Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/Turnabout Ablaze/Part 5-7 - End 3

We've established that Mr. Coachen was killed in the neutral area and moved to Allebahst and Babahl, but we have yet to pinpoint the exact location of the murder and prove that Mr. Alba did kill him. Edgeworth requests that Alba testifies about his movements before the murder. He claims that all he did was watch the Steel Samurai show.

Testimony: Quercus Alba

Mr. Alba
Mr. Alba
Mr. Alba's Testimony
- The Steel Samurai's Show -

  1. I watched from the back row. The stage was well-lit, but it was dark out in the audience.
  2. I swear I was there in the audience, but it's hard to prove that, I suppose.
  3. I do remember the contents of the show very well, though. Is that proof enough for you?
  4. Those moving scenes were seared into this old man's heart. I'll never forget them.

Rebuttal: The Steel Samurai's Show


Press statement 3 to get Alba to elaborate on one of the scenes.

  • One of the scenes was the never-before-seen "Early Summer Rain Jab" move.

Present the Samurai Spear at this statement. It was needed to perform the "Early Summer Rain Jab", but since Larry bent it, the finishing move was changed to the "Steel Samurai Sushi Slash". That means that Alba did not watch the show tonight!

Alba now gives us a simple reason why he made that mistake. He needed to go to the bathroom during the show, coincidentally by the time the scene started. Even if it is an obvious excuse, we have absolutely no way to disprove it!

Another Hold it! echoes across the hall, this time from Larry. He says that Alba is a true Steel Samurai fan, mentioning how he knew about the "Early Summer Rain Jab" move, saying that it was decided right before the show started. The move's name was decided five minutes before the show, but as Larry's spear was already bent at the time, they had to change it. This means that Alba could only have known about the move right before the show. When asked how, choose You saw it. Alba saw the name of the move on the whiteboard in the backstage waiting room, which means he was there at some point during the show! Another piece of evidence is also related to the waiting room. Present the Pushcart. The pushcart was left in the waiting room until it was pushed on-stage at the end of the show, after which it was wheeled into the Allebahstian embassy. That means that the killer must've visited the waiting room sometime during the show.

Alba says he did visit the waiting room but insists that it has nothing to do with the murder. He claims that he wandered into the room while going to the bathroom, and just happened to see the name of the move. We don't have any evidence to disprove that, and Agent Lang says that his men had already thoroughly investigated that room but found nothing. Is this really the end?

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File:AAIME Case 05 Logic 11.png
File:AAIME Case 05 Logic 12.png

A Hold it! is called out again, this time from Ms. Oldbag. She wants to give Edgeworth a present, which turns out to be... a box of Samurai Dogs. She said that the box had a special red dot on the fan that looked like the Japanese flag, but tasted the same as the others when she sampled it.

Edgeworth recalls that a pile of Samurai Dogs were piled up in the waiting room, but he knows that a "Rising Sun Dog" doesn't exist. You get the Rising Sun Dogs logic. The Samurai Dogs had to be piled into the pushcart to move them into the embassy. You get the Samurai Dogs logic. As we had deduced, the killer moved the body using the pushcart. You get the Body in the pushcart logic.

You enter Logic Mode for the last time. It's time to connect these final pieces of logic which will lead us to the truth! Connect Samurai Dogs with Body in the pushcart. The killer had to remove the Samurai Dogs in the pushcart to make room for the body, so a bunch of them were piled up in the waiting room. You get the Samurai Dogs were removed logic.

Connect the Rising Sun Dogs with Samurai Dogs were removed. If the red substance on this box was filled in when the killer was removing the boxes to make room for the killer, we can prove that the murder did happen in the waiting room.

There is one spot on this box of Samurai Dogs we just obtained that will be the coup de grace for Mr. Alba. Examine the red spot. A rising sun package of Samurai Dogs never existed, so this red spot is actually a drop of blood. Larry had to pile up the Samurai Dogs in the pushcart so that the Iron Infant could be seen by the audience when placed on the pile. The killer had to remove the Samurai Dogs in the cart to make room for the body and it was during this time that the blood made its way on to this box. All the other Samurai Dogs had been confiscated by staff members to hide evidence of the murder, but lucky for us, Ms. Oldbag managed to get to one before they did.

Although we still haven't proven that Alba killed Coachen, the blood on the box proves that the murder occurred in the waiting room. Alba says that even if the blood was Coachen's it will prove nothing. Even if the murder did happen in the waiting room, we have no way of proving that Alba was the killer! We have had so many moments of hope, but it looks like there really is no way to take down Quercus Alba.

One last Hold it! rings out, this time from a forensics technician. He says that the blood type on the box doesn't match the victim's! Alba states that it means this evidence is meaningless. It could've gotten on the box long before it reached the embassy.

It might seem like the end, but the Ace Attorney series has always been known to turn around the direst situations. What would that man do? As Ace Attorney fans know, turning your thinking around to look at the current situation from another angle or turn the case upside down is the key trademark of the series! If the blood did get on to the box in the dressing room, there is only one person it can belong to. Present Quercus Alba. If the blood was spilt in the dressing room and wasn't from Coachen, the only other person it could've come from is the killer!

Coachen probably fought back before he was killed and might have wounded Alba, possibly causing him to bleed. We can prove that Alba was bleeding around the time of the murder. Present Amb. Alba's Wound. While he claims that he got the wound after the show, we can disprove it with a simple test.

Alba says that his wound is a stab wound, and it isn't possible for Coachen to have carried a blade with him, especially with all the strict security. Since Alba could sneak a knife through security, Coachen must also have had some way of doing so. Present the Yatagarasu's Key. It can transform from a key into a knife, so it can easily be brought into the theater in disguise. Alba couldn't simply dispose of the key after the murder, so he cleaned the blade and placed in on Coachen's body so that when it was found in his office, it would open his private safe containing evidence of him smuggling. That's it, the finishing blow!

Alba reveals that Coachen had sought to seize control of the smuggling ring by trying to remove him from his position as an ambassador. He not only killed Coachen because of his betrayal but also to shut down the whole smuggling business. Regardless of what his motive was, he will have to face the courts, either in this country or in Allebahst. Alba finally breaks down, looking like the shrivelled, weak disguise he put up by the end.

Bad Ending Ten: If you fail this argument against Alba, he doesn't care about the truth and leaves for the airport.

What REALLY happened


Quercus Alba was the ringleader of a large multi-national smuggling ring, mainly involved in the counterfeiting of Zheng Fa bills using Cohdopian ink. His status as an ambassador granted him extraterritorial rights that let him and his secretary, Manny Coachen, counterfeit the bills using the embassy's printing press.

Around this time, Cece Yew, a witness of the smuggling ring, was killed by Coachen under the orders of Alba to silence her, setting off the first KG-8 Incident. Coachen was deemed "Not Guilty" of the murder as decisive pieces of evidence have been stolen. Colin Devorae, the secretary of Ernest Amano, CEO of the Amano Group that was working with the smugglers, was wrongly arrested as the ringleader.

Calisto Yew, a persona of one of the members of the smuggling ring, pretended to be the victim's sister. Together with the prosecutor and detective of the case, Byrne Faraday and Tyrell Badd respectively, they formed the Great Thief Yatagarasu, a group that stole the truth behind corrupt dealings and publicized it. Mr. Faraday decided to use an inverted version of the ringleader's directives card as their symbol to warn the smuggling ring. The respective talents of all three people made them very elusive. Calisto Yew scouted out the location of their target, Byrne Faraday infiltrated the target with his knowledge and Little Thief, while Tyrell Badd hid away evidence they left behind as the lead detective of the Yatagarasu case.

File:AAIME Case05acrime.png

After several successful operations, Alba feared that he would be found out. He commanded "Yew" to eliminate Mr. Faraday, which she planned to do by framing him as the Yatagarasu and locking him up in jail. A miscalculation forced her to kill him and a witness herself, but she was revealed as the killer by Edgeworth. "Yew" managed to escape with the Yatagarasu's Key, but Byrne Faraday's daughter Kay preserved all of his and Yew's items.

Seven years later, Akbey Hicks, an Interpol agent tracking down the smuggling ring, was killed by Cammy Meele, another member of the ring. Yew, now posing as Shih-na, was also part of Interpol, trying to thwart another agent, Shi-Long Lang's attempts at tracking down the ringleader. She met Kay by accident and realized that she still had Byrne Faraday's Little Thief, so she planned to obtain it for the smuggling ring. Jacques Portsman, another member of the ring, was ordered to infiltrate Edgeworth's office where the KG-8 Incident files were stored to steal some incriminating evidence. Portsman failed to find anything before being discovered by his partner and killing him, but Detective Badd managed to get to it. He bumped into Edgeworth just as he was about to leave but left behind a trump card that Edgeworth could use to bring down the ringleader.

Having been informed about the Little Thief by Shih-na, Alba planned to murder Coachen, who had betrayed him, and pin the crime on Kay so that he could obtain the Little Thief for smuggling operations. He announced that the embassy had received a calling card from the Yatagarasu stating that it would infiltrate the embassy during the goodwill jubilee event and had the police department on guard duty.

That day, Ambassador Palaeno and Coachen were cleaning up Coachen's office for the event as Palaeno's office was under renovation. Coachen also requested DeMasque II to steal the Allebahstian Primidux Statue, which was the real artifact. The fake Primidux Statue, which also happened to contain the plates used for Coachen's counterfeit activities, had to be moved to the third floor from the fifth. The director for the arranged Steel Samurai show decided to name the final move as the "Early Summer Rain Jab" and wrote it down on the dressing room whiteboard. Larry bent his Samurai Spear by accident, so they were forced to scrap the name at the last minute. Larry also left the pushcart, stuffed with Samurai Dogs, in the dressing room.

Ambassador Alba began his plan. He met Manny Coachen in the dressing room backstage and killed him with a ceremonial knife snuck in with his bouquet. Before he could do that, however, Coachen fought back and stabbed him with the Yatagarasu's Key. Having killed Coachen, Alba emptied the cart of Samurai Dogs and loaded the dead body into the cart. A drip of his blood landed on one of the Samurai Dogs, right in the middle of the flag on the package. During this time, Shih-na started a fire at the fourth and fifth floors of the Babahlese embassy so that the reservoirs connecting both embassies would be emptied. She also set up piles of counterfeit bills in Coachen's office to prepare for the second fire.

After the show, the Steel Samurai pushed the cart, unknowingly along with the dead body, into Allebahst. There, Alba dumped the cart into the pool in Rose Garden. The fire-fighting efforts had drained both reservoirs which Shih-na and the cart were in. Shih-na moved the body and the murder weapon into Babahl. She waited for the pools to refill then carried the body to the office using the elevator.

Alba started preparing for his "speech" in his office. He launched a crossbow arrow to the secretariat's office along with a line of wire to the opposite side where Shih-na was waiting. They switched both Primidux Statues using the ceiling fans as pulleys. Alba fired off the second arrow to send the remainder of the wire to Babahl, where Shih-na hid it in a grandfather clock. DeMasque II ran into Ambassador Alba while trying to steal the statue and was killed with it.

The speech began. The lights, which had been elaborately set up, created a shadow that looked like the Yatagarasu, causing mass panic. At the same time, the second fire began and Kay witnessed Shih-na in a coat. Shih-na lured her into Coachen's office then accused her of being the killer. Kay was found innocent but the Yatagarasu's Key Alba put on Coachen's body helped the police to open the safe, which misled them into thinking that Coachen was the ringleader. And that's where we started from...



Edgeworth is now in the courthouse, preparing his trial on Quercus Alba. Alba is scheduled to be in another trial in Allebahst and the prosecutor will be Franziska. All of the cases we solved were connected to the smuggling ring. Cammy Meele supported smuggling operations using her job as a flight attendant, while Jacques Portsman manipulated trials involving the ring. Ernest Amano also used the connections of the Amano Group to assist the smuggling ring.

Both Allebahst and Babahl have been reunified as Cohdopia and Ambassador Palaeno has been selected as the official ambassador of Cohdopia. Kay and Agent Lang have made it to the courthouse to see the trial, with Agent Lang having a newfound respect for Edgeworth. Later, the trial ends and Quercus Alba is given the guilty verdict. Now enjoy the credits that ensue!

Later that evening, Edgeworth, Gumshoe, and Kay discuss the trial. The smuggling ring has begun to dissolve and with their job done, Kay wonders what to do next, believing she should form her own three-person Yatagarasu team. She begins to leave, agreeing with Edgeworth that they should work hard to create a world where the Yatagarasu isn't needed. However, she stops to take one final selfie to celebrate the moment! Edgeworth reflects. He admits he has a new case to look into now - not to simply find more people guilty, but to pursue the truth and use the law for good. For that is the new creed of someone who has chosen the life of a prosecutor.

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