Zelda II: The Adventure of Link/Items

Zelda II: The Adventure of Link contains items. Here are all of them:

  • 1-Up: Zelda II has lives unlike other games in the Zelda franchise. Lose all of them, and you'll Game Over. This pickup will give Link an extra life.
  • Heart Container: This will give Link an extra bar of health.
  • Treasure Bag: This magic bag will give Link experience points of varying amounts.
  • Candle: Found in the Parapa Palace. Lights up dark areas and makes enemies in caves visible.
  • Magic Container: Like the Heart Container, this gives Link an extra bar of magic.
  • Trophy: Required to get the spell Jump.
  • Fairy: Refills Link's health to full.
  • Bagu's Note: When shown to the Riverman, gives access to Death Mountain.
  • Mirror: Link finds this under a table in a house in Saria. Required to get the spell Life.
  • Hammer: Breaks rocks blocking the way in the Overworld.
  • Handy Glove: Allows Link to break blocks with his sword.
  • Raft: Allows Link to cross bodies of water.
  • Missing Child: Required to get the spell Reflect.
  • Winged Boots: Allows Link to walk on water the Raft cannot cross.
  • Flute: Removes the River Devil, and reveals 3-Eye Rock Palace and New Kasuto.
  • Magic Key: Gives Link infinite keys.
  • Cross: Makes invisible enemies in the graveyard visible.


  • Shield: It reduces damage taken by half.
  • Jump: Link can jump super high.
  • Life: Restores 3 bars of health.
  • Fairy: Transforms Link into a fairy.
  • Fire: Link can shoot fire from his sword.
  • Spell: Turns enemies into Bots.
  • Reflect: Allows Link to block attacks.
  • Thunder: Deals massive damage to enemies in a spark.