Yoga/Dynamic Exercises

A Yoga class consists of Dynamic Exercises, Exercises in Lying and Meditation. Then you feel complete well. Find first your personal Dynamic Exercises. You cannot stretch before warming up. You need cardiovascular exercises for your health for at least 10 to 20 minutes.

Shake Meditation

Shake Meditation Yogi Nils

The Shake Meditation is a good way to quickly reduce stress and recharge with positive energy. We turn on a beautiful music, stand upright and move dynamically in the knees up and down. We can dance or go on the spot. The Shaking is a fast movement from the knees. The knees shake the body. The movement in the knees is small and fast.

  1. Be angry. We shake all the stress of life out of us. We think the mantra, "anger". We transform all stress unto motion and liberate us as this.
  2. Be sad. We solve our pent-up grief. We think the sentence: "I am sad because ...". We move all the sadness out of us. What makes you sad today? Think the reason several times as a mantra.
  3. Circle the shoulders. We circle our shoulders. We move the shoulders as it is helpful for us. We solve the tension in the shoulders and the neck.
  4. Turn the spine. We rotate into the spine left and right. We solve all the tension in the spine. The head also rotates to the sides.
  5. Massage your body. We massage our body with a healing color. We are wrapped in a cloud of a healing energy. What healing color is good for you today? Think of the name as a mantra, "Yellow, Orange, Purple ...". Massage the healing color from head to toe in your body.
  6. Earth you. We rub the healing color with the right and left foot on the floor. We paint a healing circle around us. When painting with our feet, we feel the earth. We think the name of the color as a mantra.
  7. Go on shaking, move one hand and send a person light. We send the whole world light and think, "May all people be happy. May the world be happy."
  8. Move around a few minutes as you like. Feel what you need now? Do it!

Sun Salutation


The Sun Salutation is one of the most popular yoga series. It exists in many forms. Here is an abridged version. The secret of its potency is the combination of simple body movements with a strong visualization of light. We really see the sun in the sky. We feel how her love, light and heat radiates down on us and fills us with strength. Best we perform the Sun Salutation facing the sun, so that we can directly take the light. We make the Sun Salutation fast or slow. Normally the movements are associated with inhalation and exhalation. Do the (1 - 10) Sun Salutation 5 to 10 minutes. Then relax in lying down.

  1. Sun = We stand upright on our yoga mat. We put the palms together in front of the heart chakra. We face the sun and think (or speak) the mantra "Om". We welcome the sun, the light and the life.
  2. Sky = We stretch out our hands to the sky and think, "Sun." We breathe in.
  3. Earth = We bow the straight upper body down, hands lay next to the feet on the ground and think, "Om". The crown chakra shows to the feet. Thus, the root chakra is activated (earth energy). We breathe out.
  4. Step backwards = We put a foot wide backwards and stretch our face back up to the sun. We breathe in and think, "Sun." Our hands are beside our feet.
  5. Dog (mountain) = We also put the other foot back. We breathe out and push our butt up to the sky. The head points to the feet, "Om".
  6. Cobra = We move our pelvis to the ground and stretch our head back and up to the sun. The two legs are on the ground, we push the upper body with our arms up, and the back hanging down relaxed. We breathe in and think, "Sun."
  7. Dog (mountain) = We strech again the butt to the sky, the head shows to the feet. We breathe out and think, "Om".
  8. Step forward = We put a foot forward between the hands. The head rises again to the sun. We breathe in: "Sun".
  9. Earth = Feet between our hands, the butt to the sky, head to the ground, breathe out, and think, "Om".
  10. Circle with the arms = We get up and make a big circle around us with our arms. We visualize the unity of the cosmos, breathe in and think, "Sun."
  11. Relax = We lie down, move our feet, stop one minute all thoughts and then relax.



Yoga Walking is enlightenment while walking. This is the ultimate kick! This is health training, stress reduction and inner happiness in one. Yoga Walking is your daily pilgrimage into the light. If you really pilgrimage, the pilgrimage will you turn into a goddess of happiness. Go first rather quickly (power walking) and at the end rather slowly (slow walking). You can also go at home on the spot (10 minutes to music) or in a gym (treadmill).

  1. When walking stomp your anger into the ground. Let all the pent-up anger out. Think the mantra "Anger, Anger, Anger ..." What annoyed you today? Free yourself! Solve then when walking your sadness. Feel in your sadness inside. What makes you sad today? Think several times the mantra: "I'm sad because ..."
  2. Shoulders rotate. Solve the tension in your shoulders and your neck. In what way do you have to move the shoulders so that you achieve a good effect?
  3. Spine rotation. Turn yourself when walking several times in the spine to the right and to the left. Also turn the head with.
  4. Massage a healing color from head to foot in your body, and think the color name as a mantra. What color do you need now? "Orange, blue, gold, pink ..."
  5. Concentrate when walking on the ground. Feel the earth. Think the mantra "Earth" and breathe a minute into your feet.
  6. Move one hand and send a person a positive sentence. What do you want to say to him today? Think the phrase several times as a mantra. Send light to the world and think: "May all beings be happy. May the world be happy."
  7. Imagine the numbers 1 to 20 in the head, chest, abdomen, legs, feet, and in the ground (beneath the feet). Solve so every day quickly and effectively the tensions in all major areas of the body.
  8. Visualize a beautiful sun in the sky and clothe yourself with a golden ray of sunshine. Fill you with light and think many times the word "Light" as a mantra.
  9. Stop all thoughts. Move five minutes when walking all the stress out of you, until your mind becomes calm.
  10. Walk freely. Let all thoughts come and go as they want. Go the way you feel you want to do. Enjoy it. Observe how your mind becomes slowly positive. You are now back from your pilgrimage into the light. You did an important fact for your physical health and your mental well-being. Keep your happiness. The light will accompany you through your whole day.

Five Tibetan Rites


The Five Tibetan Rites are well suited as morning activation. They clean our chakras and give us inner strength. They get our blood circulation moving and strengthen our muscles. It takes only about 5 to 10 minutes. The Five Tibetans presented in a modified form. Instead of the knee stand we make the windmill. The leg lifting is practiced in a back-friendly form. The sixth Tibetan (abdomen tightening, breath holding) is replaced by a sitting meditation.

  1. Circle = We are running a minute on tiptoe on the spot, turn us in a circle (around our own axis, the spine) and shake our arms. We can turn around the right or left. While circling around, we visualize a cloud of light around us and think the word "light" as a mantra. If we become dizzy, we turn more slowly. We then massage the light in the whole body and think the mantra "light, light, light ..."
  2. Windmill = In triangle stand (feet apart) we bow forwards with a straight spine. We extend our arms out to the sides and turn ten times in the spine backwards and forwards. The hand points to the opposite foot. We think the numbers 1 to 10 in our body.
  3. Mountain and valley = We go forward in the push-up on the floor and stretch our butt up. We alternate between mountain (dog) and valley (push-up) back and forwards. We visualize a cloud of light around us and think the numbers from 1 to 10 as a mantra. The head goes in the valley position to the back and in the mountain position to the earth.
  4. Pelvis up and down = We rotate into a sitting position, support us with our hands behind the back on the ground and push the pelvis forward up into the air. We stand backwards on the hands and the feet. We form a rectangular table with the body. We move our pelvis back to earth. We go ten times with the pelvis between the earth and the air back and forwards. The head goes forwards (table position) and back. We visualize light around us and count the numbers from 1 to 10.
  5. Leg lifting = We sit on the ground and support us from behind our back with the elbows on the ground. The legs lie outstretched on the earth. We move the stretched right leg ten times up and down. Then we lift the left leg ten times. We visualize light around us and think the numbers from 1 to 10 in each leg.
  6. Meditation = We sit in the meditation position (cross-legged or heel seat) and put the hands in the lap. The back is straight and the belly relaxed. We move a hand in blessing and think, "I send light to ... May all people be happy. May the world be happy." We span a minute the abdominal and pelvic muscles, and stop all thinking. We relax. We lie down for a minute.


Evening Ganga Aarti, at Varanasi

The steam locomotive activates our Kundalini energy. It gives us inner strength. We can do it in running or going. Some people love it rather quickly and some slowly. For the duration of yoga practices, there are two principles: We do each exercise as long as it is good for us. If in doubt we make any yoga exercise for a minute.

  1. Steam locomotive = We run on tiptoe on the spot. We feel the ground beneath our feet. The arms we move as two steam piston forward and back. The hands are clenched into fists. We breathe loud as a steam locomotive quickly and deeply from the belly. We breathe through the mouth and make noises like a steam locomotive. We first run a little on the spot and then turn us around our own axis (the spine). Depending on our intuition, we can turn around the right or left. We begin with a slow turning. Later we turn on the dizzy limit. Thus, the energy moves into our midst. She pulls into our center and strengthens our self. If we become too dizzy, we turn more slowly. We should not stop quickly. This increases the dizziness. It is better to slowly untwist and then walk a little on the place. While circling, we visualize a cloud of energy around us and think the word "Cloud" as a mantra.
  2. Bend forward = We stand in the triangle (feet wide apart). The hands are together behind our back. The arms are stretched and pulled upwards. In the triangle we bend with the torso forward. We breathe relaxed into this position. The knees should be slightly buckled.
  3. Candle = We lie on the back and go into the candle. We stretch our legs up, move the toes and think the mantra "Light." We visualize the sun in the sky above us and fill us with light. We can also meditate in rest one minute in the candle.
  4. Meditation = We roll off from the candle in the medition seat (cross-legged, heel seat or chair). The hands are placed in the lap or on the legs. We breathe in the belly and think one minute while breathing the mantra "Om".
  5. Relaxation = We lie down. We move a little our feet and then stop a minute every thought. We relax a minute.


Kundalini Meditation. Video 10 min.