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Ada. Time-tested, safe and secure.

Library Functions Edit

Excerpt from Homepage [1].

PolyORB aims at providing a uniform solution to build distributed applications; relying either on industrial-strength middleware standards such as CORBA, the Distributed System Annex of Ada 95, distribution programming paradigms such as Web Services, Message Oriented Middleware (MOM), or to implement application-specific middleware.

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see homepage.
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Sample Code Edit

If you are interested in some samples look over at the Programming:CORBA wikibook.

Compile and Install PolyORB Edit

First you should read the INSTALL file which is provided with PolyORB. Most informations needed for compiling PolyORB are contained there.

Linux Edit


Windows Edit

Preconditions Edit

MinGW Edit

You will need to download and install a complete set of MinGW tools. Including a current version of the GNAT compiler.

Refer to Installing chapter so see how to install MinGW.

Python Edit

You need to download and install a version of Python.

XML/Ada Edit

To use all functionality you should also install XML/Ada

Pitfalls Edit

Release Version Edit

There is a bug in the makefiles of the release 1.1r (incorrect use of '/' and '\' in filenames) so this version will not compile with Windows.


The configure script needs the GNU find utility. The problem is that there is a find utility in C:\Windows\System32 as well. You have to make sure that configure will use the right version of FIND.EXE by making a local change to your PATH environment variable. It is not a good idea to make that change in your Windows setup.

Shared Library Support Edit

Shared library support is much used from the team as static library. So if you compile from cvs you might be better off without --enable-shared.

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