Xbox 360/Xbox 360 Models


The Xbox 360 came in a few major revisions, with a number of significant subversions.

Original Xbox 360Edit

Variants of the original Xbox 360

Some models of the original Xbox 360 didn't have HDMI support, and could only output over console specific AV cables.[1]

This was the only series of Xbox 360 console to feature memory card slots.[1]

Models from this series, especially early models, are highly prone to eventual failure with use over time, resulting in the infamous "Red Ring of Death".

Xbox 360 SEdit

The Microsoft Xbox 360 S and controller.

Some sources say that the S in the Xbox 360 S stands for Slim.[2]

Xbox 360 EEdit

The Microsoft Xbox 360 E and controller.

The Xbox 360 E was announced in 2013, and followed the same design style of the then new Xbox One series of game consoles.