Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Reminiscence/Part 4-1 - Beginning

First Case

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Being set seven years ago, Edgeworth notes that this case is his first assignment, to replace the prosecutor who was accused by the defendant of being the Yatagarasu. Ace Attorney veterans will remember that Edgeworth's actual first case was set nearly six months later, against another defense attorney and about a different murder, so something must have happened during this case.

A man enters, who fans of the first game will recognise as Edgeworth's mentor and Franziska's father, Manfred von Karma. He demands perfection from Edgeworth to land the defendant in prison. Looks like this could be the first time we play the role of a prosecutor in an Ace Attorney game! Talk to von Karma. He says that the defendant claimed that the prosecutor, Byrne Faraday, instructed him to commit murder. We have a whole hour of recess to prepare for the case.

  • Today's trial: A murder was committed on September 8th in front of the Cohdopian Embassy. The victim is Mr. Deid Mann, a staff member at the embassy. The defendant is Mr. Mack Rell, who was arrested as he possessed the murder weapon and was caught on the embassy's security camera. The Yatagarasu had also successfully infiltrated the Cohdopian Embassy around this time. At first, the defendant claimed to be the Yatagarasu but didn't kill anyone. Once Prosecutor Faraday presented the security footage where the defendant shot the victim, he admitted to the murder but claimed that the prosecutor is really the Yatagarasu and instructed him to do it. Von Karma also mentions that this case is has been considered by some to be the "second KG-8 incident".
  • "2nd KG-8 incident": Von Karma gives us a newspaper dated three years back. The KG-8 Incident Overview is added to your Organizer. The Amano Group was involved in a smuggling ring, and the ringleader, Colin Devorae, was arrested. A woman named Cece Yew was the sole witness of the ring but was killed before she could provide any testimony. The killer was suspected to be a Cohdopian Embassy staff member named Manny Coachen, who was found not guilty due to insufficient evidence. The prosecutor for that case was also Byrne Faraday. The victim this time is also a witness of the smuggling organization and was also murdered before he could testify.
  • Yatagarasu: The Yatagarasu stole something from the Cohdopian Embassy and sent it to the police. That was actually the first time the Yatagarasu incriminated itself by leaving evidence behind. Manfred suggests we ask Mr. Faraday about the Yatagarasu, as he is in charge of the case as well.

Suddenly, a young girl enters the lobby and ask Edgeworth to exchange her pile of coins for a dollar. She does seem a bit familiar, but now's not the time to think about it. The prosecutor substitution paperwork has been completed and the trial is just about to start.

Empty courthouse


There is nobody in the courtroom except for the prosecution and the bailiff - not even the defense attorney is here. The Judge now arrives, saying that he heard a popper go off during the recess. Mr. Faraday didn't even transfer his evidence to us, so how are we supposed to start the trial?

Then, none other than Detective Gumshoe barges in, saying that both the defendant and the previous prosecutor have been found dead in Defendant Lobby No. 2!

Two deaths in one


Outside the door to the defendant's lobby, a tall detective blocks our path. He denies us entry to the crime scene. The defense attorney is also here, and Gumshoe soon catches up to us. We'd better start asking around to find out what happened. Talk to the detective. He introduces himself as Detective Tyrell Badd. Faraday requested him to testify about the case, which is why he was already near the crime scene when Edgeworth arrived.

  • Crime scene: The prosecutor was stabbed to death holding a gun in his hand, while the defendant was shot to death with a bloodied knife in his hand. Detective Gumshoe was guarding the lobby entrance the whole time and saw no one enter, which means that the two victims killed each other!
  • Trial witness: Badd was called as a witness because he worked on the Yatagarasu's case, so he can identify if Faraday has the Yatagarasu's characteristics.

Now talk to the defense attorney. Her name is Calisto Yew, and she tends to break out with laughter a lot.

  • Crime scene: Yew doesn't know anything about the murder. She's only there after hearing the news that Faraday was murdered.

Finally, talk to Gumshoe. Edgeworth and Gumshoe have never met before this and Gumshoe has just become a detective.

File:PWAATaT Testimony.png
  • Crime scene: Gumshoe was guarding the entrance to the lobby when he heard the gunshot. He saw Detective Badd rush to the scene and they both entered the lobby and discovered the murder. Other than the gunshot, Gumshoe did not hear anything. Det. Gumshoe's Testimony is added to the Organizer.

A bailiff now arrives and says that a Cohdopian Embassy staff member by the name of Manny Coachen has requested to see Calisto Yew. They leave while von Karma arrives. He knows Badd well and is about to let us investigate before we're interrupted by a familiar voice. A younger Franziska is on a vacation from Germany. She sounds as competitive as ever. Von Karma leaves Edgeworth and Franziska with the investigation, with Detective Badd overlooking them.



Franziska challenges Edgeworth to a competition to find who is worthy of the von Karma name, to which Edgeworth accepts. Detective Badd enters and puts Gumshoe in charge of guiding us. Gumshoe will be your partner from now on.

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Detective Badd reveals that the gun used for the murder was taken from Mr. Faraday's bag, being one of the pieces of evidence presented at the trial earlier. He says that he knows nothing about the knife, though since Rell was brought in by the police, that must mean the knife belonged to Mr. Faraday as well. Badd also theorizes that Faraday attacked Rell first, who then counterattacked.

Examine the table. The plastic bags and tea set seems undisturbed, even though a fight just happened. You get the Neat and tidy table logic.

Next, examine the open window. The bars attached to the window prevent anyone from trying to escape by jumping out. You get the Lobby No. 2 Window logic. Then examine the television. Gumshoe starts messing with it before it suddenly turns on.

Examine the dead bodies to enter a close-up scene. Examine the bags near the body. There are plastic bags used for storing evidence scattered around the crime scene. You get the Plastic bags strewn about logic. Examine the gun to get the Handgun in your Organizer, then the bloody knife to get the Knife in your Organizer. Finally, examine Faraday's left hand. There seem to be some ink blotches on his hand. You get the Ink stain logic.

We can't find out more with the bodies positioned like this, so after a bit of persuasion from Edgeworth and a bit of lifting from Gumshoe, we can now examine the scene with their bodies face up. Examine the object in Faraday's pocket. Mr. Faraday keeps a fountain pen in his breast pocket. You get the Fountain pen in pocket logic. Now examine Rell's bullet wound. There are no burn marks around the wound, suggesting that Rell was shot from quite a distance away. The Handgun is updated in your Organizer. Now examine Faraday's knife wound. Edgeworth wonders if the wound matches the knife, so Badd then asks a labbie to verify that. Edgeworth theorizes that Faraday took the gun and the knife from his bag, then aimed the gun at Rell and fired. Rell managed to snatch the knife and stab at Faraday, and both of them died on top of each other. There is still something not right about these chain of events, though. The Crime Scene Notes are jotted down in your Organizer.

Now go into Logic Mode and connect the Ink stain with Fountain pen in pocket. The ink could have come from the fountain pen, which the lab tech confirms. That must mean that Faraday used his fountain pen to write with his left hand, so he was left-handed. Mr. Faraday's Fountain Pen is added to your Organizer. Now connect Neat and tidy table with Plastic bags strewn around. There is a pile of plastic bags neatly stacked on the table, though a bunch of bags are scattered around on the floor. One bag has some blood on it, which the lab tech verifies as Faraday's blood. The Plastic Bag is added to your Organizer.

There appears to be nothing left to investigate, though Edgeworth spots a contradiction in the crime scene. Deduce the gun and present Mr. Faraday's Fountain Pen. Mr. Faraday was left-handed, so why would he hold a gun in his right hand? The only logical conclusion is that someone else was involved in this murder. With that, your investigation is complete!

Detective Badd now gives us the autopsy report. It reveals that Rell lived for a short while after being shot, while Faraday died instantly from the stabbing. The Crime Scene Notes are updated in your Organizer. Franziska concludes that she has found the whole truth concerning the case, but we know that there are still some contradictions.

Bad Ending One: If your logic fails here, von Karma comes out and criticizes Edgeworth of not finishing the investigation in three minutes! Same with Franziska, and he asks both to leave. Talk about a speedy investigation in that time limit!

Argument: Franziska von Karma

Franziska von Karma
Franziska von Karma
Franziska von Karma's Argument
- What Happened -

  1. Mr. Faraday's death was instantaneous, while Mr. Rell survived for a short time.
  2. From this, it is obvious that Mr. Faraday died after he shot Mr. Rell.
  3. And Mr. Rell, while on the brink of death, stole Mr. Faraday's knife and stabbed him.
  4. Those are the facts of this case.

Rebuttal: What Happened


Press statement 3. Franziska hesitates while explaining her theory, so we may find a hole in her argument in that part of her theory. You get a new statement.

  • They struggled, and Mr. Rell used the last of his strength to counterattack Mr. Faraday.

Present Det. Gumshoe's Testimony at this statement. How could Gumshoe not hear a thing when there was a fight going on behind the door he was guarding? Franziska now assumes that there wasn't a fight and theorizes that Rell stole the knife from Faraday's bag and stabbed him, getting shot by Faraday afterwards. Reply Yes, something is off when prompted and present the Crime Scene Notes. Mr. Faraday couldn't have killed Rell if he was stabbed first!

We're back at our original theory, but there's a contradiction in the crime scene that keeps up from getting the truth, and that is The order the bodies fell. If Rell managed to stab and kill Faraday instantly before dying himself, how did he end up below Mr. Faraday's body? Although it seems unlikely, Rell must have died before Mr. Faraday! Franziska objects, saying that her theory is still correct.

Argument: Franziska von Karma

Franziska von Karma
Franziska von Karma
Franziska von Karma's Argument
- What Happened, Pt. 2 -

  1. It was just chance that Mr. Faraday's body fell on top of Mr. Rell's.
  2. The two bodies fell into a pile...
  3. ...which indicates that they attacked each other at the same time.
  4. It really doesn't matter in the slightest that they fell in the opposite order.

Rebuttal: What Happened, Pt. 2


Press statement 3 to get a new statement.

  • That fact indicates that they attacked each other at the same time from close range.

Present the Crime Scene Notes or the Handgun at this new statement. The gunshot wound did not leave any burn marks, which means that Rell was shot from at least a few yards away! Franziska wants us to explain who attacked first, so reply Neither man. Since claiming Faraday or Rell attacked first will only cause more contradictions, there must be a third person who killed both of them then set the crime scene up. Franziska says we're missing evidence, but we can totally prove that there was a third person.

Present the Handgun or the Plastic Bag. Either item points to the presence of a third person. If there wasn't a struggle in this room, there shouldn't be plastic bags strewn around. Using the knife and the bag, the killer could've collected the blood in the bag and scattered some other bags near it to make it look like there was a struggle.

Bad Ending Two: If you lose in this argument, Franziska declares herself the winner as who'll earn von Karma's creed. Some popularity contest!

Ms. Yew interrupts us with an objection and requests that Detective Gumshoe is arrested. As the Judge claims that he saw no one in the hallway at a certain point during the recess, Gumshoe could not be guarding the door, and just might be killing the people he was guarding. This could render his testimony, and our train of thought based on it, completely moot. Edgeworth wants to ask one last question before Gumshoe is arrested. Ask him about the Motive for the murders. Gumshoe asserts that he has nothing against Faraday, but Ms. Yew presents a possible motive.

Argument: Calisto Yew

Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew's Argument
- Gumshoe's Motive -

  1. It was... about a week ago.
  2. I saw the detective get chewed out by a livid Faraday in front of the precinct.
  3. He stood there super pale, as Mr. Faraday yelled, "That's a salary cut for you, you nitwit!"
  4. A brand new detective suddenly getting his salary cut -- that's reason enough for a grudge.
  5. Well? How's that for a "perfect explanation"?

Rebuttal: Gumshoe's Motive


Press statement 5, and choose to Raise an objection. We haven't heard anything about Gumshoe's Motive for killing Mr. Rell. Ms. Yew says that she has no idea, but claims that if Gumshoe has a reason to kill one of them, he has a reason to kill both.

Argument: Calisto Yew

Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew
Calisto Yew's Argument
- Motive To Kill The Men -

  1. There's no one out there with a motive to kill both Mr. Faraday and Mr. Rell.
  2. All you really have to establish is that someone had a grudge against one of the two men.
  3. Mr. Rell, who happened to be there, became a witness to Mr. Faraday's murder.
  4. Therefore, he was killed out of necessity, and set up to look like they had killed each other.

Rebuttal: Motive To Kill The Men


Present the KG-8 Incident Overview at the first statement. There is one man who has a reason to kill both men, and he is Manny Coachen! Detective Badd says that Coachen was in the viewing gallery watching the trial during the murder, leaving Gumshoe as the only suspect. There's nothing we can do to save him.

Talk to Yew.

  • KG-8 Incident: Ms. Yew claims that she doesn't know anything about the incident other than what was made public, but there is a very clear connection between her and the incident.

Present the KG-8 Incident Overview and select that she is connected to it Through the victim. The victim's name was Cece Yew, who shared a surname with Calisto Yew. Now she will tell the truth.

  • KG-8 Incident: Cece Yew was Calisto's sister who was killed by Manny Coachen. Mr. Faraday originally had enough evidence to convict Coachen, but a man in black made off with the evidence. Since Manny Coachen was tried before and acquitted, he can no longer be tried again.
  • Manny Coachen: Ms. Yew confirms that Manny was watching the trial, thus having a solid alibi.

Having obtained all of this information, we are one step closer to finding out the culprit. Gumshoe is hiding something, even though it'll incriminate him as the murderer.

The chapter now ends.

Bad Ending Three: If you fail to counter Yew's argument, Badd asks Gumshoe to come along quietly.