Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Reminiscence/Part 4-4 - End 2

We arrive in the courtroom, and after a brief encounter with Kay, we take the stand. Ms. Yew says that her investigation confirmed that there was no way to escape from the hallway and so concludes that Gumshoe is the killer. We already know that and a lot more, so we should be able to find the real murderer. The stage is set for a faceoff between prosecutor and defense attorney, but this time, we're on the prosecutor's side.

Argument: Calisto Yew

Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew's Argument
- Ms. Yew's Argument -

  1. Everyone, sans the suspect, has an alibi for when the gun went off.
  2. Furthermore, the areas around the crime scene have all been thoroughly investigated, right?
  3. I also confirmed that there is no possible escape route from Lobby No. 2.
  4. Which leaves us with one unshakable conclusion, that Detective Gumshoe is the killer.

Rebuttal: Ms. Yew's Argument


Press every statement. We don't really need to reveal what we know right now, and Ms. Yew might have a hidden trump card. Pressing the statements yields nothing new, so it's time we present our own trump card. Edgeworth asks about the alibis of everyone before Gumshoe arrived, but Ms. Yew dismisses it, saying that Gumshoe's the only person who could've committed the crime when the gunshot sounded.

Edgeworth now presents the possibility that the timing of the gunshot was manipulated. Present the Surveillance Video. As we learned in the previous chapter, the video was used to fabricate the gunshot and the murders happened much earlier.

Ms. Yew now says that the courtroom walls were soundproof, so using the tape's gunshot would not have mattered because nobody could hear it. When prompted, choose The window was open. Again, we know that the sound can be passed through open windows. The window in Lobby No. 2 was opened by the killer, but the window in Lobby No. 1 also happened to be open. Someone did something that caused that window to open because they wanted to have witnesses that heard the fake gunshot. This person is our killer, and said killer is Calisto Yew! Ms. Yew isn't intimidated by our accusation and presents a rebuttal.

Testimony: Calisto Yew

Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew's Testimony
- Ms. Yew's Rebuttal -

  1. You argue that the window was opened, however, do you have any proof it was I who did that?
  2. Furthermore, do you have proof that the tape was used in committing the crime?
  3. Frankly, I'm shocked at you for going around accusing people of murder like this.
  4. Especially with logic as full of holes as yours!

Rebuttal: Ms. Yew's Rebuttal


Present Ms. Yew's Perfume at statement 1. Ms. Yew spilled the perfume while she was with Detective Badd in Lobby No. 1. She probably knew that Badd was going to open the window to let out some of the strong smell. In fact, the reason she called Badd into Lobby No. 1 could be to set up an alibi for herself. Ms. Yew says she is getting tired of this and gives us one last piece of testimony.

Testimony: Calisto Yew

Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew's Testimony
- Why It Couldn't Be Me -

  1. Accusing someone of murder over a spilled bottle of perfume is a bit over the top.
  2. But I suppose forgery of evidence is to be expected of a disciple of Von Karma.
  3. In any case, it simply could not have been me who killed Mr. Faraday.
  4. After all, I don't even know where the knife that was used to kill him came from.

Rebuttal: Why It Couldn't Be Me


Press statement 4. Ms. Yew's logic hangs on the fact that she doesn't know where the knife came from. She knows the only thing Mr. Faraday didn't present in the trial was a key. We already know about the trick with the Yatagarasu's Key, but Ms. Yew revealed something much more important. You get another statement out of her.

  • There was a key in his evidence bag, but you can't kill anyone with a simple key!
File:AAIME Yatagarasus Key.png

Present the Knife or the Yatagarasu's Key at this statement. The key can turn into the knife used in the murder, so as long as Ms. Yew knew about the existence of the key, she could've committed the murder. More importantly, not being a member of law enforcement, she shouldn't even have known about the key in the first place. It was sent to the police by the Yatagarasu and only Badd and Faraday could've known anything about it. Ms. Yew claims that Mr. Faraday told her about the key and the trick within it, but how could he have told her when Mr. Faraday himself did not know this trick? Badd also didn't know, so it's not something Mr. Faraday would purposely hide from Ms. Yew. There was only one person who knew about the key-changing trick, and that's the Yatagarasu. Ms. Yew is the Great Thief Yatagarasu!

Yew breaks down into a fit of laughter. She finally confesses to both being the Yatagarasu and committing the double murders. She also reveals that her real name isn't even Calisto Yew. Mr. Faraday had discovered her identity as the Yatagarasu and she needed to silence him from telling the world about it. She made Rell accuse Mr. Faraday of being the Yatagarasu to land him in jail but didn't expect him to be dragged off during the recess. She feared that her plan and her identity would be revealed, so she killed them both. She predicted that Mr. Faraday would bring and use the key to prove that Rell wasn't the Yatagarasu, thus giving her a convenient murder weapon. She entered Lobby No. 2 pretending to be curious about the knife, and while her hand was in the evidence bag she transformed it into a knife and used it to stab Mr. Faraday. She had Rell set up the crime scene and tape, then ended his life with a bullet. She finally reveals that she is also a member of the smuggling ring and ordered the assassination of Deid Mann.

Her guilt is now certain, but yet the Yatagarasu remains calm. She reveals the reason the symbol of the Yatagarasu has three legs is that it has more than one way of doing its razor-sharp work. She holds out a pistol and almost shoots Edgeworth but misses thanks to a sudden warning by Kay. However, she escapes with the Yatagarasu's Key, chased by Badd and Kay. One final gunshot rings outside the courtroom.

Bad Ending Seven: If you can't beat her arguments, Yew laughs hysterically leaving Edgeworth losing his cool. Gumshoe gets arrested and Yew declares that she's done with this case.

What REALLY happened

File:AAIME Case04acrime.png

Calisto Yew is actually the Great Thief Yatagarasu, who infiltrates companies to publicize corrupt dealings. Hypocritically, she is also a member of the smuggling ring involved in the KG-8 Incident. Mr. Faraday learned about her true identity while he was investigating both cases, so Yew had to eliminate him.

Yew ordered Mack Rell to assassinate Deid Mann, a witness of the smuggling ring at the Cohdopian Embassy. She also infiltrated the embassy on the same day and sent the Yatagarasu's Key to the police, knowing that it can be turned into a knife. Rell was caught soon after the murder due to being caught on tape but Yew offered to be his defense attorney. She made him claim that he was the Yatagarasu, thus causing Mr. Faraday to bring the Yatagarasu's Key to the court as evidence.

During the trial, Yew made Rell accuse Mr. Faraday of being the Yatagarasu to try and get him arrested. However, she didn't count on Faraday dragging Rell into his office. She feared that her plan would be ruined if Rell was with Mr. Faraday for too long but she still had the key as part of her backup plan. She entered the lobby pretending to be worried about something, silently turned the key into a knife and stabbed Mr. Faraday while the knife was still in the evidence bag, killing him and collecting his blood in the bag.

Yew then ordered Rell to help set up the crime scene by scattering the bags, setting up the tape and opening the window. She killed Rell afterward with the very gun that he used to kill Mr. Mann to remove the sole eyewitness. Yew had a plan to set up an alibi for herself. With the surveillance tape of the footage running and thirty minutes before the gunshot in the tape was fired, she left the room and noticed Detective Badd with Gumshoe. She dragged Badd into Lobby No. 1, making Gumshoe stand guard outside Lobby No. 2.

While standing guard, Gumshoe met Kay Faraday who was looking to buy a snack for her and her father. However, they didn't have enough money to buy the cheapest item on the snack machine, the $6 Swiss rolls. Gumshoe decided to pool his money and Kay's and buy it together. Kay had to exchange the coins she had with a dollar bill, which was how we met her the first time. While enjoying the Swiss rolls, Kay popped her balloon on purpose, which startled Gumshoe and made him drop his Swiss roll. The Judge heard the sound while in the toilet facing the hallway, mistaking it for a party popper or a gunshot.

As the tape was about to reach the part with the gunshot, Yew purposefully spilled her perfume. As the perfume had a strong smell and spread very quickly, it overwhelmed Badd and made him open the Lobby No. 1 window to let out the perfume. Now both the Lobby No. 1 and 2 windows were open and the tape had reached the part with the gunshot. The sound of the shot was absorbed by the thick walls of the courthouse but it did manage to pass through the windows in both lobbies. Badd heard the gunshot, thinking it was the real deal, and hurried to Lobby No. 2 where he found Faraday and Rell dead. Yew also created a false alibi for herself and a witness that could account for her location during that time.



Badd failed to catch Yew but the precinct has already set up a perimeter around the courthouse. Gumshoe is, of course, found innocent. Badd notes that we might meet again before returning to investigate. Gumshoe thanks us for saving him. Edgeworth recalls that Kay left Gumshoe a present, something that signifies their friendship. Optionally, you can present the Swiss Roll. It was bought by Gumshoe and Kay, and while the roll she saved never reached her father, she did make up for dropping the one Gumshoe was having. Gumshoe now declares his loyalty to Edgeworth, which remains evident even to the present day.

File:AAIME Case04End.png
File:AAIME Newspaper.png

Back at Gatewater Land, seven years later, we have encountered Kay once again. She explains that she went to live with her mother's relatives after the death of her father, so she couldn't visit very often. Edgeworth immediately questions why Kay calls herself the Yatagarasu when the real Yatagarasu killed her father. Kay reveals that she found her father's diary while combing through his bookshelves and discovered that he was actually the Yatagarasu. Mr. Faraday also had the Little Thief which he used during infiltrations. Despite this, the Yatagarasu has been recently spotted again, as they sent a calling card to the Cohdopian Embassy. Could this mean that Yew has come out of hiding? Kay sought Edgeworth out to get his help in catching Yew at that embassy.

We're now left with more questions. Who is the real Yatagarasu, Calisto Yew or Byrne Faraday? What caused the Yatagarasu to re-emerge after a seven-year break? Now that we've made our promise with Kay to capture Yew at the embassy, we might finally unravel the truth.