XQuery/Loading data

Motivation Edit

You want to load your data into a native XML database (deserialization).

Methods Edit

There are several methods available. The one you use depends on the number of files you want to load and the loading rules.

Use the web browser user interface Edit

  1. ideal for a quick single file upload

Use a IDE tool such as oXygen Edit

  1. just right click on any collection and select "Import file" or "Import Folders"

Use a WebDAV client Edit

  1. ideal for bulk loads
  2. also allows you to move, copy and rename collections and files
  3. some IDE's like oXygen also have a WebDAV client built-in

Accessed through the http://localhost:8080/exist/webdav/db URL

List of WebDAV clients

  1. Built-in MAC WebDAV client
  2. Transmit for the MAC
  3. Windows WebDAV client

eXist WebDAV documentation http://www.exist-db.org/exist/apps/doc/webdav.xml

Use the Java client Edit

  1. the client has a tool to add files as well as to restore a backup

Use an XQuery program Edit

  1. Use the HTTP client GET to get a remote XML file and store it in the database
  2. Use the ft-client (FTP, SFTP etc.)

Use an Apache Ant script Edit

Many native XML databases have a set of Apache Ant scripts for doing things such as:

  1. bulk loading data
  2. creating collections
  3. setting permissions
  4. executing an XQuery
  5. running a backup
  6. restoring a backup file

These are usually the consistent and allow filtering of files as you load.

A sample ant "loader" is listed here: http://en.wikibooks.org/wiki/Apache_Ant/Store_XML_data

Note that some XQuery scripts that are loaded into the database collections may require post-installations steps to make them executable by some users.

References Edit