Ace Attorney Investigations: Miles Edgeworth/The Kidnapped Turnabout/Part 3-3 - Middle 2

Easter Egg

If you exit to the right of the Wild, Wild West Area and return to the bridge at the Gatewater Land entrance, you can see three very familiar figures sitting on a boat on the river, and the Chief of the Criminal Affairs with his daughter.

We're once again kicked out of the investigation. Mr Amano and Ms Paups meet up with us, having learned that Lance is safe. Talk to Mr Amano first.

File:AAIME Love Letter.png
File:AAIME Colin Devorae Dossier.png
  • Lance Amano: Mr Amano has a letter to pass to his son after the police have finished questioning him.
  • Letter: It appears that Lance has received yet another love letter. Well, not quite. It's from a Viola of Tender Lender, both names which should be familiar to players of Trials and Tribulations. The Love Letter is added to your Organizer.

Now talk to Ms Paups.

  • Lance Amano: Ms Paups is so close to Lance because her father used to work for Mr Amano. He flew around the world on an airplane called Pegasus but disappeared ten years ago while flying it.
  • About the case: Ms Paups claims she knew about the kidnapping from her intuition.

The killer must be another kidnapper, so there should be one place where we can gather more clues, which is the Kidnapper's Hideout. Agent Lang should be done investigating the area, so we should be able to enter the hideout. The officer guarding it lets us in and gives us a document about the victim. The victim's real name wasn't Oliver Deacon! He was actually Colin Devorae and was convicted of a crime ten years ago, having broken out of jail since. The Colin Devorae Dossier is added to your Organizer. The officer says that the door had to be broken down by about ten officers, which means Agent Lang must have already done his investigation here, though there might be some clues left.

Investigation: Kidnapper's Hideout

File:AAIME Case 03 Logic 09.png
File:AAIME Broken Prop Sword.png
File:AAIME crime03c.png
File:AAIME Case 03 Logic 08.png
File:AAIME crime03d.png
File:AAIME Case 03 Logic 10.png
File:AAIME Missing Model Gun.png

First, examine the door that you came in through. You enter a close-up scene. Examine the door handle. The handle is in a bad state thanks to the previous break-in, but the door lock is somehow undamaged. You get The door leading outside logic. Next, examine the grey objects lying on the floor. It appears to be a broken prop sword, but why is it broken in the first place? You get the Broken prop sword logic.

Examine the blue bin at the bottom. It's where the old badger costumes are thrown away. Edgeworth notes that they are disposed of in pieces. You get the Costume pieces logic.

Examine the table for another close-up scene. Examine the cups to get the 3 cups logic. Then, examine the three chairs to get the Folding chairs logic.

Now go into Logic Mode. First, connect The door leading outside with Broken prop sword. The sword must've been used to jam the unlocked door, resulting in the handle being broken but not the lock itself. The Broken Prop Sword is added to your Organizer. Next, connect Folding chairs with 3 cups. Three cups used, three folding chairs, and three costumes stolen would mean three kidnappers, though Lance only saw two.

Suddenly, a Proto Badger head pops out from the hatch. He says that this underground passage is used by staff members and other badgers. After going into the Isolation Room, he says that the Bad Badger costume is gone, even though he was told that only three costumes were stolen.

Talk to the Proto Badger. (If you pay attention, you may notice he's actually the hotel bellboy from the first game in disguise!) Both costumes ought to be in the Isolation Room normally because the Bad Badger only appears during a certain event at a set time where he appears to fight the other badgers and get apprehended. That means that four costumes were stolen, but not necessarily four kidnappers stole it. There's one thing that shows the fourth kidnapper doesn't exist. Present the Pink Badger costume. The kidnappers stole a second Bad Badger costume instead of simply stealing the Pink Badger costume, but why? You get the Unaccounted for Bad Badger logic.

Go into Logic Mode and connect the Costume pieces with Unaccounted for Bad Badger. The second Bad Badger costume is right in the bin, though it lacks the head. You go into a close-up view of the costume. First, examine the right hand. A piece of cloth is ripped off. Deduce the right hand and present the Blue Badger Bible. The costume is also missing its gun. The Proto Badger explains that the gun is just a model but can fire blanks. The Missing Model Gun is added to your Organizer. And with that, your investigation is complete!

Bad Ending Six: If you lose your logic here or at the stadium, Lang arrests Meekins despite Edgeworth's protest.

A new discovery!


Upon exiting the hideout, Gumshoe runs up to us. He informs us that a Blue Badger costume has been found at the entrance. If we hurry, we could get there before Agent Lang does!

The chapter now ends.