America's Army: Special Forces/SPR Special Purpose Rifle

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"The Special Purpose Rifle is the primary weapon of the Special Forces Advanced Marksman. A variant on the M16, this is a semi-auto sniper/counter-sniper weapon utilized for its long-range shots and greater accuracy."

A silencer is available and may be attached by pressing "L".

It is reported that if the SPR is not silenced, it appears to OPFOR as a VSS which has the sound of an M82.

It is also reported that the SPR causes low damage relative to other rifles available to Advanced Marksmen (M24 and M82). Consequently, hitting the head is recommended as a hit to the torso may not be fatal and may allow OPFOR to retaliate or find cover. Another option is to pull the trigger repeatedly; when used in conjunction of the silencer, most enemies won't even realize where the shots come from until they are dead by 5 bullets.