-powered and external ac powered hubs) edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Dynamode USB-H41 4 ports
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Belkin 4 Port works
Conrad Yes
DLink DUB-H4 AC Adapter 0x05e3 0x0608 High 0200 WARNING Genesys Logic Hub Broken - Will cause failures with USB
SilverCrest 4-port slim USB 2.0 HUB - HUB2040 (40775) - Targa GmbH 0x05e3 0x0608 0901 works Genesys Logic, Inc., Manual
Skymaster 0x05e3 0x0605 060B works
No Name active 4-port 0x1a40 0x0101 0111 works
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Thinkpad USB 3.0 Dock DU9019D1 0x17e9 0x4302 0014 works a bit classed as dfu.class with two further USB 2.0 hubs - USB 3.0 ports detected and work (2.0 backwards compatibility) - DisplayLink DL-3900 with VIA VL811 chipset - usb ethernet not working - two dvi not working - 20V psu 2a (40w) with a 5.5 - 2.5mm tip (no bus power) - data through a-b printer/scanner usb lead -
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion

Internet edit

rndis.class USB Tethering edit

The rndis class provides support for Ethernet access over Remote NDIS. Most USB based devices should be supported including smartfones.

Before opening Network Prefs, activate USB Tethering on the Smartfon, on Network prefs, type in usbrndis.device and tick "Start Network during system boot" and saved the configuration, the Connection is immediate no reboot is needed.

When restart AROS my Smartphone deactivates the connection and to access the network again, have to reactivate it before starting the browser.

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Alcatel untested
Huawei U8800 0x12d1 0x1039 works
Huawei untested
HTC (Android phone) 0x0bb4 0x0ffe any android phone with usb tethering option
Nokia untested
Oppo untested
Samsung Galaxy untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Microsoft winPhone

USB → ethernet lan adaptor edit

  • 2002 playstation 2 usb1.1 lan era - best support
  • 2006 wii asix era - some support but very much miss than hit
  • 2009 little or no support

  • USB1.1 Up to 010 meg broadband (1.25MBytes/s) - ADM8511, DM9601 best supported
  • USB2.0 Up to 400 meg broadband (60MBytes/s) - MCS7830, AX88172 a little
  • USB3.0 Over 400 meg broadband (60+MBytes/s) - no support

ADMtek Infineon ADM8511 Pegasus II (USB 1.1 and 10Mbit/s - Sony PlayStation 2 network adapter)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
3Com 3c460b untested
Abocom UFE1000 / Abocom DSB650TX untested
Accton USB320-EC / Accton SpeedStream Ethernet 0x083a 0x0320 untested
AEI USB Fast Ethernet / Allied Telesyn AT-USB100 untested
ATEN UC-110T 0x0557 0x4000 untested
BAFO USB To Ethernet Adapter BF-310 untested
Belkin F5D5050 v1 1101 0x050D 2002 sometimes works from old post which is now removed
Belkin F5D5050 v2 2101 0x050D 0x0121 2006 does not works
Belkin F5U122-PC untested
Billionton USB-100 / Billionton USBLP-100 untested
Billionton USBEL-100 / Billionton USBE-100 untested
Compex LinkPort/UE202A untested
D-Link DSB-H3ETX untested
D-Link DSB-650 / D-Link DSB-650TX / D-Link DSB-650TX-PNA 0x2001 0x4000 untested
D-Link DU-E10 / D-Link DU-E100 0x2001 untested
Edimax USB Ethernet Adapter EU-4201 untested
Elsa AG MicroLink USB2 Lan Ethernet adapter 0x05cc 0x3000 1.01 untested
GetNet untested
GIGABYTE GN-BR402W Wireless Router untested
Goodway Fellowes USB UE-120 REV:V1 UE120 ADMTek 1011594 HO2419741 0x07a6 0x0986 0001 2001 USB Specification 1.1 compliant
GWC Tech USB Ethernet Adapter untested
Hawking UF100 untested
HP HN210E / I/O DATA USB ETTX / Kingston KNU101TX untested
Jinco USB Ethernet Adapter 10/100 Base-T UE-110 untested
Kouwell USB to Ethernet 588A untested
Linksys USB10T / TA / TX 0x066b 0x2202 untested - possible peg1/peg2
Linksys (Cisco) USB100TX / H1 untested but TiVo compatible
Logitec LAN-TX/U1 H2 untested
Mayflash PS2024 Playstation2 compatible clone of Proxim/Farallon NetLine? 0x07a6 0x8511 1.01 works with DHCP router option
Netgear FA101 untested
Philips CPWUE01/00 untested
Planet UE-9500 untested
PlayStation 2 SCPH-10000 50000 models untested
Proxim (formerly Farallon) NetLine USB PN796-650 untested
Siemens SpeedStream USB untested
SOHOware NUB100 untested
SMC EZNET-USB 2202USB/ETH / SMC 2206USB/ETH 0x0707 0x0100 0x0200 0x0201 untested but should work very well
Surecom EP-1427X 100/10M untested
Target USB to 10/100M Fast Ethernet Converter untested
Trendnet TU-ET100C 0x07a6 0x8511 0x0 untested but works well, very stable
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Digitus USB NIC DN-3016-A 0x07a6 0x8513 1.01 untested but new chipset - be aware
Digitus lanusb ADM8515 0x07a6 0x8515 1.01 untested but new chipset - be aware
VE285 usblan ADMtek 8515 0x07a6 0x8515 1.01 not working but new chipset - be aware

Davicom DM9601 eth (USB 1.1 and up to 10Mbit/s)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Davicom USB-100 see clone below 0x0a46 0x9601 untested
chinese translucent transparent crystal blue but variants are also found in clear, white and black. Just over 6 cm long. 0x0a46 0x9601 0x0 untested but success can be sporadic with these. They are technically okay, but lacking in reliability. Out of 4 tested by me, only 2 worked. One case cracked open.
Corega FEther USB-TXC 0x07aa 0x9601 untested
Dynamode USB-NIC-1427-100 untested
Hirose USB-100 0x0a47 0x9601 untested
KY-RS9600 Yes
ShanTou ST268 USB NIC 0x0a46 0x0268 untested
ZT6688 USB NIC 0x0a46 0x6688 untested
USB 2.0 10/100M Ethenet Adaptor JP1081B 0x0FE6 0x9700 0101 only USB 1.1 10M ethernet support but will plug into an usb 2.0 port

MosChip MCS7830 (USB 2)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Digitus DN-10050 0x9710 0x7830 0x0 untested
Edimax EU-4206 untested
Speed Dragon untested
STLabs untested
StarTech Compact USB2105S USB2106S 0x9710 0x7830 untested
Sunrich Technologies U-250 untested
Syba untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
MCS 7832

  • Asix Ethernet AX88178A, AX88772C, AX88772B, AX88772A (wii), AX88172A (USB2 and up to 60meg broadband)
  • AX88179A, AX88179 (Gen3.2 to giga)

AX88172A implements 10/100Mbps Ethernet LAN function based on IEEE802.3 and IEEE802.3u standards and integrates an on-chip 10/100Mbps Ethernet PHY. The USB 2.0 to MII controller, provides an optional External Media Interface (EMI) for an external PHY or an external MAC depending on different application purposes.

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
AirLink101 AGIGAUSB untested
ATEN UC210T 0x0557 0x2009 0x untested
Billionton Systems USB2AR 0x08dd 0x90ff
Buffalo LUA-U2-KTX 0x0411 0x003d
corega FEther USB2-TX 0x07aa 0x0017
D-Link DUB-E100 up to rev A4 0x2001 0x1a00 untested
goodway corp USB gwusb2e 0x1631 0x6200
Hawking UF200 0x07b8 0x420a untested
[Linksys USB200M] 0x077b 0x2226 Yes
Netgear FA120 0x0846 0x1040 untested 2002 10/100 Rev.B1" is silkscreened on the board of the device populating this entry (S/N: FA12254CB100409, date code 0508). This device may be manuf. by Cameo "AX88172 L", "F05040157", and "ED3" Chip1 ASIX AX88172 Chip2 Realtek RTL8201BL
Intellinet 0x0b95 0x1720 untested
JVC MP-PRX1 Port Replicator 0x04f1 0x3008
ST Lab USB Ethernet 0x0b95 0x1720
Sitecom LN-029 "USB 2.0 10/100 Ethernet adapter" 0x6189 0x182d 0
Surecom EP-1427X-2 0x1189 0x0893
TrendNet TU2-ET100 v2 0x07b8 0x420a version 2
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
A-LINK NA1GU no driver 88772
AirLink101 ASOHOUSB Wii untested
AirLive EtherWe-1000U untested
APPLE AX88772 Model No. A1277 MC704LL/A P/N 825-7098-A 0x05ac 0x1402 2008
ASIX 88772 0x0b95 0x7720 0x0 Maybe
Datel Wii Lan Adapter DUS0204
Dealextreme SKU.5926 SKU.13972
D-Link DUB-E100 rev B1 onwards 0x07d1 or 0x2001 0x3c05 Maybe
EdiMax EU-4207 untested
Goodway HE2230 Maplin ASIX 88772 untested
Intec LAN G5626 untested
LevelOne USB-0202 0x0b95 0x07720 0x untested
LevelOne USB-0301 0x0b95 0x07720 0x untested
Linksys USB200M Rev 2 0x13b1 0x0018 no driver
Mayflash W001 or clones Lupo/PEGA S-Wii-0680 light gray rectangular with third of one top 45 degree angled slope 0x0b95 0x7720 0x0 not working
Max Value MVF00446 ASIN B006EG568A 0x0b95 0x7720 0x0 Poseidon recognises as AX88772 sometimes works
NEWLink N14050 untested
NEWLink Wii-ETH USB2.0 untested
Nintendo Wii LAN Adaptor 2110566 and clones 0x0b95 0x07720 0x Poseidon recognises as AX88772 with usbasixeth.device sometimes works seems different phy chips can be matched affecting compatibility
Nyko Wii Net Connect 87024 Yes
0Q0 cable ethernet 0x1557 0x7720 driver
Sabrent KINAMAX untested
SpeedLink SL-3401-SGY untested
TrendNet TU2-ET100 v3 detected but not working
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Afunta Apple-style White USB2.0 I/O Crest SY-ADA24005 USB 2.0 Ethernet Adapter 0x0b95 0x772a 0x usbasixeth.device accepted by network prefs but does not work
APPLE AX88772A Model No. A1277 (MB442Z/A 0885909217434) MC704ZM/A PN 825-7579-A 0x05ac 0x1402 2010 model - auto negotiates but does not work with owb
Digitus DN-10050-1 0x0b95 0x772a 0x0 untested
Edimax EU-4230 0x0b95 0x772a no driver
Linksys USB300M no driver
Plugable USB2-E100 (2009/2010) Bulbous housing 0x0b95 0x7720 0x0 Poseidon recognises it as 88x772A ?? using usbasixeth.device sometimes works
Sabrent KINAMAX NT-USB20 AX88772A no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
AX88772B no driver
no driver
EdiMax EU-4208 0x0b95 0x772b 0x Detected but not working
StarTech USB2100 ASIX AX88772C no driver
no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
no driver
ArkView USB-G1000 AX88178 untested
Belkin F5D5055ea 0x050d 0x5055
Buffalo LUA-U2-GT 10/100/1000 0x0411 0x006e no driver
Digitus DN-3022 AX88178 untested
IO-DATA ETG-US2 0x04bb 0x0930
Linksys USB1000EU 0x1737 0x0039 driver
PLANEX 1000BASE-T Gigabit no driver
Plugable USB2-E1000 + 8211CL PHY 0x0b95 0x1780 PHY bit could be a problem
Sitecom LN 028 no driver
TrendNet TU2-ET100 v4 r4 v6 r6 0x07b8 no support
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Cable Matters SuperSpeed USB 3.0 RJ45 adapter
SYBA SY-ADA24029 Gigabit AX88179 may depend on the PHY chip connected to the controller chipset
Tecknet UL699G
TeckNet® UL688G USB 3.0 10/100/1000 Base-T Ethernet port AX88179 178A
TeckNet® Orico UL677G 10/100
TrendNet TU2-ET100 v6 0x07b8 no support
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion

USB → SerialPort Converter edit

  • 2002 some support for early revisions of PL2303
  • 2005 Prolific PL2303H PL-2303X and Pl-2303HX (same usb ids as pl2303) no support

serialpl2303.class make sure you specify serialpl2303.device

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
ATEN UC-232A 0x0557 0x2008 Full 0x0300 untested
IOGear GUC232A 0x0557 0x2008 Full 0x0110 untested
Alcatel 0x11f7 0x02df untested
BAFO BF-810 0x067B 0x2303 0x0 untested
Belkin F5U103 0x 0x 0x0 untested
Davibe SP611 0x067B 0x2303 0x0 untested
Dcu10 0x0731 0x0528 untested
Elcom 0x056e 0x5003 untested
IOData 0x04bb 0x0a03 0x0 untested
Itegno 0x0eba 0x1080 untested
Nokia CA42 untested
Radioshack 0x1453 0x4026 untested
Ratoc 0x0584 0xb000 untested
Samsung 0x04e8 0x8001 untested
Siemens DCA-510 0x067B 0x2303 0x0 untested
Sitecom CN104 0x6189 0x2068 untested
Sitecom CN116 0x6189 0x2068 untested
Some Cut Ma620 0x0df7 0x0620 untested
Speed Dragon Multimedia MS3303H untested
Syntech untested
Tripp 0x2478 0x2008 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Airlink101 AC-USBS no driver
Belkin F5U103v 0x067B 0x2303 0x0 no driver
Dynamode U232-P9 0x067B 0x2303 300 no driver linux patch and using lsusb -v -d 067b:2303 gave bMaxPacketSize as 64 - pl2303x
Konig CABLE-146/2 USB to RS232 0x067b 0x2303 400 no driver
MANHATTAN 205146 USB to Serial Converter no driver
Sabrent SBT-USC1M no driver
Trendnet TU-59 no driver
Unbranded black case and lead USB 232 Converter 0x067B 0x2303 0300


Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
no driver
no driver
Sabrent CB-FTDI No 1 Port FTDI USB to Serial RS232 DB9M Adapter Cable with COM Retention (small black box) ICUSB2321F no driver 2 Port FTDI USB to Serial RS232 Adapter Cable ICUSB2322F no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
no driver
no driver


I2C EEPROMS (3.3V and 5V) compatible and also SPI FLASH memories (3.3V devices) - each having their own 4x2 connection blocks

  • whilst uart bridged if not just normal serial converter
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Jiangsu QinHeng Ltd CH341A emulate UART communication, standard parallel port, memory parallel port and synchronous serial (I2C, SPI) 0x1A86 0x5512 no driver
QinHeng USB2.0-Serial HL-340 0x1A86 0x7523 0252 no driver
no driver
no driver

simplemidi.class and CAMD edit

Currently support includes

  • simplemidi.class for Tracker keymapping emulation which should work without modification
  • camdusbmidi.class follows the rules of the 68k implementation of Commodore's CAMD midi specification and usb class compliant


  • usb host like a computer
  • usb device controllers - keyboards, drum machines, djay turntables, grooveboxes, etc
  • interfaces - cables or boxes which convert usb to 5pin DIN plug midi

SimpleMidi maps some keyboard keys to corresponding computer keys as used by music trackers to emulate a musical keyboard.

What is needed is a fully class-compliant USB MIDI keyboard (controller), most brandname ones and especially manufactured in the last 10 years are best

  • Arturia
  • Native Instruments, Novation
  • M-Audio
  • Akai

Plugging this in one of your USB ports, the camd.library will make the keyboard's MIDI IN/OUT ports available in the system.

Then select the keyboard's MIDI IN port (known as a "cluster" in CAMD) for input, and the software instrument's cluster as output

ShowCluster (shows midi ports available in and out)

MidiWatch (usually port less often usbmidi.out.0) (Ctrl-C to end output stream) Message on channel 01, NoteOn  90  39  08  00 Message on channel 01, NoteOff 80  39  00  00

MidiThru (forwards messages from one port to another)

run >nil: c:midithru usbmidi.out.0 usbmidi.out.2 

MidiSendC (sends a middle C to a specific port)

Midi Controller + Sound Module (together aka as a synth) -> Audio Output

USB enabled controllers do not require hardware interfaces to be used by AROS and its' apps.

  • 25, 32, 37 keys for loops and beats
  • 49 keys suit prosumer
  • 61, 88 ideal for pianist / organist

But if you want to connect external 5pin only MIDI devices to USB port(s), you'll need a hardware MIDI interface.... but

Sadly the same can not be said for 5 pin DIN midi USB2.0 interfaces. There was no audio 'class' for USB2 for quite some time, and as a result most of those interfaces need their own drivers. Some interfaces are USB2, but support USB1.1 Class Compliant operation at a lower feature set (16/48 for example).

The difference between midi and midi over USB is that in old school Midi the transmitter transmits whenever it wants and the receiver always has to be prepared to receive data. Easy to do at the rate of a 1990's modem speed these days.

USB over midi.. turns midi into a polled protocol.. So the USB host (typically the computer) has to ask "do you have anything for me" before the remote will send. If the USB host gets busy doing other things or there is a lot of things on the USB bus to get polled, you can get delays.

For its age midi is still a great protocol for music

On AROS Hosted/Linux the hostmidi driver (uses "/dev/midi")) did work at least somewhat with Bars & Pipes Professional. BnP also some trouble with song loading/saving and endianness, because of this external tools which can add additional "data" but the app has no idea of the layout of that data and therefore cannot safely do necessary endianness conversions.

Nearly all synthesizers now use the 16 MIDI channels available on a MIDI bus in one instrument alone, requiring multiple MIDI busses in a typical setup with more than one MIDI instrument. In addition, by handling multiple "virtual" cables, USB offers a solution to go beyond MIDI's 16-channel limit.

MIDI data is transferred over USB using 32-bit USB-MIDI Event Packets. These packets provide an efficient method to transfer multiple MIDI streams with fixed length messages. The 32-bit USB-MIDI Event Packet allows multiple "virtual MIDI cables" routed over the same USB endpoint. This approach minimizes the number of required endpoints. It also makes parsing MIDI events easier by packetizing the separate bytes of a MIDI event into one parsed USB-MIDI event.

Blue Ribbon Soundworks Bars & Pipes Professional (1993/4)

GM (1984), GS (1987), XG level 1-3 (1994-1997), GM level 2 (1999)

GM GM1 imposes several requirements beyond the MIDI 1.0 specification. While MIDI 1.0 by itself provides a communication protocol which ensures that different instruments can interoperate at a fundamental level e.g sound modules. GM goes further in two ways. First, GM requires that all compliant MIDI instruments meet a certain minimal set of features, such as being able to play at least 24 notes simultaneously (polyphony). Second, GM attaches specific interpretations to many parameters and control messages which were left unspecified in the MIDI 1.0 specification. A minimum of 128 MIDI Program Numbers (conforming to the GM 1 Instrument Patch Map) and 47 percussion sounds (conforming to the GM 1 Percussion Key Map). Support for controller number 1, 7, 10, 11, 64, 100, 101, 121 and 123; support for channel pressure and pitch bend controllers.

General MIDI Level 2 or GM2 is a specification for synthesizers which defines several requirements beyond the MIDI standard and is based on General MIDI (GM) and Roland GS extensions. It was adopted in 1999 by the MIDI Manufacturers Association (MMA).

  • Number of Notes: 32 simultaneous notes
  • MIDI Channels: 16
  • Simultaneous Melodic Instruments – up to 16 (all Channels)
  • Simultaneous Percussion Kits – up to 2 (Channel 10/11)

Program and bank change events General MIDI 2 compatible synthesizers access all of the 256 instruments by setting cc#0 (Bank Select MSB) to 121 and using cc#32 (Bank Select LSB) to select the variation bank before a Program Change. Variation bank 0 contains the full GM (General MIDI 1) sound set. Variations using other bank numbers are new to General MIDI 2, and correspond to variation sounds introduced in Roland GS.

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Computer which acts as USB midi host to get all usb devices talking together
Hobbytronics usb host standalone untested
bomebox untested
raspberry pi with several midi interface(s) and linux scripting untested
Kenton MIDI USB Host mk3 untested

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Acorn Instruments Masterkey 49 device 2018 untested usb powered 5V regulated - similar keybed to keystation 49es but unplug then re-plug the USB cable while it is powered the device might reconnect
Akai APK midi controller
Akai MPK Mini Mobile Production Keyboard 0x09e8 0x007c 0100 detected but no usb driver in devs/midi for camd to use 2010 25 mini key self powered by mini USB lead - sustain port - no top left corner joystick - tested icaros 2.3 -
Akai LPK25 LPK37 LPK49 Laptop Production Keyboard 2012 untested velocity sensitive mini keys with synth action - weak mini USB port - latency issues -
Akai Professional APC Key 25 untested 2012
Akai MPK49 2012 untested 49 key 49-key full-sized, semi-weighted keyboard with aftertouch -
AKAI Max25 MAX49 control keyboard 2014 usb compliant
Akai Professional MPK249 MPK261 untested 2015 USB2 USB-b - full keys semi-weighted aftertouch - midi in out - sustain and peddle port
Akai Professional Advance 49 untested 2016
Akai MPK Mini MKII MK2 2017 untested USB2 USB-b midi connection only - 4 way thumb joystick top left - 25 tiny keys - velocity drum pads - plastic build quality -
AKAI Professional APC Key 25 MK2 driver 2017
Akai MPK Mini Play 2021 untested USB2 USB-b midi connection only - synth basic samples - class compliant? - small led display top centre - 25 mini keys - press and hold the "Prog Select" button then use the "Program" knob to assign a MIDI channel -
Akai MPK Mini 3 MKIII MK3 0x09E8 0x1049 0200 detected audio class and bindings with camdusbmidi.class - - midi in out untested - 2021 USB2 USB-b midi controller connection no 5pin legacy - small led display top centre - 25 mini keys goofy uneven feel of the akai keyboards - press and hold the "Prog Select" button and press pad 1 to 8 to assign a MIDI channel - tested on AROS One 2.4 usb
Akai Force / MPC One
Akai Pro MPK Mini Plus 2023 untested 37 mini keys - class compliant device - usb-b bus powered only with 5pin midi in and out - Shift and Global for Midi Ch -
Akai Pro Ableton Push Mk 1 untested
Akai Professional MPC Key 37 49 61 midi controller 2023 untested USB2 usb-b
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Alesis Photon PH-25 X25 Midi & USB keyboard/synth untested 2005
Alesis Q25 Q49 Q61 Q88 2014 untested
Alesis Coda Pro Portable 88-Key Digital Piano USB MIDI Keyboard untested 2015
Alesis V25 V49 V61 midi controller 2017
Alesis V Mini
Alesis VI49 VI61 midi controller
Alesis VX49 VX61 untested 2016 1 5-pin MIDI input, 1 5-pin MIDI output, 1 USB port,
Alesis Q25 Q49 Q61 Mk2 MKII untested 2018
Alesis Recital 88 untested 2020
Alesis V25 V49 V61 MK2 MKII 2022
Alesis Qmini portable 32-key untested 2023
audiothingies MicroMonsta 2016 untested synth -
audiothingies MicroMonsta 2 2019 untested synth -
Arturia MiniLab mkII 0x1C75 0x2209 0100 detected audio class and bindings with camdusbmidi.class - - midi in out untested - 2017 USB2 usb-b bus power - metal base heavier than most - Shift and press a key to select the MIDI Channel - To reset to original factory, unplug the USB cable, hold down the Oct- and Oct + buttons, plug the USB cable back in and continue to hold the buttons until the pads turn white - need software to change parameters like velocity sensitive assistance -
Arturia KeyLab 61 88 2017 untested hammer-action Fatar keybed - reset Press and hold Oct + and Oct – buttons then insert the USB cable -
Arturia Keystep 32 untested 32 mini keys usb compliant
Arturia MiniFreak untested
Arturia MicroFreak untested
Arturia KeyLab MK2 MKII 61 88 2017 untested hammer-action Fatar keybed
Arturia Minilab 3 2020 untested usb-c bus powered - 25 mini keys semi -
Arturia Keystep Pro untested
Arturia KeyLab Essential 49 61 88 mk3 2023 untested usb-c and 1 midi out - lack of aftertouch -
Arturia AstroLab 2024
Arturia KeyLab MK3 MKIII 61 88 2025 untested hammer-action Fatar keybed
Behringer UMX61 untested 2007
Behringer U-Control UMX490 UMX610 untested 2010
Behringer U-Control
Behringer Swing 32-Key untested
Behringer MOTOR 49 - 49-Key USB/MIDI Master Controller Keyboard untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Creative EMU Xboard 25 E-MU X-Board 49 61 untested 2008
CME M-Key Mkey 49 untested 2008 stops sending MIDI on a regular basis. The simplest "fix" is to flip it off and on via the power switch at the back
CME Ukey U-Key untested 2009
CME Xkey untested 2014 low-profile aluminium full size pressure sensitive with polyphonic aftertouch but keys make too much noise and that they can be too sensitive to velocity - low power draw 25ma
CME M-Key 49 V2 untested 2014 simplified version of the U-key Mobiltone
CME XKEY AIR 37 untested 2019
cme xkey 37 le untested 2020
Donner Spaceline DMK-25 Donnerdeal Rantion untested
Donner DMK25 PRO untested 25 mini velocity keys with limited aftertouch - usb-c powered - 8 drum pads - 3.5mm "midi out" socket -
Elektron Digitakt 2015 expensive later midi usb class compliant with since 1.5 Update
Elecktron Digitone untested
Elektron Digitone Keys 37-key Digital FM Synthesizer untested 2018 expensive
Elektron Analog Four MKII untested
Elektron Octatrak MKII untested
ESI keycontrol untested
ESI keycontrol 49+ untested
ESI keycontrol 25xt 0x2702 untested 2011 bus powered or 9v psu -
ESI keycontrol 49xt 61xt 88xt 0x2702 0100 detected but no usb driver in devs/midi for camd to use 2011 12v 0.5a center pin +ve external psu required - USB i/o and 1 legacy 5pin out - full sized keys - heavy aluminium case keyboard metal base -
Evolution MK-125 MK-149 2000 9v
Evolution MK-225C MK-249C 2003 9v
Evolution USB/Midi Controller MK-425C MK-449C MK-461C 25, 49, 61 keys - 2006 9V or 12V -
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro untested 2014 37 full keys
IK Multimedia iRig Keys Pro Mobile untested 2014 25 or 37 mini keys
IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 untested 2020 mini velocity keys no aftertouch -
IK Multimedia iRig Keys 2 PRO untested 2020 full velocity keys no aftertouch -
IK Multimedia iRig Keys untested
Kawai VPC 1 untested weighted keys - heavy build -
Keith McMillen Instruments K-Board untested omni class compliant to all channels? each keypad makes them velocity, pressure, and location sensitive but not really suited for piano playing
Keith McMillen BopPad untested omni class compliant to all channels?
Korg NanoKontrol 1 untested mini usb
Korg Prophecy untested
KORG microKONTROL 2010
Korg microKEY untested 2011 velocity-sensitive Natural Touch keys but joystick is an alternative to the common pitch/modulation wheel design - power draw -
Korg nanoKey nanoPad untested 2011
Korg Taktile untested
Korg microKEY2 25 37 49 61 USB 2015 untested 2015 USB powered - semi weighted -
Korg MiniList untested
Korg MinKey nanoPad nanoPad 2 untested
Korg Nautilus 2024
Kurzweil PC3 7 series - Artis 7 untested fatar TP-8 semi-weighted action
Kurzweil PC1 untested
Kurzweil PC3 A8 untested
Line 6 Mobile keys 25 untested 2006
Line 6 POD Studio KB37 untested 2006
Line 6 Tone Port KB37 untested 2007
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Midiman (later M-Audio) Oxygen8 Ozone Ozonic 25 32 not class compliant - untested 5pin legacy 2002 2004 untested - 25 full keys - slider/fader to left of lcd display -
m-audio oxygen keystation (61 key) 2004
M-Audio Axiom 25, 49, 61 2006 untested bus powered and 12v psu - if sliders/faders are on right - legacy midi 5pin - chunky unit -
M-Audio Oxygen 8v2, 49, 61 (silver) 2006 untested full size velocity sensitive 12v psu - sending random pitchbend info -
M-Audio Oxygen 25/49/61/88 (blue) 2008 untested advised Class-compliant and GM/GM2/XG SysEx messages with full size velocity sensitive 12v psu - sending random pitchbend info -
M-Audio Axiom 25, 49, 61 (2nd Gen) 2010 untested semi-weighted mini keys - bus powered and 9v psu for 25/49 and 12v for 61 - if sliders/faders are on left - legacy midi 5pin - chunky unit -
M-Audio Axiom Pro 25, 49, 61 untested 2011 poor construction
MAudio Axiom AIR 25 M-Audio Axiom Air Mini 32 2012 untested
M-Audio Oxygen 25 III (3rd Gen) 2012 untested - usb only - rubber keys sticky -
MAudio Keyrig 49 untested
M-Audio eKeys 37 untested
M-Audio Keystation Mini 32 untested
M-Audio Keystation 37e 49e, 61e MK1 MKI untested
M-Audio Keystation 37es 49se 61es, 88es MK1 MKI untested
M-Audio Keystation 49 II untested USB port and class compliant
M-Audio Keystation 61 MK3 MKIII MIDI keyboard untested 2015 usb compliant?
M-Audio Oxygen 25 IV untested 2016 choice
M-Audio CTRL-49 untested 2017
M-Audio ProKeys 88, 88sx untested
M-Audio Oxygen25 MKV 0x0763 0x0001 0023 detected audio class and bindings with camdusbmidi.class - midi in out untested 2020 25 full size semi keys - USB2 usb-b but no 5pin classic plugs - channel select SHIFT button and CHANNEL on keybed - plastic build - holding down both the Octave + and - for factory reset - more limited in what you can do with it than IV 4th one - tested on AROS One 2.4 usb
M-Audio Oxygen Pro 25 49 61 2022 untested semi full keys
M-Audio Oxygen Pro Mini 2023 untested - 32 smaller keys - not endless encoders - usb only -
M-Audio Hammer 88 untested
Moog untested
Moog Minitaur untested
M-VAVE SMK-25mini 25key MIDI Control Keyboard Y6I0 untested
Native Instruments NI Primus A25 JamMate untested 2008
Native Instruments Maschine MK1 MKI 2009
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol S88 S61 S49 2012 untested - weighted keys -
Native Instruments Maschine MK2 MKII 2013
Native Instruments Maschine Micro Mikro MK2 MKII untested 2014
NI Komplete Kontrol S49 S61 S88 MkII MK2 untested 2017 all MK2 MK3 power up the keyboard using USB, it will set the keyboards MIDI port to computer MIDI only without any option to set it to use the MIDI DIN, meaning you cannot connect the keyboard to hardware and power from USB, you MUST power with the power adapter and physically unplug from any USB connection -
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol A25 A49 A61 2018
Native Instruments Maschine Micro Mikro Plus MK3 MKIII 2019
Native Instruments Komplete Kontrol M32 2019 untested 32 smaller keys - no drum pads - USB only -
NI Komplete Kontrol S49 S61 S88 MkIII MK3 untested 2023
NI untested 2025
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Neusonik iBoard 4 untested
Nektar Impact LX25+ LX49+ LX61+ LX88+ SE 2017 untested budget full-size velocity-sensitive synth-action keyboard -
Nektar Impact GX49 USB port -
Nektar Panorama P4 P6 USB & USB Micro B, 5-pin MIDI out, 2 x TRS inputs with 49 semi-weighted, velocity sensitive with aftertouch
Nektar SE25 SE49 mini keys - micro usb bus powered - velocity and sustain button
Nektar Panorama P6 61
Nektar Panorama T6
Nord Stage 3 midi controller sysex
Novation ReMote 25 49 61 2003 lhs XY touchpad and the joystick -
Novation LaunchKey 25 49 61 88 Mk1 2005 not USB class compliant
Novation 49 61 SL 2006 semi-weighted Fatar TP-8 or TP-9 keybed
Novation ReMote 25SL 49SL 61SL soft label 2006 - two long top liquid-crystal display LCD strips - XY touchpad and the joystick -
Novation ReMOTE 25LE 0x1235 0x0004 0001 detected but no usb driver in devs/midi for camd to use 2006 detected but not working - USB powered, 9v center pin positive or 6 MN1500 AA batteries - X/Y touchpad and the combined pitch and modulation joystick - no aftertouch but can use both the legacy MIDI OUT and USB port simultaneously
Novation Nocturn 49 61 2008 untested sending random pitchbend info
Novation 49 61 SL MkII 2009 semi-weighted Fatar TP-8 or TP-9 keybed
Novation MiniNova untested 2013
Novation Impulse 25 49 61 2012 velocity aftertouch‑sensitive semi-weighted keyboards and eight backlit pads - USB, 5-pin MIDI out -
Novation Circuit Tracks / Rhythm 2015 untested
Novation LaunchKey 25 49 61 88 MK2 2015 USB class compliant - full keys -
Novation Launchpad Mini MK2 MKII 2016 untested 8x8 buttons with 16 backlit
Novation LaunchKey Mini MK2 MKII 2018 untested - 25 soft mini keys - 2 rotary wheels lhs -
Novation LaunchKey 25 37 49 61 88 MK3 MKIII 2020 USB class compliant choice - full keys -
Novation LaunchKey Mini MK3 2023 untested - 25 soft mini keys - 2 sliders lhs -
Novation 61SL Mk3
Nymphes Dreadbox untested 6 voice analog synth
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Oberheim MC 2000 EX 2015 88 keys fully weighted - very heavy -
PreSonus ATOM SQ Hybrid MIDI Keyboard/Pad
Polyend Tracker untested
Roland ED PC-300 2002 world's first USB MIDI keyboard controller?? 49-key
Roland EDIROL PCR-M30 PCR-M50 PCR-M80 2005
Roland Edirol PCR-30 PCR-50 PCR-80 2007 untested 32 key -
Roland PC-50 PC-80 untested 2007
Roland PCR-500 PCR-800 2008 untested 61 velocity-sensitive keys with aftertouch
Roland A-88 a-49 2013 USB port - weighted keys velocity no aftertouch - class compliant with press FUNCTION so it is lit. Press the key labelled "ADV.", Press the "+" button so it is lit -
Roland PC-200 mkII 2014 some had fatar keys
Roland MC-707 Groovebox 2015
Roland MC-101 2015 untested
Roland A-500 Pro
Roland JUNO DS, FA, Fantom, JUPITER X / Xm (be sure that USB driver is set to "Generic" - requires device rebooting)
Roland A-88 a-49 MKii MK2 2020 expensive with USB-c port - hammer-action keyboard weighted keys - Class-compliant if USB-C enables bus power - MIDI 2.0 later -
ROLI Seaboard RISE 25
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Samson Graphite 49
Samson Carbon 49
Sequential TAKE 5 untested
Studiologic VMK-161 and VMK-161 Plus Organ version untested TP-8O action is the unweighted, organ-style waterfall keybed - usb midi in out - 9v psu -
Studiologic SL990XP midi controller
Studiologic VMK176 Plus untested USB and midi connectivity
Studiologic SL880 midi controller
Studiologic SL73 SL88 Studio midi controller hammer-action Fatar TP semi-weighted keys
Studiologic Numa Organ 2 73 key TP-8O action is the unweighted, organ-style waterfall keybed used in nearly all clonewheels
Studiologic Numacompact 2/2x, Numa X Piano
SubZero CommandKey49 CommandKey25
SubZero SZ-MiniCommand Mini-Command USB
SubZero SPC61 MIDI Controller bus powered - 5 octave
SubZero ControlKey49S 49 Key Slim MIDI Controller Keyboard
Synido TempoKey K25 2023 25 mini keys - usb-c powered
Worlde Panda
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Yamaha KX8 KX49 KX61 2008 not compliant
Yamaha CMC-PD 2010
Yamaha 2011 untested but class compliant unsure
Yamaha P45B P-45 Digital Piano 2011 not compliant
Yamaha P-115 midi controller 2016 untested weighted keys - USB midi port
Yamaha MX49 2020 should compliant untested
Yamaha Montage, CP73/88, YC, MODX
Yamaha PSR-E353, PSR-E443

PSR-S670, PSR-S770, PSR-S970, PSR-A3000, TYROS-5 NP-12, NP-32 DGX-650, DGX-660 P-105, P-115, P-255

Yamaha MX49 II V2 Black Blue 2023 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
DJM V10 dj
Native Instruments Kontrol DJ Pro midi controller detected but untested
Numark Mixtrack Pro II USB DJ Controller Djay
older generation pioneer DDJ-SX2 dj

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision SimpleMidi CAMD Opinion
Alyseum AL-22 AL22c untested
Alyseum AL-88 Schneidersladen AL88c untested ethernet no support
Alyseum U3-88c Midi Interface untested no CopperLan support Midi network using a UTP Ethernet patch cable)
Behringer BCF2000 midi interface untested
Behringer BCR2000 1in 2out untested
Behringer BCD3000 untested
Behringer UMD404 UMD202 untested
Creative EMU 0404/USB midi interface untested 2006
DigiDesign / Focusrite Command 8 Control Surface untested supports MIDI continuous controller (CC) and note data. SysEx dumping and loading is also supported
Digidesign Digi 002 2006 firewire only
Digidesign Digi 003 2009 firewire only
emagic m4 2x4 AMT8 Unitor 8 Mk2 8x8 0x00d0 0x010 0x0103 2000 offers MTS (Midi Time Stamping) - 12v 2a psu centre pos - usb mini with rs232 and rs422 serial ports - 16 channels (8-in / 8-out), this rack-mountable unit -
Evolution U-Control UC-16 detected but untested]
Guillemot Maxi Studio ISIS Vintage Sound Card MIDI Audio Interface driver 1998
MidiBox Hardware Platform USB Module untested
Mackie Control Universal Pro XT with One Two Extenders untested
M-Audio Audiophile USB untested 2003
M-Audio Midisport UNO old version untested 2004
M-Audio MidiMan 1x1 midi interface untested 2004 firmware update
M-Audio Midisport 2x2 yellowy green blue, green or silver chassis plastic box MIDISPORT 2x2 or 4x4 interfaces from previous production series (blue, green or silver chassis) are not class-compliant 2004
MAudio Audiosport Quattro USB untested 2004 firmware required,
M-Audio UC-33 untested
Mark of the Unicorn Motu Fastlane 2x2 No
Motu Micro Lite 1x1 and MOTU microlite 5x5 USB good unit but poor just plug in support and not class compliant - USB2 usb-b -
Motu MIDI Express 128 8x8 poor support serial port only - offers MTS (Midi Time Stamping) A serial port based MIDI interface or a USB interface without MTS will have a MIDI slop of up to 2ms on record and playback. MTS provides accuracy for record and playback to around .3ms - five times more accurate than serial or non-MTS." MIDI Express XT driver 2008 for many USB should have octocoupled connection to reduce groundloop humm, usually the timing is off
MOTU MIDI Timepiece AV driver not class compliant is one of the best multi-port MIDI interfaces ever made USB model connects to the computer as an 8x16 interface
Qcon untested
Roland Edirol UA-100 did not match to camdusbmidi.class USB audio midi with onboard DSP 1998
Roland Corp Edirol UM-2 0x0582 0x0005 0200 Not binding is not bound via camdusbmidi.class 1999 not bound to any midi class - 2x2 - tested Aros One USb 2.4
Roland Edirol UA-100G driver 1999 USB audio midi with onboard DSP
Roland Edirol UM-880 8x8 midi interface 0x0582 untested 2000 under poseidon but could work with run >nil: c:midithru out.0 "EDIROL UM-880.out.2"
Roland Edirol UM-1 blue plastic bound??? via camdusbmidi.class - untested midi in out 2000 UM-1 - 1-in/1-out (16 channels)
Roland Edirol UM-1S untested 2000 1-in/1-out (16 channels)
Roland Edirol UM-2E untested 2000
Roland Edirol UA20 UA-20 UA25 UA-25 UA55 UA-55 detected but not working
Roland Edirol UM550 untested 2001
Roland Edirol UM-1X midi interface untested 2001
Roland Edirol UM-1SX 0x0582 0x0052 0200 untested 2003 UM-1X and UM-1SX except they do not have the Advanced Driver Switch on them
Roland Edirol Cakewalk UM-2C - 2x2 untested 2003
Roland Edirol Cakewalk UM-1G 1x1 untested
Roland Edirol Cakewalk UM-2G 2x2 untested
Roland UM-1EX untested
Roland Edirol UM-2EX 2x2 untested and the UM-2EX, which adds a second MIDI OUT
Roland Cakewalk UM-3G - 3x3 untested
Roland Cakewalk ua-25excw 1x1 untested 2009 in USB 1.1 class compliant mode it operates at 44.1kHz/16 bit
Sonuus B2M Bass MIDI Interface untested
Sonuus G2M untested
Steinberg CMC Series untested
Subzero SZ-MB44
Swisssonic MIDI1x1 untested 2012 AmigaOS there is no output at midichannel one and two but if play a midi file there is only output on some channels and if pressed stop the prog freezes or the whole system crashes
Teac Tascam US-428 midi interface 0x0644 untested 2000
Teac Tascam US-224 0x1604 0x8004 0100 2002 does not bind to any class
Teac Corp Tascam US-1x2 0x0644 untested
Teac Tascam US-122 MKII midi interface 0x0644 0x8021 0100 not binding not detected / binding to camdusbmidi.class on AROS 2.4 usb 2004 detected but not working 2-in/2-out USB two XLR microphone preamps with phantom power for condenser microphones
Teac Tascam US-200 US-400 US-600 US-1200 US-1800 no driver 2010
Yamaha UX-16 no driver 2010
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision SimpleMidi CAMD Opinion
Akai EIE and Pro version midi interface untested dc 6v power - 3 USB hubs, midi in out ,
Alesis I/O2 untested 2007 powered USB hub required
Alesis IO2 Express untested 2010
Alesis IO4 Express untested 2010
Behringer XTouch untested psu needed
Behringer X-Touch Compact untested
Behringer X-Touch Mini untested
Behringer U-Phoria UMD404HD UMD202HD untested should class compliant - volume low
CME U2 MIDI Pro 1x1 untested current model
Creative EMU XMIDI 1X1 untested 2008 early versions with sysex checksum errors
Creative E-MU Xmidi 1x1 Tab (V3) untested 2010 tab version class compliant but report that when transferring 'System Exclusive' messages (SysEx) the unit could not handle the highest data rate leading to data corruption
Creative EMU XMIDI 2x2 untested 2008 sysex errors
Digidesign Mbox 2 Mini untested USB powered
Digidesign Mbox II Pro untested USB powered
Engl Z7 MIDI Interface (E660/E610/E360/E930) untested guitar?
Elektron TurboMidi TM-1 1in 1out untested
ESI MidiTerminal M4U 4x4 midi interface untested supposedly class compliant - USB bus powered -
ESI MidiTerminal M8U 8x8 untested
ESI MidiTerminal M4U XL 4x4 untested ploytec chipset
ESI MidiTerminal M8U XL 8x8 untested no hardware routing e.g. x on input 5 to synth y on output 7 - ploytec chipset
ESI MidiMate 1x1 untested supposedly class compliant - USB bus powered
ESI MidiMate II 2 untested
ESI ROM I/O untested 2005 romio version
ESI M4U XT 0x2573 0x0002 0100 is bound via camdusbmidi.class AROS One 2.4 - untested midi in out 2010 -
ESI M8U XT 8in 8out untested 2010 discontinued 2018
ESI M8UEX USB3.0 untested 2018 current model
ESI M4U eX untested 2018 current model
ESI MidiMate eX midi interface 1x1 untested 2016 curent model, well liked and might class compliant??
icon midiport 2x2 untested
iCON CubeMi 3 untested class compliant?
iConnectivity untested
iConnectivity mio untested 2010 class compliant but reported issues with sending System Exclusive (SysEx) MIDI messages and MIDI signals getting cut off
iConnectMidi interface untested 2010
iCM2 iCM4 untested 2012
iConnectivity iConnectMIDI4+ L untested 2014 class compliant??
iConnectivity MioXL untested
IK Multimedia iRig MIDI 2 untested class compliant
iRig Pro untested
Kenton untested
Kenton Electronics pro solo mk2 midi to cv converter untested
Kenton Midi Thru-25 5 untested
Keytech MT18E 8 Way Midi Thru box untested 9 to 12v psu required
MidiPlus Midi 2x2 midi interface untested
MidiPlus Midi 4x4 untested supposedly class compliant - USB bus powered
MidiTech MIT-00151 Midiface 4x4 untested
MidiTech Midiface 4x4 8x8 16x16 thru merge untested
Miditech Midilink mini 1x1 untested
M-Audio Midisport UNO only if box is labeled Class Compliant and latest MIDISPORT 1x1
M-Audio Midiman Midisport 2x2 Anniversary Edition 2009 USB2 usb-b - does not need firmware and supposedly plug and play - not stable enough -
M-Audio Midisport 4x4 Anniversary Edition rumored does not need firmware - supposedly plug and play - issues with its firmware for some and lacks configurable routing
Maudio Fast Track Ultra 8R untested
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 untested
Nektar Midiflex 4 untested 2015
Neusonik IM-One untested
Peavey Xport untested guitars only
Roland UM-ONE UM-1 mk2 untested 2010 USB class compliant if switch to TAB for class compliant mode rather than the COMPUTER mode
Squarp Hermid untested
Steinberg Midex 8x8 untested class compliant? supporting MIDI Time Stamping protocol
Swissonic MidiConnect 2 driver
Tapco LiNK.midi USB 4x4 driver 2010
Teac Corp Tascam US-2x2 0x0644 untested 2014 5v dc power, midi out in,
Teac Corp Tascam US-4x4 0x0644 untested
Teac Tascam US-16x08 US-20x20 0x0644 untested
Zoom U-24 untested midi in out
Unbranded cable 0x552d 0x4348 F110 does not bind detected but no usb driver in devs/midi for camd to use detected but not working the USB-MIDI conversion functionality of the cheapo USB MIDI "cable" interface is simply lacking, possibly being incapable of handling MIDI strings longer than 3 bytes long SysEx strings (e.g. SysEx dumps) - tested in Icaros 2.3 -
USB2.0-MIDI Unbranded cable with clear braided underneath leads 0x1A86 0x752D 0254 detected binding to camdusbmidi.class but untested midi in / out untested but better to get a branded version - tested AROS One 2.4 usb
LogiLink USB to Midi In-Out untested cheap cable version but issues with latency on other systems
gm5 USB midi chip DIY option only untested
Doremidi LEKATO MIDI USB C Interface 1x1 untested
Thomann Midi USB 1x1 driver Prodipe made
Prodipe MIDI 1i/1o untested

Classic 5pin DIN controllers for above interfaces

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision CAMD Opinion
Akai s5000 s6000 midi digital samplers
Akai AX80
Casio CZ-5000
Casio CZ-3000 CZ-1000 CZ-101
Cheetah MS6 midi controller untested 2000 multi-timbral, six-voice (twelve-oscillator), analogue synthesiser module is loaded with CEM 3396s
Ensoniq ESQ1
Korg Wavestation Ex A/D SR 1986 ex has piano and drum sounds
Korg DW-8000
Korg DW-6000
Korg Poly 800 MK1 Poly-800ii all plastic and can run on batteries - 49 keys non-velocity dco synt analogue filter
PreSonus Studio 24c 2x2
Roland D-50 1987 untested greater concern would be moisture and wear
Roland A50 (76) A80 (88) 1989 untested
ROLAND JUNO-D untested
Roland Juno 106 untested
80s kx73 or kx88 untested
Roland ED PC-160A PC-180A untested legacy DIN5 MIDI port only - 6 AA batteries or 9v psu - One regular source of failure for me were emty batteries (even with red control light still active). Another source was a bad MIDI cable - unplug then re-plug the USB cable while it is powered the device might reconnect
Roland M1
Roland S-550 S-760 digital samplers kontakt replaced these?
Yamaha DX7 1983 12bit
Yamaha DX7S DX72IID DX7IIFD 1987 16bit versions

The MIDI standard was published in August 1983. The inventors, Kakehashi and Smith finally received a Technical Grammy Award in 2013 for their work.

The MIDI files that contained just the note data, velocity and timing meant you could transfer an entire studio session from one place to another on one floppy disk and it could control all the synths and drum samplers. Pass-thru meant that one computer could run an entire bands worth of instruments.

It's bulletproof too. MIDI never goes wrong, it's always a bug in software that causes any issue - you can absolutely rely on it to go gigging with, take your synths, controllers and computers and not crash an entire gig at your 100,000 person venue.

The MIDI hardware specification is very simple (voltage, polarity, screening, protection and a fast enough opto-isolator), it assumes that the data it sends and receives between MIDI devices is to the MIDI data standard and just passes it on. The microprocessor in the hardware does all the work.

The minimum for a computer/MIDI interface is that it meets the MIDI hardware specification. It is attached to the computer bus and handles the electrical conversions required. To meet the MIDI hardware specification, to be class compliant as a USB device all it has to do is report itself properly when plugged in.

The other half of the equation is the MIDI data standard, and for a computer MIDI interface the main issue is the speed of data transmission. The bus speed of the computer is faster than the speed of the MIDI standard so it can generate and send MIDI data faster than a MIDI device can receive it. The MIDI standards have nothing to say on that bottleneck at all. MIDI was designed to be very simple and very open, it just defines a standard for the messages and leaves it up to manufacturers to implement them in the way they want. That's what makes it so powerful a tool, and also what makes it so confusing and frustrating at times.

For midi, the hardware/software combination at various connection points handles the translation to/from midi (or other protocols). Drivers would be needed for midi, including clock and SysEx signal (actually claiming to handle ALL midi quirks transparently

All the important MIDI data types can be sent (CC, NRPN, RPN, MMC, Note On/Off, program change)

There is no official way to solve the data bottleneck. Early software sequencers and librarians tried to solve it by having an option to buffer SYSEX data in software and transmit it at the MIDI data rate. The downside is that hogs the bus and can hit computer performance. Interface manufacturers would add a hardware buffer which would take all the MIDI data from the PC bus and feed it into the MIDI at the slower data rate, but that added cost and created timing issues.

Things have moved on since then, but the principles remain the same. You can buffer in the hardware or in software, whether that is in the application or the interface driver. SYSEX will work perfectly well with that budget cable if your software handles the buffering. And while the cables with hardware buffers make SYSEX easier, they still have potential problems because of the limitations of the MIDI data rate. Your MIDI clock doesn't like being interrupted with a big program dump

The serial / parallel ports were a direct connection, so faster. Now, everything in the computer is virtual and the only thing connected to the hardware is the kernel, hence everything is by default bottlenecked and jittery, regardless of which connection. So by the time the interface gets the information it's already too late.

Ethernet network cable to transport MIDI over large distances, connect 2 MIDI In and 2 MIDI Out ports to patch, remap, filter and merge MIDI flows on a fine channel basis for tight MIDI throughput, latency and jitter

Possibilities for DAWs of the future including a kind of sync reference for timing reference which an interface could sync to, hence all the timings then would be locked between the grid on the DAW screen and the MIDI info.

Preemptible, low latency and accuracy are essential for good communication.

One of the first things you need to do, is make sure your MIDI software sets the interface to the same MIDI channel as your keyboard (usually 1)

Do you want to send just your master keyboard to other synths or to be able to use any keyboard with any synth?

1st option is relatively simple. Just need to send midi from your master keyboard into a midi splitter that redistributes the signal onto your synths. Each synth will be set up to receive midi on a specific channel so the only challenge is to find a way to select to which channel you are sending midi. Some master keyboards can do that although not many that have a dedicated knob or switch on the panel and most require a bit of menu diving. Could use a midi box that offers channel selection but usually this is not very workflow friendly. The software route would require using the mouse.

2nd option is a bit more complex but superior workflow by sending midi messages into a merge box, from there into a hardware sequencer that allows to select midi channel, then on to a midi interface that distributes the signal to the synths.

Master keyboard MIDI-in to computer. External hardware sampler MIDI-out from computer. Audio-out from sampler to audio-in on computer/device.

The camdusbmidi.class may need to be modified to the AROS CAMD MIDI system or src, [4], testing of CAMD, camd use programming use,

Major WWHWWWH, Minor WHWWHWW scale, Chords,

usbaudio[check spelling].class (req. rt iso transfer) edit

USB audio streaming over AHI requires iso and realtime isochronous transfer, still no support in pciusb.device.

AHI does not support six channel playback. It only supports mono, stereo and multichannel (8 channels). Due to the multichannel mode not being used by any application so far, the usbaudio.class does not support multichannel playback, especially not "upchannelling" stereo to six or more channels. If this USB device does not support a two channel mode, you can't use it under AHI.

XDA Forum thread,

  • DACs with standard (adaptive) USB - where the computer controls the data timing.
  • DACs plus an asynchronous USB converter module outputting S/PDIF—where the DAC controls the data timing.
  • DACs with inbuilt async USB capability and an I2S internal feed to the DAC


Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
CMedia CM108 7.1ch emulation sku 21812 I2S in and out 0x1926 0x0003 0x0100 No
Lindy USB 2.0 (Chipset CM108) no driver
Speed-Link SL-8850-SBK Vigo (CMedia CM108) no driver
Dynamode USB SOUNDCARD 2.0 0003:1130:F211.0002 no driver but cheap construction
Dynamode Virtual 7.1 USB-SOUND7 (C-Media ) 0x0d8c 0x000c 0x000e 1.00 no driver
Generic White box with very little red led and white USB lead (CMedia ) 0x0d8c 0c000e 1.00
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
CM109 CiT SC-U119 5.1 no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
CMedia CM1197.1ch sku 8978 I2C MCU port Penguin 0x0D8C 0x0000 0x010 no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
Sweex 7.1 Startech External USB, WMA Blue metal box SYBA SD-AUD20040, Sabrent USB-SND8, Sewell Vantec NBA-200U (C-Media CM6206 CM106 like) 0x0d8c 0x0102 50/50 if the item is detected but does not work
Creative X-Fi Go no driver
Creative X-Fi 5.1 no driver
Creative Sound Blaster Play! USB sound adapter (SB1140) No
Asus Xonar U1 (ASUS UA100 USB Audio Chip) no driver
Asus Xonar U3 no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
Griffin iMic
M-Audio Transit no driver
Icemat Siberia (steel series) (Cmedia chipset) no driver
JMTek HY554, ZyXEL NSA-220, Logilink (Tenx Technology TP6911 and SSS-1623 headphone set) 0x0C76 0x1130 0x1605 0x1607 0xf211 0x no driver but reports on other OS not good
Plantronics "DSP Adapter-01" (or "USB Adapter-02") no driver
Rocksmith Real Tone Cable
RSA Intruder Predator
StarTech ICUSBAUDIO7 0x0d8c 0x000c 1.00 untested
Stoner Acoustics UD100
Teac UDH01-B untested
Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB no driver
Terratec Aureon 5.1 USB MKII no driver
TerraTec Electronic GmbH Aureon Dual USB 0x0ccd 0x0077 no driver
Terratec Phase26 No
Trust 510 EX 5.1 no driver
Logitech A-5572A USB 2.0 to 3.5mm jacks Virtual 7.1 Surround Sound Adapter or accessory of Logitech Clearchat pro USB or Logitech USB Headset H530 0003:046D:0A0B.0001
Turtle Beach Audio Advantage Amigo Micro II USB Sound Card & Headset Adapter 0x10F5 0x0211 0100 detected as usbaudio but no audio out
Vantec NBA-100U 7.1 Channel untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
behringer uca202 PCM2902? 0x8bb 0x2902 1.00 untested draws a lot of power - dac ti burr-brown
TI Burr-Brown PCM2702E PCM2704 PCM2704C Muse Audio Mini USB DAC board 0x08bb 0x2704 untested no mic input - goodish quality
TI Burr-Brown PCM2900 PCM2902 PCM2906 USB DAC board 0x08bb 0x2900 untested no mic input - goodish quality
Lexicon Alpha driver
Lexicon Omega driver
Mackie Onyx Blackjack 2x2 Recording Interface with Onyx Preamps
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
Roland Edirol UA-3 Audio Capture 1998
Roland Edirol UA-30 Audio Capture 1999
Roland Edirol UA1A UA-1D Audio Capture 2000
Roland Edirol UA-5 Audio Capture 2000
UA-1000 Audio Capture 2004 usb2
Roland Rubix series
Focusrite 4i4 no driver
Focusrite Scarlett 2i2 Gen 2 no driver
Focusrite Scarlett 6i6
Akai EIE Pro no driver
ART Usb Mix no driver
Edirol ua-25, UA-101 and UA-1000 (Clemens Ladisch driver) no driver
Konnekt no driver
Mackie Onyx Blackjack no driver
Native Instruments Komplete Audio 6 no driver
Presonus Audiobox 1818VSL no driver
PreSonus AudioBox 22VSL no driver
PreSonus Studio 24c 2x2 no driver
PreSonus AudioBox USB 96 no driver
Prodipe Studio 22 Pro no driver
Steinberg (Yamaha buys in 2004) MIDI interface hardware including the CC like CC121 CC-121 and CI1 CI2 series. 2008 driver
Steinberg UR44 no driver
Steinberg UR22 MkII UR series
Teac Tascam iU2 no driverpoor linux drivers
Tascam US-122 0x0644 no driver good support in Linux needing firmware usx2yloader/us122fw.ihx for audio sound card
Tascam US-122L 0x0644 0x800e no driver good support in Linux but obsolete needing different chipset firmware
Teac Tascam US-428 no driver poor linux drivers
Tascam US122 Mk2 and Tascam US144 Mk2 no driver although USB2 downgrade so using USB1.1
PreSonus® Studio 68c
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
Arcam rPac
Audioquest Dragonfly
Audioengine D1 Premium 24-bit DAC
Beresford TC-7520 (Burr Brown PCM 1716)
Beresford TC-7520 + Burson Buffer + MK3 JKSPDIF
Audient EVO8
Audient iD4 mkII
Cakewalk UA-1G, Edirol UA-1EX, Roland Duo Capture UA-11
Epiphany E-DAC 24bit ES9023 DAC chip
Firestone Audio FUBAR II Mk2 untested
Firestone Audio iLoveTW 24Bit USB DAC untested
FiiO D5 ta2020 chip amp untested Headphone out has a lot of hiss
FiiO E07K Andes untested
FiiO E17 Alpen
GoVibe Magnum
GoVibe Martini-U
GoVibe Vulcan
Halide Design DAC HD (Wolfson WM8716)
John Kenny JKDAC uses a 24-bit/192 kHz Sabre ES9022 DAC or better JKDAC32
iBasso D12
Leckerton UHA-6S MKII
MyST 1866 PortaDAC
Objective DAC ODAC+O2
Rega DAC (Wolfson WM8742)
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Playback Records Opinion
Henry Audio USB DAC 128 also known as QNKTC AB-1.2 open source DAC
Henry Audio mkII AKM4430 DAC chip comes from Asahi Kasai
DevilSound USB DAC
Zoom U series
KingRex UD-01 SE (Burr-Brown PCM 2702E)
SuperPro 24/192 USB DAC (24bit 192 kHz, CS-4398 D/A chip)

USB Microphones

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
no driver
no driver
Sennheiser CC510 USB no driver
Microsoft LifeChat LX-3000 no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Alesis USB-Mic microphone podcasting kit no driver
Audio-Technica AT2020 (AT202) AT4040 no driver
Blue Microphones Snowball no driver
Blue Microphones Snowball iCE no driver cardioid only
Blue Microphones Yeti no driver can pick up a lot of background noise but not sure if right mode used
Blue Microphones Yeti Pro no driver can pick up a lot of background noise but not sure if right mode used
Namtai SingStar(TM) PS2 SCEH-0001 USBMIC 0x1415 0.01 no driver mono microphones
Neumann no driver
Razer Seiren X no driver
Rockband USB Mic no driver
Rode NT1A VideoMic Pro no driver
Rode Podcaster USB no driver
Rode NT1A NT2 no driver NT2 better
Samson C01U no driver cardoid only
Samson C03U no driver
Samson Go Mic Clip On USB Microphone no driver switch to choose between Cardiod, Omni and -10 dB modes, a 3.5mm headphone socket and a USB socket
Shure no driver
MXL 2001A/600 Studio Microphone Pack / MXL 2003A Studio Condenser no driver
Zoom H1 H1n no driver
Zoom H2 H2n no driver
Zoom APH1 H1 no driver
Zoom H4n no driver xlr and inputs
no driver

USB Speakers

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
no driver
Focal XS 2.1 no driver
no driver
no driver
no driver

USB Headset Wired/Wireless

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Logitech Vantage Wired (came free with PS2 Socom3) no driver
Logitech G330 no driver
Logitech Premium USB Stereo Headset 350 no driver
Plantronics DSP-300 no driver
Plantronics GameCom 777 no driver
no driver
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Wireless no driver
Logitech G-930 Wireless no driver
Plantronics Audio 995 Wireless RF no driver
Sennheiser Wireless no driver
no driver

Webcameras edit

A USB camera has two dedicated chips: a controller or bridge and an image sensor.

There is no support for video interfaces, because neither AROS, AmigaOS nor MorphOS define a standard for this. The only commercial, now discontinued application that defined some sort of standard was VHI Studio by iospirit.

OLD standards edit

See support pages and here and some further compatibility

Pencam STV680

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
AIPTEK stv680 0x0553 0x0202 untested
Konica e-mini 0x04c8 0x0722 untested
DigitalDream l'espion XS 0x1183 0x0001 untested
Creative WebCam Go mini 0x041e 0x4007 untested

SonixcamTool (Sonix webcams and derivates)

Note some Sonix Webcams with a Sonix SN9C1xx controller and a pas106b or tas5110c1b sensor support bulk mode which works even with pciusb.device!

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Macally IceCam II 0x0c45 0x05d8 untested
Sweex MiniCam 100K 0x0c45 0x6005 untested - sensor tas5110c1b
Macally IceCam Portable 0x0c45 0x6007 untested - sensor tas5110d
Sweex 100K 0x0c45 0x6009 0x0101 bulk works - sensor pas106b
Chicony Twinkle DC-2110A 0x0c45 0x600d no
Unknown 0x0c45 0x601e no
USB PC Camera (SN9C102) 0x0c45 0x6028 no - sn9c10x + pas202b
Trust SpaceC@m 120 and 150 0x0c45 0x6029 untested - sensor pas106a
HiRes Webcam Live 0x0c45 0x602c no - sensor ov7630
Sweex USB Webcam 300K 0x0c45 0x608f no - sensor ov7630
Speedlink Sphere Webcam SL-6820, 350K 0x0c45 0x613c 0x0101 untested - sensor HV7131R
WB-3250P 0x0c45 0x613e no - sensor ov7630
Unknown 0x0c45 0x6207 no
micromaxx USB Camera 	STM 	1363 	514 	works 	---
USB Tower 	Lego 	1684 	1 	works 	need NCQ
Trust Spycam 100plus 	STM 	1363 	514 	works

ov51x.class - no driver

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
D-Link VGA Webcam (640x480) 0x05a9 0x8519 no driver
Sony PS2 EyeToy Logitech/Logicool Black (ov519) SCEH-0004 0x054c 0x0154 no driver
Sony PS2 EyeToy Namtai Silver (ov519) SLEH-00031 SLEH-00030 0x054c 0x0155 no driver

UVC.class - USB Device Class Definition for Video Devices or USB Video Class edit

AROS needs realtime isochronous transfers in EHCI and XHCI, then a uvc.class usbvideo and then a video ahi (like vhi??) type substructure to be written

$ mplayer rtsp://

MPlayer supports multicast streaming, and rtp/rtsp protocols (it might require live555 library to work with some streams). But you might have to build it where it's disabled. Also, multicast won't work with some AmiTCP-likes. MIAMI supported it, though.

AROS supports IPv4 (old but works) and this includes the needed address space for RTP.

If you mean multicast via RTP - mplayer handles it. You can even force UDP over TCP


If the rtsp Real Time Streaming Protocol server needs authentification:

-user -passwd

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
2008 Acer Aspire Crystal Eye AOA110 AOA150 0.3M
Avermedia ExtremeCap UVC - BU110
Avermedia Live Streamer Cap 4K - BU113 uvc usb3
AVerMedia Live Gamer Ultra 2018 usb3
ClonerAlliance Flint 4KP Plus
2008 Creative Live Cam Optia AF 2.0M
Epiphan HD
Epiphan 4K
Elgato HD60 S+ uvc
Elgato Cam Link 4K
EZcap Game Link Raw - ezcap321 uvc
EZcap 360 Game Capture Extreme usb3 4k passthru
AR0230 usb3 4k
2008 Logitech Webcam Pro 9000 2.0M
[2010 Logitech Webcam C600] 2.0M
[2010 Logitech Webcam C170] 2.0M Output mjpeg,
Logitech HD Webcam C270 0x046d 0x0825 0.10 Output mjpeg,
Logitech C910 C920 c922 HD Pro 5Megapixels 720p Output mjpg,
Logitech Brio 1080p 2160p
Magewell USB 3.0 XI100DUSB-HDMI Pro Capture untested
Microsoft's LifeCam HD-3000 HD-5000 0x045e 0x0779 1.06
Microsoft LifeCam Cinema
Microsoft LifeCam Studio
sony imx179 1080p
Pi 1/2.8” Sony IMX291 image sensor, it's a 2MP, UVC-compliant, ultra-wide-angle, low light, high-speed USB 2.0
razer kiyo 4 megapixel sensor 1080p 30fps 720p 60fps - 12 led ring light adjustable
TeckNet C068 1.3mpixel HTD USB2.0 Camera Vimicro Z-Star Corp 0x0AC8 0x3420 0x01FA
VisionTek UVC HD60 Capture Card
YEALINK(XIAMEN) NETWORK UVC50 is compatible with the UVC 1.1 protocol CP960-UVC50 and CP960-UVC80 kits PTZ, CP960-UVC30 Kit is UVC 1.5
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Amcrest ProHD 1080P WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera - 1080P (1920TVL), IP2M-841 nvr h264/rtsp, motion detection, features Sony image sensor and Ambarella processor - rtsp://[username]:[password]@[IPaddress]:[port]/cam/realmonitor?channel=[channel]&subtype=[stream] - [username] - username to login to the DVR or NVR, [password] - password, [IPaddress] - IP address of the device. If you are not on the same local network, this should be the external IP address of the device's network, [port] - port number, [channel] - channel number of the stream, [stream] - view the Main or Sub stream. (main stream is 0, sub stream is 1) , eg. rtsp://admin:admin@ - utilizing RTSP ( rtsp://user:pass@ipcam1 )
Axis all modern ones RTSP/RTP + H264/mjpeg or MJPEG over HTTP
DLink DCS-5222 5222L network camera camera streams H.264 over RTP controlled by RTSP
Dlink DCS900
Dahua 3Megapixel 1080P 2.8mm Vandal-Proof Mini Dome
Foscam IP camera FI8904W FI8910W FFI9820W FI9821W RTSP protocol, any webcam can be viewed via VLC - firmware can be a problem for niche os from time to time
Foscam FI9805E Outdoor POE (power over ethernet) camera get the IP assignment via DHCP, user is ‘admin’ with no (empty) password, take pics,
Foscam IP camera R2 C1 FI9826P stand alone FI8918W replaces FI8908W RTSP protocol, any webcam can be viewed via VLC etc
Hangzhou Hikvision Digital Technology Co.,Ltd 2032 usually stand alone camera with analog / digital dvr needed
Hangzhou Hikvision
Hangzhou Hikvision
Hangzhou Hikvision
Fuzhou Keekoon Electronics Co., Ltd. KK001 rtsp not supported
Keekoon KK002 rtsp not supported
Lorex LNB2151 camera
Tenvis 720p 1080p Omnivision 9712/100W 80deg view 10m range Most are IP cameras, so you just be using the feed via ssh or wireless. Some IP camera should work since the camera itself doesn't need to interact with the OS at all - depends on the firmware included in the product.
Tenvis IPROBOT3 ARM9 GM8126 2014 rtsp://guest:guestpassword@ - the IProbot3 (2014) the last 2 digits at the end of the URL selects the image size ie. 11 = 1280x720, 12 = 640x352, 13 = 320x176. Note could not use the 2 digit image size in some programs had to use the last digit only 1, 2 or 3. It has dependency on Microsoft IE for all the features, however, it will work with other browsers with limitations. There is a TIFF SD slot that is only visible when using IE. The recording alarm feature will continue to record to the SD when not connected to a browser. When connected to IE, it offloads the SD stored content to your local hard drive.
TrendNET TV IP310PI, IP311PI has similarities with Hikvision DS-2CD2032-I no sd card save option
Wansview 1080p NCM625GA IP Camera WiFi Wireless IP Security Camera , Full HD Plug n Play Home Surveillance / Baby Monitor RTSP/RTP + H264/mjpeg - play its HD stream without problem with vlc rtsp://ip/live/ch0 and getting jpegs http://ipaddr/mjpeg/snap.cgi?chn=0 - methods involve transcoding h.264 video from the camera into jpeg's, which is cpu intensive - able to pull images manually, using http://username:password@ip/mjpeg/snap.cgi -
Wansview NCB541W
Y-Cam (Most) Bullet HD Cube rtsp
Zavio F3210 jpeg only?
Zavio F210A rtsp

  • standalone with sd card - wansview, amcrest, tenvis, keekoon, foscam,
  • needing a dvr or nvr - dlink, hikvision, foscam, trendnet, sony, axis,


Linux info v4l2-ctl—list-formats-ext or fswebcam—verbose to get output modes

vlc rtsp://user:password@ip/play1.sdp—sout=file/ogg:mystream.ogv

vlc rtsp://—sout=file/ts:mystream.mpg

rtsp_session: unsupported RTSP server. Server type is 'DSS/5.5.4

VR Headset edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Destek V4 VR untested
HTC Vive untested 2016 2x 1080x1200
HTC Vive Pro untested 2017 dual 1440x1600 oled displays - basestation 2 90m2 area - joypad - low latency wireless later - type USB-c headphone adapter required -
Occulus Rift untested 2018 2x 1080 by 1200, some Linux support
PSVR untested 2x 1080x960 120Hz,
Samsung Gear VR untested
Valve Index HMD untested 2019 expensive, 1440 x 1600 120Hz,
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Acer Windows(TM) MR AH101 untested lot of light leak
Dell Visor Mixed Reality untested 2x 1440x1440 a bit of nose light leak
Fujitsu untested cheap and lots of light leak
Lenovo Explorer untested
Occulus Rift S untested 2019 PCVR 2x 1080 by 1200, some Linux support but Lenovo rebrand - rift S is PC VR only and requires a Display port and USB3
HP 1440p Spatial Computing untested 2019 dim display
HP Reverb G2 MR untested 2020
Samsung MHD Odyssey XE800ZAA untested 9V 500mA oled screens 2x 1440x1600 with usb3 and hdmi cables but bluetooth dongle required
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
HTC Vive Focus untested 2018 standalone
HTC Vive Focus Plus untested
Occulus Go untested 2019 discontinued 2020
Occulus Quest untested 2019 standalone with no wires, just headset and controllers, front heavy though, play area 2m x 2m or bigger, snapdragon 835 arm cpu, 2 to 3 hrs play time, 1440 x 1600 72Hz oled,
Occulus Quest 2 untested 2021 lighter version
Occulus Quest 3 untested 2023 wireless ay needs
HTC Vive Pro EYE untested
HTC Vibe Cosmos untested
HTC Vibe Cosmos Elite untested
Pico NEO 2 EYE untested 2020 6DoF 360g snapdragon 845 display 4k 75Hz tracking inside-out - magnetic field for controllers - pico software on android 8 - eye tracking
Pico 3 2023
Somnium VR One open source VR headset untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Valve untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion

TV Remote Control MCE IR transmitter and receiver edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Compro K100 K300 need extra software support
Elitegroup Computer Systems 0x1019 0x0f38 untested
GMYLE MCE acts as usb-hid with limited keyboard like controls
Hauppauge WinTV-PVR kit untested
Logitech Harmony 300 i300 600 650 800 need extra software support
Microsoft MCE Commander 2005 need extra software support
Microsoft 1039 rev 1 2005 home top of square shape direction keys
Microsoft 1039 rev 2 2006 home under circle spaced direction keys
Microsoft 1069 SMK Manufacturing, Inc 0x0609 0x0334 2007 untested
Philips RC1974506/00 0x0471 0x0815 untested
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
TSDX-IR14 USB MCE Media Center External Infrared IR Receiver untested
chipsets support CIR (consumer IR) Winbond W83977F/AF, SMC IrCC 2.0 technical reasons it's not possible to use USB IrDA dongles
Zotac RC2604323/01G Zbox Media Remote Control with IR USB Receiver OVU710 untested

Game Video TV Capture - Non UVC compliant edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Avermedia GL310 Live Gamer Portable (LGP) untested usb2 but not Lite version
Avermedia AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable (Model C875) untested usb2 since 2019/2020 the market is filled with UVC Compliant USB HDMI Capture
AVerMedia Live Gamer Portable 2 Plus Model (GC513) Ultra HD 4Kp60 Hdmi 2 Video Capture Card, Pass Through untested usb3 but sd card remote strorage
BlackMagic Intensity Pro 4k untested
Elgato Video Capture (1VC108601000) untested analog signals to digital - no linux support
Elgato Game Capture HD60 untested
Elgato Game Capture HD GCHD untested needs firmware mb86h57_h58_idle.bin and mb86h57_h58_enc_h.bin
August model 116 untested poor audio recording
E-SDS Diamond Maplin untested
Hauppauge 1212 HD PVR untested analog and component only - PlayStation (.m2ts), AVCHD (ts), or XBox(.mp4) recording formats - switched the component output from the default YPbPr to RGB.
Hauppauge 1431 1445 HD PVR Gaming Edition HDMI Capture untested can get quite warm
Hauppauge HD Rocket untested
Hauppauge HD-PVR2 (model 145210 Rev E4) x2040 xE502 untested
Hauppauge 1480 1482 HD PVR 2 GE Gaming Edition HDMI Capture green LED - 1498 1503 1504 Plus version with Mac support 2040:e514 e524 can get warm - ADV7482 video chip with Magnum DXT H.264 encoder blob, IDR keyframe generation poor - best for model 157210 and not 157221 and Game Edition Plus (model 157320) 2040:E505 E505-00-00AF1234 [5]
  • HDMI: 1920x1080p50/60, 1920x1080i50/60, 1280x720p50/60, 720x480i, 720x576i, 640x480p60.
  • Component: 1920x1080p50/60, 1920x1080i50/60*, 1280x720p50/60, 720x480p60, 720x480i, 720x576i.
  • Composite: 720x480i and 720x576i
  • Audio Inputs : HDMI PCM and RCA support with Adjustable Bitrate Quality 2 Channel AAC/AC3 audio codec
Hauppauge 1512 HD PVR 2 PC blue LED with optical in input on the back 2040:e525 untested can get quite warm - IR Blaster added -
Hauppauge Colossus2 E585-00-00AF4321 2040:0xe585 untested
Koolertron Sunny untested
U3 HD Capture untested
Razer Ripsaw HD - Game Capture untested put in usb2 slot and use video BGR3 (Emulated) and OpenRazer drivers

ethwrap.class - Host Data Link "Cable Bridge" for data transfer edit

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Advance USBNET (eTEK design) 0x0525 0x9901 untested
ALi Uli M5632 (chip) untested
Aten (Ali Corporation) UN201 0x0402 0x5632 force binding from rawwarp to ethwrap
Belkin (eTek design see below) 0x050d 0x0004 untested
Digitus DN-3004 - USB Host Link works
EPSON USB client 0x0525 0x2888 untested
eTEK 0x056c 0x8100 untested
KC-190 0x050f 0x0190 untested
GeneSys GL620USB no driver the half-duplex GL620USB is NOT supported, products using it include the Inland Pro USB Quick Link
GeneSys GL620USB-A untested
Laplink Gold (uses NetChip 1080) untested
Prolific 2301/2302 (Jaton USB ConNET) (BAFO DirectLinq) 0x067b 0x0000 and 0x0001 0x0004 detected but untested
Xircom PGUNET (uses AnchorChips 2720) 0x0547 0x2727 untested

cdcacm.class - USB modem edit

The CDC ACM driver exposes the USB modem as a virtual serial modem or a virtual COM port to the operating system. The driver enables sending both data and AT commands, either through ACM (separating data and AT commands over different channels) or through Serial Emulation (passing the AT commands as is and as part of the data stream).

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Alcatel OT-I650 0x1bbb 0x0003 untested
Acatel Dymamode/Dynamite 0x06b9 0xa5a5 untested Zyxel Prestige 630-13 - untested PROLiNK Hurricane 8000 external link
AnyData ADU-100A ADU-E100A ADU-E100D ADU-E100H D10 0x16d5 0x6501 untested
AnyData ADU-310 0x16d5 0x650 untested
AnyData ADU-500A ADU-510A ADU-510L ADU-520A 0x16d5 0x6502 untested
AnyData ADU-610 ADU-620 0x16d5 0x650 untested
BT On-Air USB MODEM 0x079b 0x000f untested
Conexant USB MODEM CX93010 0x0572 0x1321 untested
Conexant USB MODEM RD02-D400 0x0572 0x1324 untested
Conexant Chipset 0x06ea 0x0002 untested AUS N367 Roadster II 56 USB (Model AM5050R3) - untested
Conexant AccessRunner 0x0586 0x330a untested
Creative Modem Blaster USB DE5670 0x1690 0x0101 untested
FIREFLY, MediaTek Inc 0x0e8d 0x0003 untested
Huawei E122 0x12d1 0x1446 works [6]
Huawei E160, E160E, E160G 0x12d1 0x1003 works [7] (Chipset: Qualcomm MSM6246)
Huawei E169 also known as Vodafone K3715 and Huawei K3715 0x12d1 0x1001 works [8] (Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7200)
Huawei E220 "Vodafone EasyBox II" "T-Mobile wnw Box Micro" also known as Huawei K3565 0x12d1 0x1003 works, see E169 above (Chipset: Qualcomm MSM6280)
Huawei E1750 0x12d1 0x1001 untested (Chipset: Qualcomm MSM6290)
Huawei E170, E172, E176 0x12d1 0x1003 untested (Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7200)
Huawei E180 0x12d1 0x1406 Works (Chipset: Qualcomm MSM7200)
KYOCERA AH-K3001V 0x0482 0x0203 untested
LG CU515 untested
MediaTek Inc GPS 0x0e8d 0x3329 untested
Metricom GS Modem 0x0870 0x0001 untested
Motorola MOTOMAGX phones 0x22b8 0x6425 untested
Motorola Q Phone 0x22b8 0x7000 untested
Hummingbird huc56s (Conexant) 0x0572 0x1329 untested
Netcomm Roadster II 128 ISDN untested
Nokia n70 N95 HSDPA Yes
OGO 0x045E 0x0079 0090 no driver
Olitec ADSL Modem V2 0x08e3 0x0100 / 0x0102 untested
Onda PT502HS 0x19D2 0x0001 untested
Radicom V92HU-E2 untested
Samsung i8510 Innov8 Symbian smartphone 0x04e8 0x6651 works [9]
Samsung Tocco Lite (aka GT-S5230) 0x04e8 0x6795 works [10]
Shiro / Aztech USB MODEM UM-3100 0x0572 0x1328 untested
ZyDAS 56K USB MODEM 0x0ace 0x1602 untested
ZyDAS 56K USB MODEM 0x0ace 0x1608 untested
ZyDAS 56K USB MODEM - new version 0x0ace 0x1611 untested
Zoom Telephonics Model 3095F USB MODEM 0x0803 0x3095 untested
Ugobe Pleo 0x6962 0x0100 0x0100 Works

Misc edit

palmpda.class - no pdalink.library and tools in AROS

Palm PDA (discontinued) synchronisation requires a port of pdalink.library and its tools through virtual usbpalm.device.
Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Palm IIIx (OS3.1) serial rs-232 only no
Palm IIIc (OS3.5) no
Palm V no
Palm m100 no
Palm m125 first USB - last with aaa batteries no
Palm m500 (OS4) no
Tungsten T (OS5) first arm cpu 0x 0x 0x no
Zire 31 (OS 5.28) color arm-based no
Handspring Visor – USB support out of box no
Handspring Treo 600 – last one for Handspring no
Treo 700w no
no driver

bluetooth.class - needs Bluetooth stack to work (not included)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
no driver
no driver
no driver

ccid.class - Chip/Smart Card Interface Devices (not implemented)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
cyberJack RFID basis 0x0C4B 0x9102 0001 no driver
no driver

dfu.class - DFU firmware upgrade

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
iPhone 0x05ac 0x1290 0x1292 0x1294 untested use with caution could cause damage
M-Audio/Midiman USB audio untested

RocketTool (USB Rocket Launchers - Toy missile launchers)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Original Launcher and StrikerII (includes laser) 0x1130 0x0202 works
Dream Cheeky USB Missile Launcher or USB Cirus Cannon 0x1941 0x8021 no driver
Dream Cheeky USB Webcam Missile Launcher 0x1941 no driver
Rocket Baby 0x0a81 0x0701 no driver

DRadioTool (FM Radios - USB radio devices D-Link/Gemtek)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
D-Link DSB-R100 USB 0x04b4 0x1002 0x0410 works
GemTek USB FM Radio 21 0x04b4 0x1002 untested

UproarTool (Valencia MPX mp3 player and others)

Description Vendor ID Product ID Revision Opinion
Korean D Square Valencia MPX-Player 0x04e8 various untested