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interface for outline fonts, and our implementation of it in freetype2.library.

font metrics are actually quite difficult and not help by the fact that the bullet interface doesn't provide a way to get the metrics for the font as a whole, meaning have to generate them in a rather horrible way.

font sizing on AROS is not the same as on other systems. The bullet interface to FreeType is recalculating the metrics to better match the traditional Amiga way of talking about metrics, with the downside that it makes the glyphs smaller than they should be. Additionally, there's no way to get the display device DPI under AROS, making it quite impossible to have FreeType adjust the scale appropriately.



ULONG SetInfo(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine, Tag tag1, ...)
ULONG ReleaseInfo(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine, Tag tag1, ...)
ULONG ObtainInfo(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine, Tag tag1, ...)

struct GlyphEngine *OpenEngine()
void CloseEngine(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine)
ULONG SetInfoA(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine, struct TagItem *tagList)
ULONG ObtainInfoA(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine, struct TagItem *tagList)
ULONG ReleaseInfoA(struct GlyphEngine *glyphEngine, struct TagItem *tagList)