America's Army: Special Forces/M16A2 Rifle

Weapon: M16A2 Fire Modes: Semi-Auto/3-round burst Effective Range: 550 m Reload Time: 4.9 seconds Rate of Fire: 800 rpm Ammo: 5.56 mm ball Magazine Capacity: 30 rounds Weight: 8.79 lbs. (loaded)


The M16A2 is the standard rifle for most US Army soldiers. It is light, durable and may fire in either semi-auto (single) or 3-round burst mode to engage the enemy.

The M16A2 is very suitable for medium range combat due to the accuracy of the unaided ironsights. Use semi-automatic mode for long range combat and aim for the neck for a devastating kill. For CQB situations, use the 3-round burst mode.

The M16A2 rifle is considered the standard weapon for the rifleman in non SF maps. It features a single fire mode and a 3 round burst mode. It uses 5.56mm ammunition.

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