Writing Adolescent Fiction/Depression and suicide

Teenage Depression and suicide

Many teens are not educated about depression which can also lead to suicide. They think when you are depressed you are crazy and you're not , you're actually have a lot in your plate that you feel like just taking a time off from everyone and everything .

When you're depressed you have body pains, you often feel sad and cry a lot, you actually distance yourself from your loved ones, at some point you feel like the situation you're in is not gonna get better and you end up being vulnerable and not paying attention to yourself and you think about ways to end the mixed emotions you are getting.

You may end up wanting to drink to actually cope and you may actually think about committing suicide. Everyone gets suicidal thoughts and its normal. Those thoughts just trigger your mind and make you think you're gonna be at peace . When this happens you should always think about the people who love you .

We as young people we should be the one teaching people about it and the most important thing is to talk . You shouldn't bottle things up because they gonna drain your soul