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A Guide to Animal Crossing

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Overview of Animal Crossing edit

Animal Crossing is a GameCube game in which you are a human who just moved out to live on his/her own. You come to a town full of animals and the local store owner, Tom Nook, gets you a small house. Unfortunately, your character has no money, so you pay off the debt over the course of the game. In the game you can do tasks for townspeople, fish, help the local museum and many other activities. As you pay off your debt Tom Nook builds on to your house and makes it larger, not for free of course. A top floor and basement are added, which are all worth the trouble of paying off your debt. Paying off the final debt is optional, and you get a golden statue of you built in the middle of the town.


There are a number of villages who can interact with the player in Animal Crossing.


A Nintendo E-Reader

The E-Reader can be used to get letters from villagers or play mini games.[1]

Because an E-Reader is a GameBoy Advance accessory, it requires an GameBoy Advance adapter cable to use with the game.

References edit

Time Travel

In Animal Crossing, Time Travel is the unofficial technique of changing the GameCube clock to manipulate time in the game.