Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Reminiscence/Part 4-2 - Middle

With the suspect and prosecutor of the case both dead, the trial of Deid Mann's murder will be prematurely dismissed. Edgeworth still wishes to continue the investigation, to which Manfred approves. Franziska reminds you that the competition is still on. You won't get anything useful from Gumshoe, so talk to Calisto Yew. She says that she was in the Defendant Lobby No. 1 discussing something with Detective Badd when she heard the shot, so we now know that both Detective Badd and Ms. Yew have an alibi.

  • Detective Badd: Detective Badd was also involved in the KG-8 Incident. He was in charge of protecting Ms. Yew's sister, but he failed.
  • Time of the murder: Both Badd and Yew were in the No. 1 Lobby, which makes them unrelated to the crime.
  • Mack Rell: Ms. Yew only defended Rell because he claimed to be the Yatagarasu. She had no intention of defending him for the murder but soon found out that he was not the real Yatagarasu.
  • Yatagarasu: The Yatagarasu steals information about corrupt dealings from companies.

Now that Detective Gumshoe has calmed down, you can talk to him.

  • Motive for murder: Detective Gumshoe mistakenly reported at his old post instead of the Criminal Affairs Department during his first day and got scolded for being late by Mr. Faraday.
File:AAIME Annual Bonus Envelope.png
  • During the recess: Detective Badd ordered Gumshoe to stand guard in the hallway at around 3:20 pm.
File:AAIME Swiss Roll.png
  • Next step: Gumshoe just received his Annual Bonus Check and cashed it. He had no cash at all before he cashed the five dollars. The Annual Bonus Envelope is added to your Organizer.

Present Det. Gumshoe's Testimony. Gumshoe asserts that he saw no one in the hallway. Suddenly, the little girl from before sneaks up and kicks Edgeworth in the legs! She drops something while running away. The Swiss Roll is added to your Organizer. We know all we need from Gumshoe, so head to the hallway through the left door.

Investigation: Hallway


Both Detective Badd and the Judge are in the hallway. Talk to the Judge first.

  • Time of the murder: The Judge had to go the restroom during the recess. The window at the men's bathroom gives a good view of the hallway by another window at the end of the hallway. He saw Gumshoe buying something from the vending machine but he disappeared when the Judge looked again.

Now talk to Detective Badd.

File:PWAATaT Testimony.png
File:AAIME Balloon Piece.png
File:AAIME Det. Gumshoue Fingerprints.png
  • Detective Gumshoe: Detective Badd needed someone from the precinct to protect Faraday, since he was just accused of being the Yatagarasu, and got Detective Gumshoe. They met up on the first floor and he took Gumshoe to the hallway. Upon entering, he saw Ms. Yew, who told him that Faraday had just dragged Rell into the Lobby No. 2, and told them not to disturb the two. He ordered Gumshoe to stand guard and heard the gunshot about thirty minutes later in Lobby No. 1 with Yew. Gumshoe never left the hallway, as confirmed by a guard standing at the entrance of the hallway.
  • The gunshot: Detective Badd rushed to the scene in less than a minute as soon as he heard the shot.

When prompted about what is interesting here, choose Time he heard the gunshot. Detective Badd heard the gunshot right before the trial. Det. Badd's Testimony is added to your Organizer.

Examine the vending machine. It sells an assortment of snacks, including Swiss rolls. You get the Vending machine logic. Examine each snack for some humorous dialogue, but there's nothing else we can find out from this machine right now.

File:AAIME Case 04 Logic 03.png
File:AAIME Case 04 Logic 04.png
File:AAIME crime04b.png

Back up and examine the window. Then examine the pink object. It appears to be made of rubber. You receive the Pink piece of trash logic. Examine the cactus. It has sharp needles, enough to prick Egdeworth's hands. You get the Windowsill cactus logic.

Pan down and examine the ants. They are gathered around a chunk of Swiss rolls. You get the Swiss roll crumbs logic. Examine the handprint on the bench. After some forensic work, you discover it belongs to Detective Gumshoe! Det. Gumshoe's Fingerprints are added to the Organizer.

Now go into Logic Mode and connect the Vending machine with Swiss roll crumbs. There's a strong possibility that the crumbs came from a Swiss roll bought from the vending machine in the hallway. Detective Gumshoe might have been eating a Swiss roll and accidentally dropped some crumbs on the floor. Det. Gumshoe's Fingerprints are updated in your Organizer.

If Detective Gumshoe did buy the Swiss rolls, that creates a contradiction. Examine the vending machine. Deduce the Swiss roll price and present Annual Bonus Envelope. Detective Gumshoe didn't have any money before he cashed in his $5 bonus, so how did he buy a $6 Swiss roll? The Swiss Roll is updated in your Organizer.

Now that that is settled, go back into Logic Mode and connect Windowsill cactus with Pink piece of trash. We saw a pink balloon earlier and it might have blown up because it struck the cactus. The Balloon Piece is added to your Organizer. With that, our investigation is complete!

There's is another thing we need to do, which is double-checking the Judge's testimony. Move to the courtroom. Looks like we're going to do something that most lawyers can only dream of: cross-examining the Judge!

Bad Ending Four: If your logic fails here, Badd forces Edgeworth and Franziska to leave the investigation.

Testimony: The Judge

The Judge
The Judge
The Judge's Testimony
- What I Saw At Recess -

  1. During the recess... I, um... I went to the restroom.
  2. There is a window on the hallway side. In other words, I could see into the hallway.
  3. As I entered, I saw that detective buying something from the vending machines.
  4. But when I was about to exit the restroom, he had completely disappeared!
  5. A detective that goes missing while on duty... That sounds mighty suspicious to meeeee!

Rebuttal: What I Saw At Recess


Present Det. Gumshoe's Fingerprints at statement 4. Detective Gumshoe is likely to have sat down at the hallway bench near the window to eat the Swiss roll he just bought. The hallway window is quite high on the wall, so Gumshoe wouldn't be seen if he was sitting on the bench! The Judge now says he recalled something.

Testimony: The Judge

The Judge
The Judge
The Judge's Testimony
- What I Saw, Pt. 2 -

  1. I suppose it's possible you can't see a seated person from the restroom window.
  2. However, that doesn't mean that the Detective was sitting there when I looked!
  3. Anyway! I forgot to testify earlier about probably the most important detail...
  4. As I was leaving the restroom, I heard the loud "BANG!" of a gunshot.

Rebuttal: What I Saw, Pt. 2


Press statement 2. The Judge says he went to the restroom about twenty minutes before the court was to start. You receive a new piece of testimony.

  • Let's see... I looked into the hallway about 20 minutes before we were to reconvene.

Present Det. Badd's Testimony at this new statement. Detective Badd heard the gunshot right before the trial started, but the Judge claims he heard it twenty minutes before. Present the Balloon Piece. The gunshot the Judge heard was actually a balloon popping!

Edgeworth now recalls the small exchange with the little girl. She had a balloon with her and exchanged a dollar bill for a few coins from Edgeworth. It might just tie everything in this case together...

The Judge attempts to release Gumshoe from arrest, but Edgeworth says that his innocence is still not completely certain. We can now interrogate Gumshoe. It is obvious he's lying and we'll have to drag the truth out of him.

Testimony: Detective Gumshoe

Detective Gumshoe
Detective Gumshoe
Detective Gumshoe's Testimony
- While I was on Duty -

  1. I came down here to this courthouse on Detective Badd's orders.
  2. As soon as I got here, he ordered me to stand guard in front of Lobby No. 2.
  3. From that time on, until I heard the gunshot, I was in the hallway the whole time!
  4. On my honor as a detective, I swear it wasn't me, pal!

Rebuttal: While I was on Duty


Press statement 3. Gumshoe insists he was standing guard the whole time but we know that's not true. You get a new piece of testimony.

  • And until I heard the gunshot, I didn't take a single step away from the Lobby No. 2 door.

Present the Swiss Roll or Det. Gumshoe's Fingerprints. If Gumshoe was standing guard the whole time, he couldn't have bought a Swiss roll or dirtied the bench. Gumshoe confesses that he bought a Swiss roll to eat but there's still something incorrect. Even though it is very clear he couldn't afford it, Gumshoe asserts that he bought the Swiss rolls himself.

Present the Swiss Roll. This roll is dropped by the little girl from before. There are two rolls in one package, so he could've given it to the little girl. That same girl tries to sneak up on Edgeworth again but Edgeworth dodges. She now introduces herself as none other than Kay Faraday, Mr. Faraday's daughter.

Talk to Kay and present the Swiss Roll. She did drop it and was saving it for her dad all along, before breaking down into tears. Edgeworth offers his cravat to dry Kay's tears but she blows her nose on it! Talk to Kay again.

File:AAIME Promise Notebook.png
  • Your father: Kay admires her father as a prosecutor and keeps a notebook about the promises she aims to achieve. The Promise Notebook is added to your Organizer.
  • Dick Gumshoe: Kay did, in fact, meet Gumshoe in the hallway.
  • Swiss Rolls: Kay wanted a pack of Swiss rolls but only had a dollar.

Edgeworth now lends the dirtied cravat to Kay (which will get returned seven years later).

Now to find out why Gumshoe chose to hide the fact that he didn't tell us about the Swiss rolls. It should be pretty obvious right now why he is lying and that is to protect Kay. Present the Promise Notebook. One of the promises Kay made with her father is not to take things from a stranger. Gumshoe is merely trying to cover for Kay breaking one of her promises!

Gumshoe finally tells the truth. He was hungry while on guard duty but the cheapest item on the vending machine costs $6 when he only had $5. Kay also wanted to get a pack of Swiss rolls to share with her dad but only had about a dollar in coins. They pooled their money together to buy a pack of Swiss rolls. Gumshoe promised not to tell the others about Kay breaking her promise. They both sat on the bench to enjoy the Swiss rolls but Kay popped her balloon on purpose to surprise Gumshoe, although this caused him to drop his roll. She later tried to give Gumshoe her roll to make up for it but ended up kicking Edgeworth for questioning Gumshoe.

Ms. Yew nows enter the courtroom. She says that because we've proven that Gumshoe was in the hallway the whole time, he is the only one who could've committed the murder! If we can't clear his name, Gumshoe will surely get arrested. There is one last place we haven't investigated yet, and that's the Defendant Lobby No. 1.

The chapter now ends.