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LONG IEEEDPFix(double y) (D0/D1)
double IEEEDPFlt(LONG y) (D0/D1)

LONG IEEEDPCmp(double y, double z) (D0/D1,D2/D3)
LONG IEEEDPTst(double y) (D0/D1)

double IEEEDPAbs(double y) (D0/D1)
double IEEEDPNeg(double y) (D0/D1)

double IEEEDPAdd(double y, double z) (D0/D1,D2/D3)
double IEEEDPSub(double y, double z) (D0/D1,D2/D3)
double IEEEDPMul(double y, double z) (D0/D1,D2/D3)
double IEEEDPDiv(double y, double z) (D0/D1,D2/D3)

double IEEEDPFloor(double y) (D0/D1)
double IEEEDPCeil(double y) (D0/D1)