XML - Managing Data Exchange/SyncML/Answers

SyncML ExercisesEdit

1) Visit the Open Mobile Alliance Website, download the pdf of the SyncML v. 1.1 protocol and review it. Reading this reference is a valuable exercise in learning.

2) Answer these questions: a. What is WBXML and why is it used? b. How do you foresee SyncML being used in the future? c. Name a problematic situation whereby SyncML is the best 'tool' for the job.


2a. WBXML is a form of XML that abbreviates XML tags by using a binary representation of the tag. Tags need to be abbreviated in order to work with mobile devices that have limited bandwidth and limited memory.

2b. SyncML could be used in any application in which synchronization is needed such as calendars, address books, phone books, inventory tracking, etc.

2c. An auto mechanic needs to view the work history on cars in the shop. A PDA can be used to view work logs, active work orders, and to log work done towards a current work order.