Advanced Microeconomics

Advanced Microeconomics - Preface Edit

The goal of this book is to provide graduate-level foundations for microeconomics. It will assume proficiency in advanced mathematics such as calculus, set theory, and optimization. Many readers may wish to start with the lower-level Principles of Microeconomics.

Table of Contents Edit

  1. Consumer Theory
    1. Preference Relations
    2. Utility Functions
    3. Demand Correspondence
    4. Revealed Preferences
    5. Utility Maximization
    6. Decision Making Under Uncertainty
  2. Production
  3. Market Structure
    1. Monopoly Pricing
    2. Duopoly Models
  4. Game Theory
    1. Strategies
    2. Equilibrium Concepts
    3. Repeated Games
  5. Mathematics for Microeconomics
    1. Linear Algebra
    2. Homogeneous and Homothetic Functions