XForms/Guest Registry

We would like to know who is using this cookbook. Please tell us all little about yourself:

Template Organization-NameEdit

  • Contact Name:
  • Organization:
  • Location:
  • Use: How are you using the book?
  • Like: What did you like the most about the XForms Tutorial and Cookbook? What samples were the most useful?
  • Improve: What would you like to see improved in the book? What new examples would you like?

County Community CollegeEdit

  • Name: County Community College
  • Location: New Jersey
  • Use: Teaching yourself, teaching others, college classroom, high school etc.
  • Like:

I am looking for a working examples that my students could use to build their own XForms applications. I will be using the example in this book to help my students learn about XForms.

US Federal AgencyEdit

  • Name: Federal Agancy
  • Location: Washington DC
  • Use: Teaching our staff how to build XRX applications and manage TEI documents
  • Like: Working progams
  • Improve: More sample document workflow application

Minnesota Department of Revenue - Property Tax DivisionEdit

  • Name: Dan McCreary
  • Location: St. Paul Minnesota
  • Use: We are using the cookbook to learn XForms and build property taxation form.
  • Like: We like XForms because we can generate them from XML Schemas and we don't need any Java or C# or VB to when we use the eXist native XML database
  • Would Like: We would like more examples that use XML Binding (XBL)

A Financial InstitutionEdit

  • Location: Minneapolis Minnesota
  • Use: We use the cookbook to teach internal staff how to build an maintain forms
  • Like: Small working examples. The links are great.
  • Would Like: Examples of process management forms and Schematron rules engines using XForms

ZheJiang, ChinaEdit

  • Name: zhouliyi
  • Location: ZheJiang,China
  • Use: We are using the cookbook to share XForms examples and document our best practices.
  • Like: XForms is great for creating prototypes of our forms.
  • Would like: How you create XForms by transforming a source XML Schema information would be very nice.
  • Example: Examples that integrate with databases would be great.

NIC - Open Technology CentreEdit

  • Contact Name: Rajamani M
  • Organization: NIC - Open Technology Centre
  • Location: India
  • Use: We are using the cookbook to share XForms , XRX examples and

developing sample applications.

  • Like: We like the XRX sample with Database connected
  • Improve: More examples to expand the concept in each element and functions

Drybridge ConsultingEdit

  • Contact Name: Arthur Colman
  • Organization: Drybridge Consulting
  • Location: Boston, MA USA
  • Use: Using the cookbook to upgrade our implementation of XForms and to share examples.
  • Like: The broad range of examples.


  • Contact Name: Jacob Woodworth
  • Organization: Xerox
  • Location: Rochester, NY
  • Use: Implementation using XForms.
  • Like: The examples I've seen here are the best I've found on the Web.
  • Improve: TBD

Grant SolutionsEdit

  • Organization: Grant Solutions
  • Location: Rockville Maryland
  • Use: Teaching developers and BAs to use XForms (Orbeon)
  • Like: Beginning guides
  • Improve: more materials on binds and submission

Send us a Postcard!Edit

If you really like the book please send a postcard to:

Dan McCreary
3007 Cavell Ave. So
St. Louis Park, MN 55426

It would be very much appreciated!