Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Airlines/Part 2-2 - Middle

Now that we are back on the ground, looks like the local police will take over the investigation. You will see a familiar face approaching: it's Franziska von Karma, the daughter of Edgeworth's mentor, Manfred von Karma. But it looks like she thinks that Edgeworth is the killer! She won't let him investigate the crime for now, and Detective Gumshoe's called over to watch over Edgeworth. You can talk to him to find out more about Franziska's investigation.

  • Initial Investigation: Looks like the investigation was already underway as soon as the plane arrived. A curious thing Gumshoe tells you is that she was already here before he even got there. And she was supposed to be in Germany, so what brought her here?
  • Franziska von Karma: Franziska already arrived in America to investigate a certain "top-secret" incident.

A hidden Easter egg: If you check with one of the people sitting on the right, you'll notice Sal Manella as one of the people. You'll remember him from Turnabout Samurai in the first game, as he's the director of the "Steel Samurai".

Now that you know why Franziska is here, you should resume your investigation. Walk left back into the plane. Seems like Franziska is questioning the captain; better not interrupt her. You will go down to the first-floor lounge.

Bad Ending Four: If your logic ends here, Franziska stops the investigation. Despite Gumshoe's protests, Edgeworth gets arrested on the spot.

Seems like Lablanc is causing a commotion. If you talk to the officer, he tells you that you can't enter the flight attendant's room. Talk to Lablanc. Looks like he needs to retrieve his cargo, but since the police aren't done investigating it he can't do that.

  • Lablanc's Cargo: Lablanc has a collection of different art pieces in the cargo hold.

Present the Bloody Cloth. It has the same pattern as Lablanc's hat. Turns out it is made with Borginian cloth and is one of Borginia's world-famous exports. The Bloody Cloth is updated in the Organizer. Lablanc also mentions that the flight attendant hasn't come out of the flight attendant's room for a while. That could only mean that Teneiro is in there.

  • Rhoda Teneiro: Looks like Rhoda is still being questioned in the room.

Franziska then appears and requests that Edgeworth prove his innocence. If he succeeds, he could get permission to enter the flight attendant's room. Looks like it's time for a confrontation!

Argument: Franziska von Karma

Franziska's Argument
- Franziska's Logic -

  1. Let's not complicate things and go with the most obvious conclusion.
  2. The scene of the crime was here, in the very lounge the body was discovered.
  3. From the time the victim was seen calling for an attendant until his body as found...
  4. ...the only person in this lounge the entire time was you, Miles Edgeworth!
  5. This, unmistakably, makes you the likeliest suspect.

Rebuttal: Franziska's Logic

File:AAIME crime02f.png

Present the Ifly Suitcase on the second statement. The suitcase was used to move the body to the elevator, meaning the crime scene wasn't in the lounge! Franziska claims that the suitcase could've simply been used to hide the cloth, not move the body. That is possible, but the suitcase was definitely moved. Present the Grape Juice Footprints and then present the two lines leading away from the grape juice. Grape juice was also found on the wheels of the suitcase, so the suitcase was used to move the body! But Franziska insists Edgeworth still haven't proven his innocence just yet.

Argument: Franziska von Karma

Franziska's Testimony
- Franziska's Logic, Pt. 2 -

  1. You prepared yourself and acquired the piggy bank before the plane hit that turbulence.
  2. And then, you waited for the victim in the lounge, where you beat him to death.
  3. Then, while you were in the elevator with the victim's body stuck in the suitcase...
  4. ...the plane hit the patch of turbulence, and out flew the body from within the suitcase!
  5. With no way out, you hastily put the suitcase back where you had taken it from...
  6. ...and pretended to be the "discoverer" of the body.

Rebuttal: Franziska's Logic, Pt. 2


This is way too easy. Present the Mr. Ifly Piggy Bank on the first statement. We know that the piggy bank could only be taken from the shop AFTER the turbulence and the blood could be added after the murder. The killer probably picked the bank up after returning the suitcase to its original location once the murder was committed, to fabricate the murder weapon, before planting the victim's travel wallet in Edgeworth's pocket to pin the crime on him.

There aren't any other objects resembling a murder weapon found on the plane and the best place to hide a murder weapon will logically be in the suitcase with the cloth. That means either the murder weapon is still being carried by the murderer or it's still on this very plane. Franziska presents a third possibility: the murder weapon was the piggy bank, and was obtained by someone unlocking the display case and taking it, breaking the glass case at the same time. That means the killer must have had the key to the display case, which could mean Teneiro did it! That's not all, as she pretended to have been permitted to help Edgeworth investigate the plane. Franziska permits him into the flight attendant's room. Looks like we can move forward with our investigation.

Investigation: Attendant's Room


Well, Teneiro is in the room, so let's talk to her.

  • Captain's permission: Teneiro only lied about getting permission because she knew the captain will only listen to Cammy.
  • In-flight shop: Teneiro only went to the shop to check the stock and went to the flight attendant's room after that.

Present the Ifly Suitcase. Ms Teneiro designed the suitcase and was also the reason she went to the in-flight shop. She only went there to see how her suitcases were selling and was glad to see there was one last suitcase remaining... wait, what? There's no way that can be right!

  • The last suitcase: Ms Teneiro clearly remembers that only one suitcase was in the shop when she checked it, but there was two while Edgeworth was investigating!
File:AAIME crime02g.png
File:AAIME Suicase Receipt.png

Edgeworth notices another suitcase in the room. Teneiro clarifies it's hers and she had been using it for a long time. But that can't be right. Present the price tag on the suitcase. Why is it still there if Teneiro had been using it for a long time? The suitcase could only have been taken from the in-flight shop and the person who took it was Rhoda Teneiro. Teneiro took the suitcase to this room simply to make it look like it was selling well, when in reality it isn't, so she bought one for every flight. She presents the Suitcase Receipt with a timestamp of 5:40 AM, which is added to the Organizer. All of these suitcases are going to be scrapped at the end of this flight and they are all in the cargo hold, so the killer could have used one of the suitcases there.

Other than the elevator, the cargo hold can be accessed from a door in the flight attendant's room. There is no special lock because only personnel holding a certain keycard can actually enter the flight attendant's room. That leaves out all the passengers and narrows down the suspects to all the crew members. Franziska notes that since the killer used the elevator when moving the body, they must have a different keycard to use the elevator. One that only Teneiro has! She claims it's missing but she could simply be hiding it. Teneiro is arrested and the chapter will end.

Bad Ending Five: If you run out of logic here, Franziska arrests Teneiro as a valuable witness.