XQuery/Using the Math Module


You want to use basic math functions directly within your XQuery program.


We will use the XQuery module function that is available for eXist.

Configuring eXistEdit

You must first make sure that the math module is enabled in your version of eXist. To do this make sure the following lines are uncommented in your $EXIST_HOME/conf.xml file:

<module class="org.exist.xquery.modules.math.MathModule"
                uri="http://exist-db.org/xquery/math" />

If you make a change to the file you will need to restart eXist.

Listing of Math functionsEdit

You can now just reference any of the math functions in the math module.

Here is a list of all the functions:


Sample ProgramEdit

Here is a sample XQuery program:

xquery version "1.0";