World of Dinosaurs/Confuciusornis


Confuciusornis means "Confucius Bird".

Confuciusornis lived during the Cretaceous Period.


Confuciusornis is about the size of a crow.

Confuciusornis is an early bird, while also having some theropod traits.

It is the oldest known bird to have a beak.

Note the beak.


Confuciusornis is a theropod.

All theropods are dinosaurs.

All dinosaurs are amniotes and all dinosaurs are tetrapods.


Confuciusornis is the first bird to have a beak.

Its leg posture was also more crouched than previous theropods.

Fossil RecordEdit

It is found in some beautiful specimens in China.

This specimen is so well preserved that feathers are maintained.


The area Confuciusornis lived was a cool climate.

Reptiles such as crocodilians are not found.

Trees were prevalent.


There were frequent volcanic eruptions during this time.

There was also flooding at the time.