Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Reminiscence/Part 4-3 - End 1

We are now in the Defendant Lobby No. 1. Overhearing a conversation between Kay and Detective Badd, it appears that Kay found something. She leaves the room and you are free to look around. Talk to Detective Badd. Edgeworth mentions a strong fragrance that he smelled as soon as he entered the lobby. Badd says that its the smell of Ms. Yew's perfume, which she spilt. Ms. Yew's Perfume is added to your Organizer.

  • During the recess: Until Detective Gumshoe's arrival, Badd and Yew were in sperate locations. They were only together after Badd assigned Gumshoe to guard duty. Detective Badd also reveals Ms. Yew and his connection with the KG-8 Incident.
  • KG-8 Incident: Mr. Faraday and Detective Badd were on the trail of a smuggling ring. The sole witness of the smuggling incident, Cece Yew, was killed. Colin Devorae was arrested as the smuggling group's ringleader. In reality, he knew nothing about the group but confessed anyway. Manny Coachen was acquitted of the murder of Cece Yew. Badd was supposed to keep Mr. Faraday's evidence which was stolen by an unknown individual. Badd himself has even been involved in a gunfight that left the very bullet holes in his jacket.
  • Relation to Yew: Badd first met Ms. Yew at the end of the KG-8 Incident's trial. She holds obvious resentment towards him and Mr. Faraday as they couldn't protect her sister. They met her again during a trial involving the smuggling ring. Yew was the defense attorney, though she really became one just to find out more about the ring.
  • Relation to Faraday: Badd met Mr. Faraday when he was still a rookie and was acquaintances with him when Kay was born. They worked on the Yatagarasu case together and gathered a lot of information. Badd was called to testify during this trial about the Yatagarasu.
  • Yatagarasu: There are three reasons why the Yatagarasu always eludes capture. First, the Yatagarasu always knows the exact location of the target object. Second, the Yatagarasu always knows exactly how to disarm the security system. Finally, the Yatagarasu never leaves evidence behind. However, in this case, evidence of the smuggling ring was directly sent to the police by the Yatagarasu. Whenever the Yatagarasu wants to publicize a piece of information, it sends it with a special white card.
File:AAIME Ms. Yews Perfume2.png
File:AAIME Ms. Yews Perfume.png

The bailiff comes and informs us that the Judge is transferring all the evidence we need to us.

Bad Ending Four: If you run out of logic here, Badd believes the investigation has run for too long and has to force Edgeworth and Franziska to leave.

Bad Ending Five: If you run out of logic with the Judge in the courtroom, the Judge announces that he has to prepare for his next court hearing but will arrange for Gumshoe's arrest. Edgeworth protests, but the Judge sees no need to further prolong the issue and adjourns the court. Does this sound familiar from Ace Attorney courtroom dramas? The Judge has a quirky personality after all.

Bad Ending Six: If you run out of logic while talking to Gumshoe or Kay, Yew and Badd comes in to arrest Gumshoe due to having enough evidence to warrant it.

New evidence

File:AAIME Mr. Faradays Organizer.png
File:AAIME Yatagarasus Key Photo.png

We arrive in the courtroom and prepare for the evidence transferral. Ms. Yew is still busy with her investigation, so there will be no lengthy discussion or analysis. All the evidence is placed on the prosecutor's bench.

Examine the evidence. We have the knife, the gun, the documents related to the trial, and Mr. Faraday's organizer! Examine the organizer. It seems that Mr. Faraday was sure that Rell was the killer and that he wasn't the Yatagarasu, as well as having a definitive piece of evidence called the Yatagarasu's Key. Mr. Faraday's Organizer is jotted down in your Organizer. There is also a picture of the Yatagarasu's Key. Yatagarasu's Key is added to your Organizer.

Now examine the knife. Mr. Faraday never mentioned anything about the knife in his organizer, so what was it doing in his evidence bag? However, there was a mention of something else that no one has seen. Present the Yatagarasu's Key. The key might just be the knife! You automatically examine the knife. Check the handle of the knife. The handle can, in fact, be opened up into a key! The Yatagarasu's Key is updated in your Organizer.

Since it appears that even Mr. Faraday was not aware of this feature, that means that the killer must have a bigger understanding about the evidence the Yatagarasu sent than Mr. Faraday, none other than the Great Thief themselves! That also rules out Rell as the killer of Mr. Faraday, as he couldn't have known about the hidden blade. The Knife is updated in the Organizer.

Now examine the documents and gun to notice that the surveillance video of the murder presented at the trial is still missing. The Judge says that it isn't found in Mr. Faraday's bag, so maybe it is somewhere in the crime scene.

Back at the scene of the crime, we witness Badd talking with another officer. His theme music and attitude should be familiar to you. Badd says that he is Agent Lang from the Republic of Zheng Fa, who is still a rookie cop. Talk to Badd and present either the Knife or the Yatagarasu's Key. It appears that neither Badd nor Faraday knew about the key's trick.

  • Time of the murder: Badd is getting tired of repeating his testimony, but we'll still get to find out something from him with a confrontation.

Testimony: Detective Badd

Detective Badd
Detective Badd
Detective Badd's Testimony
- Det. Badd's Movements -

  1. ...I was in Lobby No. 1... talking with Yew.
  2. ...We were talking about... some trivial things.
  3. ...I heard the gunshot... right before the trial was about to reconvene.
  4. When we heard it, Yew and I immediately dashed out into the hallway together.
  5. I saw Gumshoe goofing around there... and then we all ran into Lobby No. 2.

Rebuttal: Det. Badd's Movements

File:AAIME Case 04 Logic 05.png
File:AAIME Case 04 Logic 06.png
File:AAIME Case 04 Logic 07.png

Press statement 3. Badd says that he heard nothing weird before the gunshot. You get a new piece of testimony.

  • ...I didn't hear any other strange sounds... until that gunshot...

Present the Balloon Piece. The Judge clearly heard the balloon pop while he was in the hallway, so why didn't Badd hear it when he was in Defendant Lobby No. 1? Badd says that the walls, doors and curtains of the courthouse are soundproof, meaning that he couldn't hear the balloon popping if he were inside the lobby! Using that logic, that means Gumshoe and Badd couldn't have heard the gunshot because the walls were soundproofed.

Edgeworth now recalls the states of the crime scene. The window in Defendant's Lobby No. 1 was open for Dissipating the smell of Yew's perfume. There is a Very loud television in the Defendant's Lobby No. 2. There is a piece of Missing evidence, the surveillance video, which wasn't found in the evidence bag.

Armed with these new pieces of logic, you automatically enter Logic Mode. Connect the Lobby No. 2 window with Dissipating the smell. Since the perfume can be smelled in Lobby No. 2, that means that incorporeal objects can pass through the bars of the lobby windows! You get the Open windows logic. Now connect the Very loud television with the Open windows. Since smell can past through the window, so can sound! The windows of Lobby Nos. 1, 2 and the hallway were all open, so the sound of the gunshot could be heard by Gumshoe and Badd. You get the Gunshot could be heard logic. Finally, connect the Missing evidence with Gunshot could be heard. The video captured the exact moment of the murder, including the gunshot, so it can still be left in this very room! Edgeworth says that we should examine the television.

Investigation: Defendant Lobby No. 2

File:PWAAJFA Video Tape.png
File:AAIME crime04c.png

You automatically start in a close-up scene of the television. Examine the video player. There is a tape inside, and it is confirmed as the missing tape! The Surveillance Video is added to your Organizer.

Deduce the open window and present the Surveillance Video. Because the windows in both lobbies and the hallway were open, some witnesses heard the gunshot. The killer purposely opened the window to manipulate the perception of When the crime took place. The gunshot that the detectives and Yew heard was from the surveillance video, and the murders must have happened during the recess but before Gumshoe's guard duty. The killer is someone without an alibi during that period.

The bailiff now tells us that Ms. Yew has uncovered the real murderer and wishes to clarify something with us. She is waiting in the courtroom. This case is close to being solved, and the confrontation with Ms. Yew will likely yield the truth.

The chapter now ends.