Allegro Programming

Allegro is a cross-platform game programming library for C/C++. Allegro is powerful but easy to use. It handles the low-level details of graphics, sound and input so users can concentrate on the higher level aspects of game creation and design.

Though many people find this to be an easy program to use, the potential of allegro is exponential. When using Allegro there are many ways that one can use the simple language to do with what they like. The way one uses this language is in the following way:

  1. Download Bloodshed C++ (PC)
    Download allegro library and reference it in the code with '<#include> "allegro/h"' at the very top of the code
  2. Download XCode (mac)
    Download allegro library and install it on the computer and when a new XCode project is created one of the choices as a new project will be "allegro document"

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