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Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.
Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

Library functionsEdit

Filtering of text filesEdit

This functionality is used for example in creating the extended booch components. It is also used in conjunction with AdaCL.CGI to create dynamic web pages.

String toolsEdit

A Get_Line which really works. Raw String I/O. Search and Replace in strings. A special string type with support for Internationalization.

Process controlEdit

Execution of external programs (inclusive redirection of standard input and standard output) Wait for a specific process on asynchronous execution. Read and Write to the process standard input and standard output. See os.html for more details.

Command line parsingEdit

A high level command line parser for gnu style command lines.

A secount command line parser with support for internationalisation


A thick binding to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI). This most complete of all Ada binding to the Common Gateway Interface (CGI) and the only binding to support file upload “multipart/form-data”.

Garbage collectorEdit

An optional thick binding to the Boehm-Demers-Weiser conservative garbage collector. Removes the need to deallocate memory.


Extension kit for the Ada95 Booch Components. Stores limited objects. This too, eases up memory management.

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Sample codeEdit

Process controlEdit

This little tool triggers a rescan of the scsi bus on Linux system. I need it for the scanner and the USB Compact-Flash card reader which are both hot pluggable.

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