XForms/Insert and Delete into Table


You want to insert and delete records into a table. In this example records are appended to the end of a table but any selected row can be removed. This example does "in-place" table editing. There is no separate form to enable viewing a new record other than in the actual table.

Screen ImageEdit

Screen image right after insert selected

Sample ProgramEdit

    <style type="text/css">
     @namespace xf url("http://www.w3.org/2002/xforms");
        * { font-family: Ariel, Helvetica, sans-serif }

	.table-header {
	   display: table-row;
	.column-header {
	   display: table-cell;
	   text-align: center;
	   width: 185px;
	   color: white;
	   background-color: gray;
	   font-weight: bold;
    <title>Demonstration of inserting and deleting records from a table</title>
    <xf:model id="phone-list">
       <xf:instance id="my-phone-list" src="phone-list.xml" xmlns="" />
       <xf:submission id="update-from-local-file" method="get" action="phone-list.xml"
           replace="instance" instance="my-phone-list"/>
       <xf:submission id="view-xml-instance" method="get" action="phone-list.xml" />
       <xf:submission id="save-to-local-file" method="put" action="phone-list.xml" />

    <!-- table header -->
    <div class="table-header">
	<div class="column-header">Name</div>
	<div class="column-header">Phone</div>
    <!-- For each Person in the PersonList display the name and phone-->
    <xf:repeat ref="/PhoneList/Person" id="repeatPerson">
	<xf:input id="name-input" ref="Name"/>
	<xf:input ref="Phone"/>
        <xf:label>Add Person</xf:label>
        <xf:action ev:event="DOMActivate">
	   <xf:insert ref="/PhoneList/Person[last()]" position="after" at="last()"/>
	   <xf:setvalue ref="/PhoneList/Person[last()]/Name" value="''"/>
	   <xf:setvalue ref="/PhoneList/Person[last()]/Phone" value="''"/>
	   <!-- put the cursor in the name field -->
	   <xf:setfocus control="name-input"/>

        <xf:label>Delete Person</xf:label>
        <xf:delete nodeset="/PhoneList/Person[index('repeatPerson')]" 
            at="index('repeatPerson')" ev:event="DOMActivate" />
    <xf:submit submission="update-from-local-file">
    <xf:submit submission="save-to-local-file">
    <xf:submit submission="view-xml-instance">
       <xf:label>View XML Instance</xf:label>


This example uses the last() and index() XPath functions to find out what row of the table should be operated on.

You can also create a version that has a delete and add button in each row. In this design the index() function is used to delete the current row selected and insert after the currently selected row.

In some applications the order of rows is important. You can also add buttons to each row to move the selected row up or down.

Note that after you add the row, you should move the insert cursor to the first field. This is done by using the setfocus element.


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