Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Reminiscence

Kay Faraday's piece of cloth has made Edgeworth recall a fateful case seven years ago. You see a scene at the courtroom, with two lawyers and a defendant, who you have never met before. It seems like the defendant is charged with murdering someone from a certain embassy, by request of the Yatagarasu. He accuses the prosecutor of being the Yatagarasu, prompting the judge to replace the prosecutor with another one. And that new prosecutor... is Miles Edgeworth!

Case Information

File:AAIME Case04crime.png
  • Time of Crime: September 10, 3:30 PM
  • Location: Courthouse - Defendant Lobby 2
  • Victim: Mack Rell and Byrne Faraday
  • Cause of death: Gunshot and Stabbing
  • Murder weapon: Handgun and Knife



Prosecution Lawyer

File:PW edgeworth2.png

Miles Edgeworth

Edgeworth, seven years in the past. This case is supposed to be his first as a prosecutor. He respects his mentor, Manfred von Karma, very much. He is much more focused on perfection now than his present-day self, due to the influence from his mentor. He even has Manfred's finger wag!


File:AAIME Byrne Faraday.png

Byrne Faraday

The previous prosecutor of the trial Edgeworth is taking over, who was accused of being the Yatagarasu. He appears to have been stabbed by Mack Rell.

File:AAIME Mack Rell.png

Mack Rell

The murderer of Deid Mann and the defendant of the trial. He was found dead shortly after accusing Faraday of being the Yatagarasu.


File:PW gumshoe2.png

Dick Gumshoe

Detective Gumshoe when he was still a rookie. This is his first major case since his promotion to detective. He is as clumsy as ever, and even gets accused of the double murder.


File:PW The Judge.png

The Judge

The wise elderly man who oversees trials, and hands down verdicts at the end. He is a bit absent-minded, and easily swayed by people's arguments, but is said to always hand down the correct verdict in the end.

Other Characters

File:PW AAIME Manfred von Karma.png

Manfred von Karma

Edgeworth's mentor. He is a very strict prosecutor and strives for perfection, but his reputation was soiled by Edgeworth's own father. There have been constant rumors that von Karma forges evidence to get his perfect verdict.

File:PW Young Franziska von Karma.png

Franziska von Karma

The daughter of Manfred von Karma. Franziska is no different than her future self, having obvious disdain for Edgeworth and a tendency for whipping others. She uses a riding crop and not a whip as her weapon of choice. She is a bit short for her age, and she doesn't like that fact to be brought up.

File:AAIME small Kay Faraday.png

Kay Faraday

Byrne Faraday's daughter. Kay has a very close relationship with her father and has a Promise Notebook full of the promises she made to him. She can be a bit cheeky at times.

File:AAIME Deid Mann.png

Deid Mann

Witness to a smuggling ring, who was killed in order to silence him. This trial was held to prosecute his killer, Mack Rell.

File:AAIME Manny Coachen.png

Manny Coachen

A Cohdopian Embassy staff member suspected of being involved in a smuggling group and killing a woman named Cece Yew. He was found Not Guilty due to a lack of evidence, and so cannot be convicted of the same crime again due to the rule of double jeopardy.

File:PW Calisto Yew.png

Calisto Yew

The defense attorney for this trial. She tends to break out in fits of laughter from the mildest things, like Edgeworth's serious attitude.

File:PW Tyrell Badd.png

Tyrell Badd

The detective who was supposed to be called as a witness during the trial. He is an acquaintance of Byrne Faraday and has worked with him in a lot of cases.

File:AAIME Yatagarasu.png


A mysterious thief who steals information on corrupt dealings and makes them public.