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LONG SPAtan(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPSin(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPCos(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPTan(LONG fnum1)
LONG SPSincos(IPTR *pfnum2, LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPSinh(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPCosh(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPTanh(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPExp(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPLog(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPPow(LONG fnum1, LONG fnum2) 
LONG SPSqrt(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPTieee(LONG fnum) 
LONG SPFieee(LONG ieeenum) 
LONG SPAsin(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPAcos(LONG fnum1) 
LONG SPLog10(LONG fnum1)