What is YubNub? edit

YubNub is a web-based command line that allows users to create commands and quickly access many internet services. This command line can be integrated into web browsers such as FireFox, IE, Opera, Safari, and even those on the BlackBerry and PSP. Jump right in and try some of the commands you find here at http://www.yubnub.org/.

About this WikiBook edit

While the WikiBook of YubNub commands provides an overview of what you can do with YubNub, it is by no means comprehensive. The purpose here is to help the reader become familiar with the more popular commands and discover how using YubNub can improve the web browsing experience. The text is divided into sections with the first part focusing on those commands commonly used to query search engines. The latter part is dedicated to those YubNub commands for more specific applications. The Appendix contains commentary, lists of commands sorted by domain (i.e. Google, Yahoo, etc.) and references to the source code.