This cookbook was created by Dan McCreary in the Spring of 2008. The XRX label was created by Dan soon after the December 2007 XTech meeting in Boston. Dan found many people there that all came to the same conclusion: using XForms and a native XML database offered some huge advantages. He also found that his related cookbook (the XForms cookbook) started to have many examples that used not just XForms but also XQuery as a back end. In order to keep the XForms cookbook general and still appeal XForms developers, many of the XForms/XQuery examples were migrated to this Wikibook.

Many XRX fans feel XRX to be a superior web application architecture, a natural consequence of XML being used both in the client, as a data transmission standard, and in the server.

We hope you find this book useful and we hope you contribute to the examples.

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