Yesod web framework

Yesod ("Foundation" in Hebrew) is a free and open-source web framework based on Haskell for productive development of type-safe, REST model based (where URLs identify resources, and HTTP methods identify transitions), high performance web applications, developed by Michael Snoyman et al.

Yesod web framework logo
Yesod web framework logo

Yesod is based on templates, to generate instances for listed entities, and dynamic content process functions through Template Haskell constructs called QuasiQuotes whose content is translated to code expressions by metaprogramming instructions.

The templates admit code expression interpolations in web language snippets, making them fully type-checked at compile-time.

Yesod divides its functionality in separate libraries, so you may choose your {database, html rendering, forms, etc} functionality library of your choice.

MVC architecture edit