3DTin User's Guide


An example of 3DTin output.

3DTin is a browser based 3D modelling tool, that provides a simple user interface to create 3D designs. Users can create 3D objects by putting together cubes of different colors.

The goal of 3DTin is to provide as intuitive user interface as possible for the task of 3D modelling. So the obvious question is, why should it need a "User's Guide"? Good question. The simplicity of 3DTin is aimed at getting user started as easily as possible. The toolbars and cursor cues make sure that adding, removing cubes come as obvious actions when the user first visits the app. More features unveil subsequently. But there are some advanced tips and techniques that are not apparent readily. This guide is to document those not-so-obvious features.

  • Tools
Add Cube (Pencil)
Remove Cube (Eraser)
Paint Cube (Brush)
Break Cube (Hammer)
  • Keyboard Shortcuts
Using Keyboard shortcuts will save you ton of time. Most of the frequently used actions are accessible with keyboard shortcuts. To view complete list of them click on the info icon (right most in the top toolbar) or hit '?'
  • Tips