Animating Weapons for Counter-Strike Source/Setting up the XSI Development Environment

The "Mod Tool" XSI Mod Tool 6 layout is not convenient to use as it looks nothing like XSI Mod Tool 4.2's layout.

To fix this problem, do the following:

  • Open XSI Mod Tool 6.
  • Hover to the menu bar where one sees File, Edit, etc.
  • Select View>Layouts>Default.
  • Select View>Optional Panels> Show All
  • Hover to the empty space on the menu bar. It is next to the help menu.
  • Right click it and enable the following:
    • Module Menus
    • Construction Mode
  • On the top right of the 3D "user" or "camera" view, click the icon that looks like a square inside another square. This will separate your views into Top, User, Front, and Right.

If you cannot find the icon, look near the big arrow at the top right of the screen. It is a little down and then left from there.

Animating Weapons for Counter-Strike Source
Decompiling the Default Model Setting up the XSI Development Environment Navigating in the 3D world of XSI