Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Airlines/Part 2-3 - End 1

Looks like we're finally in the cargo hold. This could be the actual scene of the crime. Let's get to investigating!

Investigation: Cargo Hold

File:AAIME Glass Shards.png
File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 06.png
File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 07.png

Examine the yellow suitcases. There is clearly one missing, as well as some glass fragments near them. You will get the Glass shards logic.

Next, examine the black suitcase. Looks like this is the victim's, and he has... a Profile on Franziska? Strange... does the victim know her?

Talk to Franziska. She was already at the airport when the airplane landed, giving out orders. But why?

  • Why at the airport?: Franziska was investigating a large multi-national crime, and has collaborated with the Interpol.

Now we can start connecting some logic pieces! First, connect the Glass shards with the Broken glasses. The glass shards are the broken lens of the victim's glasses, meaning he was here. Now connect the Profile on Franziska with Interpol. The victim could be an agent of Interpol who was supposed to meet up with Franziska at the airport. Looks like we have some questions for Franziska. Talk to her again.

  • Truth about Hicks: The victim was an Interpol agent investigating an international Smuggling ring. Hicks was supposed to call Franziska when he landed.

Agent Hicks must have come down to the cargo hold as part of his investigation, but since he couldn't have had the keycard, he could have been accompanied by a crew member. Once he was there, the killer killed him and moved his body into the elevator. As the plane hit the patch of turbulence, the victim's body flew out of the suitcase along with his belongings. And with that, our investigation is complete!

Well, all this evidence really points to Teneiro... or does it? Well, Franziska seems to think so and she's ready to present her argument!

Argument: Franziska von Karma

Franziska's Argument
- Definitive Evidence -

  1. If it was a crew member, any one of them could've shown Agent Hicks to the cargo hold.
  2. But the point to keep in mind is the keycard that allows the elevator to come down here.
  3. The only person with such high-level access is Ms. Rhoda Teneiro!
  4. I'd say that's a pretty decisive piece of information, wouldn't you?

Rebuttal: Definitive Evidence


Press the second statement. Teneiro claimed her keycard was stolen, so it is possible someone else did it. Franziska rebuts that she's the only person who can get the murder weapon from the locked display. You get a new statement.

  • Further, there is the matter of the key to the display case that held the murderous bank.

Press this new statement. It might not be the murder weapon, but Franziska doesn't accept that. There is no other possible murder weapon. We must find a way to rule the piggy bank out and we can do that by further examining the body. We don't even know the victim's autopsy reports, so how can we be sure that his death was caused by the piggy bank?

File:AJAA Investigation Report.png
File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 08.png
File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 09.png

Franziska orders Gumshoe to get the autopsy report. He returns, but with some bad news. The victim died by a blow to his head but was bruised from his shoulder to his mid-back. The Autopsy Report is added to the Organizer. But this doesn't answer how Agent Hicks died...

At that moment, Zinc Lablanc barges into the cargo hold trying to check on his luggage. And he's willing to do that by force! Running straight at the officer he... falls off the railing. This causes Edgeworth to have a revelation and he recalls the facts: he needs to prove that the Mr. Ifly piggy bank isn't the real murder weapon, the real murder Weapon couldn't be found and the Cause of death was from extensive bruising from the victim's head to his mid-back.

You automatically enter Logic mode. Connect Cause of death with Mr. Ifly piggy bank. It's only one bruise down the victim's back, the piggy bank is too small for that. You get the A sizeable weapon logic. Now connect Weapon couldn't be found with A sizeable weapon. A large weapon would have been discovered ages ago, so why haven't we found anything like it? Unless it's something so big we completely missed it. However, we don't have evidence to show it. The cause of death was not caused by a beating, it was caused by a free fall! The murder weapon is the floor! That explains the size of his injuries. The victim fell from the top of the stairs down to the floor of the cargo hold.

File:AAIME Cargo from Zheng Fa.png

That means... oh no, Lablanc must also be dead! Fortunately not, as he's alive and still conscious. If that large piece of cargo hadn't been there to break his fall, he would've died... This proves that Agent Hicks could have been killed when the cargo box wasn't there. Present Refueling in Zheng Fa. The plane made a refueling in Zheng Fa, during which cargo was also transferred. The box next to it is labeled the Zheng Fa Express, so it was loaded after the refueling. The Cargo from Zheng Fa is added to the Organizer. Looks like it's time for another investigation.

Second Investigation: Cargo Hold

File:AAIME Case 02 Logic 10.png
File:AAIME Alif Red Statue.png
File:AAIME Alif Red Certificate.png
File:AAIME crime02h.png
File:AAIME crime02i.png

Examine the large piece of cargo that broke Lablanc's fall. It turns out this is part of Lablanc's cargo. We could get more information about it from him. Talk to Lablanc:

  • Lablanc's Cargo: The cargo contains the "Alif Red Statue" from Europe, and it's a quite Valuable piece of art. In fact, it's too valuable for us to investigate.

Now go into Logic mode and connect Smuggling with the Valuable piece of art. This statue could be a fake, transferred onto the ship during the refueling at Zheng Fa. Talk to Lablanc again:

  • Fake Statue: Lablanc insists that his statue isn't a fake, presenting a Cargo Certification document to prove it. It was loaded on the plane back on Europe. Uh-oh... that's not looking good for our case. The Alif Red Certificate is still added to the Organizer.

Lablanc finally reveals the statue. It seems pretty familiar, doesn't it? The Alif Red Statue is added to the Organizer. Now examine the statue. Something in here contradicts something we already have. Deduce the statue's eyes and present the Photo of Mr. Hicks. The statue in the photo clearly has red eyes, but this statue has orange eyes... this statue is a fake! Now, move to the lower half of the statue. Deduce the cloth stuck underneath the statue and present the Cargo from Zheng Fa. If the neighboring piece of cargo was brought onto the plane at Zheng Fa, it couldn't have got its cloth stuck under the statue if it was loaded in Europe! It was smuggled on in Zheng Fa.

Agent Hicks could've been investigating this statue. Even if he could've done that after the plane had landed, the cargo would have been swapped, implicating that the owner himself swapped it. That means someone was involved with forging the cargo certificates... The Alif Red Certificate is updated in the Organizer.

And with that, our investigation is complete. Agent Hicks likely knew that the Alif Red Statue was going to be smuggled, so he took the photo for future reference. Then, trying to find proof that the cargo was indeed smuggled, he came down to take a photo of the cargo hold. There wasn't any statue on the plane during this time, which alone could be good enough proof. He could then have had the cargo crew arrested for smuggling the statue.

After moving the statue, it's discovered that there is, in fact, blood under it. The killer did a good job cleaning it up, and they did it with a Borginian Cloth - otherwise, the cargo crew at Zheng Fa would discover the blood traces. Which means the murder could have happened before the plane landed to refuel. This means a certain person isn't telling the truth... Ms. Meele's testimony is contradictory. She claimed that the victim was still alive when the plane finished refueling, which means she must be lying. And we need to get the truth out of her.

Bad Ending Six: If your logic runs out here before Hick's cell phone is found, Franziska ends the investigation prematurely, stating Teneiro's guilt to be obvious and that she'll be tried as a valuable witness.