ATRIAS 2.1 Handbook/Servicing Information/Loctite Procedure

  1. Clean the hole using the thread chaser.
  2. Prime the hole and the screw to be used. LET DRY COMPLETELY OR THREADLOCKER WILL NOT SET!
  3. Apply enough threadlocker to completely cover to the first 5-10 threads of the tip and 1 drop on the threads in the hole.
  4. Torque screw to specifications. See Torque Specifications below.
Table of torque specifications to be used on ATRIAS 2.1. Use a torque wrench!
Torque Torque
Size Dry w/ Loctite
4-40 5.2 Inch LBS 4.42 Inch LBS
6-32 9.6 Inch LBS 8.16 Inch LBS
8-32 19.8 Inch LBS 16.83 Inch LBS
10-24 22.8 Inch LBS 19.38 Inch LBS
1/4-20 75.2 Inch LBS 63.92 Inch LBS
M6 84.0 Inch LBS 71.40 Inch LBS
M8 192.0 Inch LBS 163.20 Inch LBS