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This library handles the hardware and software expansion of your system.




void AddConfigDev(struct ConfigDev *configDev) 
BOOL AddBootNode(LONG bootPri, ULONG flags, struct DeviceNode *deviceNode, struct ConfigDev *configDev)

void AllocBoardMem(ULONG slotSpec) 
APTR AllocExpansionMem(ULONG numSlots, ULONG slotAlign)

struct ConfigDev *AllocConfigDev() 
void ConfigBoard(APTR board, struct ConfigDev *configDev) 
void ConfigChain(APTR baseAddr) 
struct ConfigDev *FindConfigDev(struct ConfigDev *oldConfigDev, LONG manufacturer, LONG product)

void FreeBoardMem(ULONG startSlot, ULONG slotSpec) 
void FreeConfigDev(struct ConfigDev *configDev) 
void FreeExpansionMem(ULONG startSlot, ULONG numSlots)

UBYTE ReadExpansionByte(APTR board, ULONG offset) 
void ReadExpansionRom(APTR board, struct ConfigDev *configDev)

void RemConfigDev(struct ConfigDev *configDev) 
void WriteExpansionByte(APTR board, ULONG offset, ULONG byte) 
void ObtainConfigBinding() 
void ReleaseConfigBinding()

void SetCurrentBinding(struct CurrentBinding *currentBinding, ULONG bindingSize) 
ULONG GetCurrentBinding(struct CurrentBinding *currentBinding, ULONG bindingSize)

struct DeviceNode *MakeDosNode(APTR parmPacket) 
BOOL AddDosNode(LONG bootPri, ULONG flags, struct DeviceNode *deviceNode)