Xandros/Manually Adding Launch Icons

  1. Right click on the LAUNCH button
  2. Choose Applications > System > Menu Editor.
  3. Navigate to where you want to add your selection.
  4. Click on the symbol which looks like a piece of paper with a star in it.
  5. Type the name you wish to call the program in the popup window and press Enter.
  6. Now come over to the Command: type box and click on the small file folder on the right.
  7. The browser window will now open.
  8. Click on My Linux, and then click on All File Systems
  9. Click on the '/' directory
  10. Click on 'usr' directory
  11. Click on 'bin' directory
  12. You should now be in /usr/bin directory
  13. Locate the name of the program you want to add to the menu selection and click on it.
  14. Click on OK
  15. You're almost done. Now press CTRL S or click on floppy symbol to save.
  16. Now press CTRL Q or select File and then click on Quit to end changes
  17. You now have a menu selection added that you can run your program you just installed.

If you wish to put a menu item on the desktop as a shortcut then click on Launch. Click on item from menu. While holding down left mouse button drag it to the desktop. Release the left mouse button(Reverse if you're Left Handed) and the select Link Here from the popup menu selection.